Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shameless Self-Promotion: Chauncey DeVega Will be on the Ed Schultz Radio Show Today Discussing Charlie Rangel's Comments on How the Tea Party is a Group of "White Crackers"

I hope you all had a good and restful weekend.

My piece on the truth-telling of Charlie Rangel is making its rounds. Some really kind folks gave it love (including friend of the room Tim Wise over on Twitter) over the weekend.

Mike Papantonio, host of Ring of Fire Radio (and now also with a great show on the Free Speech TV), was one of my earliest backers. He will be guest hosting The Ed Schultz Radio Show today--meaning Tuesday, August 6th. Mike has graciously invited me on to discuss the relationship between the Tea Party GOP, their Jim and Jane Crow bonafides, and the Right-wing's white victimology-laced reaction to Rangel's observations.

Whenever Mike and I chat on the radio we do some good teaching and "connecting the dots" as I like to say.

Plus, given all that has transpired since the last time that Mike and I chatted on the radio, who knows where the conversation will go?

Mike and Ed are both cool folks. And along with the other supporters of WARN, especially those of you who donated during our last fundraiser, I am forever indebted and grateful for their and your support.

I am scheduled for between 2 and 3pm EST. Radio is dynamic. Barring any surprises, i.e. being bumped which does happen from time to time, I should be on during the first half of the hour.

The Ed Schultz Radio Show is part of the Progressive Talk Radio and can be heard in most major cities. The Ed Schultz Radio Show can also be listened to online here.


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How kind. It is always nice to sit down w. Mike and have good convo. Do listen in and tell me what you thought.