Sunday, October 13, 2013

Manimal is None Too Pleased: Yes, Black People are "Dog Biscuits". But, the LAPD's Dogs are Only as "Racist" as the Police Who Direct and Control Them.

I feed pigeons, geese, squirrels, and other animals to recruit my man-beast army. We are coming for you...kneel and pay homage now as opposed to later my friends if you want to survive.

I know that dogs are better than people. Part of his belief was nurtured by the time I spent during my formative years riding around in a "Cadillac car"--as my friend's grandfather called it--he who was a bootleg black preacher with a homemade talisman on his rear view mirror that read "Dog equals God". 

I miss all of my doggie friends who I have lived with over the years: they gave me and my family love, affection, loyalty, and smiles more than we ever game them in return.

Dogs have been an evolutionary and competitive advantage for human beings which helped us to become the dominant species on the planet. They are our Frankenstein monsters. We made dogs; thus, we have a sacred obligation to them. But, in their special role, our canine friends have also been used by European colonialists and invaders to kill indigenous people and to hunt down runaway slaves. Dogs are only as "good" or "bad" as their owners.

In all, dogs take on the character and temperament of the people around them. Dogs are similar to children in that regard. As such, we cannot blame our doggie friends for their "bad" behavior.

The UK's Independent has a story about research by the Police Assessment Resource Centre which details how the Los Angeles police are more likely to use dogs against black and brown people. This should be no surprise. Police are more aggressive, deadly towards, and exercise preemptive and unnecessary violence against both people of color and the poor and working classes.

Ultimately, it is a given that police would describe black people as "dog biscuits", and brutalize he latter whenever given the opportunity.

Pardon the obvious pun, the only "dog" in The Independent's story about "racist" police dogs is the comments section.

Black life is cheap. American history and the present has repeatedly demonstrated the truth of that fact. 

We also know that white racists love any opportunity to justify police brutality against people of color. The Internet makes the world much smaller; consequently, a story on a British newspaper's website about supposed black criminality and police brutality attracts White Supremacist trolls from the United States and around the world. 

Isn't globalization a wonderful thing?


Bryan Ortez said...

Damn, man. Those have got to be some of the worst comments I've seen in a while. This type of thing seems only to be becoming more common and acceptable on the internet. HUNTEMUP commented "Good Dog!" If you check his profile you will see some other very horrible things they've said.

What is happening in society that is enabling this behavior? What is going on in our political dialogue that seems to reinforce these perceptions, opinions and actions?

Vic78 said...

They do know that what they type is permanent record. They're going to pay for that in the future. It might seem like they're getting away with being assholes. It's all temporary. Be glad you aren't their offspring. You think bullying's a problem now.

chauncey devega said...

the Internet is a space for people to perform and to share what they actually believe in private. cyber racism is very real and many news and other sites have seen what could be productive conversations derailed and manipulated by coordinated efforts by white supremacists to troll and manipulate the comment space. the white right has been documented to do that as well by hiring pr firms and others to troll websites with right-wing spam and talking points.

chauncey devega said...

Are they going to pay? Doubtful. Karma? Can we take that to the bank?

Bryan Ortez said...

I've heard that people get hired to troll internet sites. Do you believe the federal government is also responsible for this type of thing?

I have been accused of pretending to be someone I'm not before... Internet interconnectedness is a strange world. Almost a virtual nation of sorts.

chauncey devega said...

Governments have been shaping public opinion for years. Of course, they would be active online. This is old stuff from the editorial pages of yesteryear to the internet of today.

Bridget McBruiser said...

Wait...You have an estranged brother who cut your Dad's dog with a razor?

Vic78 said...

Materially those people are fucked. They've cut their own throats. They support people that won't expand Medicaid. They've made their own states unbearable to live in. They're paying for their hate and it only gets worse from here.

People talk about Black suffering quite a bit. It's nothing compared to what ignorant whites are going through. They signed their death warrants by going against Obama the way they have. The factories aren't coming back. You really think these fools will get hired when companies are checking Facebook history? Those farm subsidies haven't been coming like they used to. If you don't believe in climate change at this point, God be with you. Get some popcorn.

chauncey devega said...

Many family stories. I self-edited and deleted it--don't want to over-share. But yes, he did.

Learning is Eternal said...

And I have pitbulls, we all know the stigma associated w/that. Yes, they have killed other animals including dogs that had breached the threshold of my property. Is that not what we hoped they do? I agree w/your view of their characteristics in relation to the owner. They are kind to kids, people in proximity to me. I only love them & let them be dogs. No underground/illegal fighting. No one raises the insurance premiums to homes on German Sheps that injure, been killing black & brown folks for eons. Why are they not receiving the same promotional press package when they maul? Globalization is synonymous w/imperialism, colonialism. Not cool.

Bryan Ortez said...

I've been staying on that Independent news article, 'Racist LAPD dogs'

The comments are sick. I tried to post a couple of comments, they are being moderated. My comments were not approved, while other blatantly disgusting comments keep popping up. I'll give an example of what I said:

Dogs are lethal. They are even employed in routine traffic stops.
Miller's skin was torn in four places above the elbow, and the muscles underneath were shredded. Miller's biceps muscle was "balled up" in the antecupital space. His brachialis muscle - the muscle closest to the bone and alongside the brachialis artery - was torn. Miller's injury went as deep as the bone. He underwent surgery by an orthopedic surgeon and spent several days in the hospital. Miller continues to suffer lingering effects from the dog bite.7"

Not everyone who is suspicious is guilty of a crime.

That comment made it on, but was removed shortly after.

Then some guy posted this: "PUBLIC NOTICE: My Rottweiler, Satan, was on the front page last week after attacking 4 black moochers and mauling 6 illegals wearing Obama t-shirts.


To which I said, "Wow, even while moderating this makes it through"

My comment never made it to the page and the other comment I made was removed.

chauncey devega said...

I would hope that your dogs wouldn't kill other animals, and if so that they would be kept inside. But, that is another conversation. Globalization can be many things. The question is how can we fashion a type of global cosmopolitanism that advances all of humanity and respects individual rights and freedoms.

Learning is Eternal said...

And this is possible. This has happened before in history. You've shown excerpts of cristobol colón's diary pertaining to the nations 1st people. Land, the earth was for everybody. Contrary to popular (western) belief POC were in contact w/each other long before colón, cortez & their motley crue Of murderous minions. No world wars before the caucasoid arrived & threw ish in the game. To answer the question, respect responsibility, less greed for the power hungry. Sounds simple but I do recognize changing negative characteristics about oneself is like tattoo removal.

The dogs are in the backyard. Always have been. I don't walk them in public & they wouldn't kill/harm other animals unless they came in that space which is breach of nat'l security where my home is concerned.

RiPPa said...

But seriously, did they really need to spend money to find out that police dogs are racists? Next they'll conduct a study which will conclude that police sketch artists are racist.

Maybe it's just me, but police sketches all seem to look alike. If I didn't know any better, I'd think that every crime committed since 1492 here in America was committed by a guy who looks like "Rallo" from Sanford & Son.