Saturday, August 24, 2013

Barack Obama Inspired the Murders of Christopher Lane and Delbert Belton? The Washington Post's Kathleen Parker Thinks So

Conservatives are desperately searching for their white version of Trayvon Martin. In service to this goal, their media are willing to lie, obfuscate, and twist the facts by ginning up White Victimology and White Racial Resentment

In Christopher Lane's horrible murder by three hooligans, the Right-wing media believes that they have found an example which can be used to neutralize the gross injustice visited upon Trayvon Martin by a racist cop wannabe street vigilante named George Zimmerman. The savage assault and murder of an 88 year old military veteran named Delbert Belton by two street pirates is a second bullet in the shotgun of piss-poor reasoning by the Right-wing media, one that tries to find a false equivalence with the murder of Trayvon Martin whenever a crime takes place, and the accused perpetrators happen to be black.

The Washington Post is a reputable newspaper and a journal of record. I am surprised that they would be part of the race-baiting post-Trayvon Martin "news" frame by conservatives and the Right-wing media.

On Friday, The Washington Post published an opinion column by Kathleen Parker which suggests that Barack Obama is somehow responsible for the murders of Christopher Lane and Delbert Belton--and that their killers were inspired by Obama's display of empathy for Trayvon Martin and his family.

There she wrote:
The killings leading the news the past several days have been horrific in their apparent randomness. Were they racially motivated? Had the perps been white and the victims black, would Obama have identified with them? More to immediate concerns, did the president’s identification with Trayvon Martin nourish the killing passions of these youths?
Kathleen Parker's claim is abominable, unfounded, and irresponsible. Moreover, her suggestion is a better fit for Fox News or World Net Daily than one of the nation's leading publications.

In total, Parker's column on Friday is a potpourri of White Victimology, bizarre and inaccurate understandings of American history and empirical reality, and stinks of the worst sort of willful and intentional White Privilege.

Parker's race baiting stunt is designed to be intentionally provocative; it is not noteworthy or important because of that fact. The real affront was committed by The Washington Post: Kathleen Parker's column on Friday is a "polite" version of the White Supremacist tracts circulated by websites such as "Niggermania" or "Chimpout".

The editors of The Washington Post should have known better.

Instead, The Washington Post chose to pursue the many thousands of comments and page views that bigotry disguised as "punditry" from one of the nation's most respected newspaper could bring to their site.


yourconscience said...

rotflmao..., long overdue time for race-baiting niggers to get a taste of their own medicine!!!

dickonhard said...

One-of-em with a little testicular fortitude wants it as bad as we do - maybe even worse

andthatsthewayitis said...

you know that this faggotty-assed faggot is gonna delete all these comments so that his limp-wristed echo chamber feels safe enough to comment and he can continue building his aspirational MSNBC presstitute brand.

Vic78 said...

Tough talk that wouldn't be said to my face. Shit eating vermin. Why don't you go back down on your sisters?

Vic78 said...

Don't let the Post surprise you. They have great minds like George Will, Krauthammer, and Jennifer Rubin.

rikyrah said...

here's the bottom line for me..

was this crime investigated?


were the suspects arrested, processed and held?


so, right then and there, it's NOTHING like Trayvon Martin.

the police did their due diligence and worked the actual case LOOKING FOR THE KILLERS.

rikyrah said...

you haven't been reading Parker all along?

don't you remember the racist screeds she wrote during the 2008 election?

come on, now.

chauncey devega said...

I wasn't. That she has such a spot must mean she puts butts in the seat. The responsible 4th Estate? Meh.

chauncey devega said...

Facts are so inconvenient. No?

chauncey devega said...

A murderer's row of intellect...or something else?

Vic78 said...

They leave me thinking whoever runs the post has money to burn. The group I named give a voice to the empty headed.

Gable1111 said...

Parker's written racist screeds in the past, but she outdid herself this time. Here she's captured the gamut of white racial projection and abject ignorance, from rioting blacks to the standard futile ploy of bigots hijacking MLK to further an agenda he gave his life to eradicate.

Clearly, there is a move afoot by the White Racial Industrial Complex to "atone" for Zimmerman, not by acknowledging any wrong, but engaging in the usual whitewashing. The furor and desperation of the effort, as indicated by foolish diatribes like this one, is indicative of the level of deep-seated guilt they apparently feel, as it is obvious even to them that they don't have any moral ground to occupy when they end up not only defending but embracing a murderer of an unarmed child as their hero. This, and their current effort abusing the murders of Lane and Belton for their own sick purposes does not speak well of them, and they know it.

If Parker had a father, he would look and sound like Rush Limbaugh. If she had a son, he'd be that rodeo clown.

peacemaker said...

Obama is absolutely responsible. He has been a race hustler all his life. The ongoing black on white genocide is his fault. The backlash will be devastating to the black community once enough white people wake up and start fighting back. These are dark times in America. Thanks Obama. May God protect the innocents.

chauncey devega said...

That last passage is priceless. Her column is just a hot mess or stereotypes-tired and retreaded--and plain old ignorance and racism. You have to try hard to put together the hot mess she did in the WaPo. But, she still has the platform.

Steve Fair said...

Thank you.

DanF said...

Holy crap. What a mess of an article. And this one word says it all:


On a line all by itself. 50 years ago the white DC establishment (media and government) were certain the civil rights march on Washington was inevitably going to lead to riots. Not inspiration. Not understanding. Not an expression of grievances. Just violence. Parker has learned nothing and apparently never will.

Tim said...

I can't disagree with one word you said here except for calling the Washington Post a "reputable" newspaper. They really haven't been since sometime shortly after Watergate, but they have managed to coast on that for decades.

This column of Parker's is disgusting even for her. It doesn't even really make any sense on the basis of its own (twisted) internal logic. I used to read her a long time ago and tried giving her some benefit of the doubt, but I quit rather than giving myself a permanent facepalm imprint. I did read this one to see what you were talking about, but otherwise, she is just one of those bylines that I usually skip. And of course she had to reference (I should say perhaps "misappropriate") the "content of their character" line -- that is the ONE utterance out of millions of Dr. Kings words that they seem to know about. Truly a disgrace and an embarrassment.

chauncey devega said...

Apparently they forgot the rest of King's speech, his support of reparations and affirmative action, fighting for the poor and supporting unions, his anti-militarism, etc. etc. etc.

Then again they are not intellectually honest and their commitment to white supremacy and a herrenvolk ethic makes it impossible for the Right to truly embrace King's ethic.

chauncey devega said...

You didn't know that black people sit around all day planning riots. After making babies, eating fried chicken, having unprotected sex out of wedlock, collecting welfare, and then being lazy, I don't know how we black folks have the energy to riot.

DeistPaladin said...

Not for the GOP, it would seem.

Constructive_Feedback said...

My Dear Friend Rikyrah:
(since we are talking about logical inferences)
If I find you members of the Black Community who enforce stop snitching, execute witness intimidation and effectively thwart the prosecution of criminals - would YOU show intellectual consistency and claim that these Black people today are an EQUAL THREAT as the White people who used to run such an intimidation scheme in the past?

Constructive_Feedback said...

Is there any other force that defines the boundaries of your conscious existence beyond the Right wing/GOP?

Constructive_Feedback said...

I take it that you believed that the "Skittles Rallies" that were held in far off cities with Black body counts above 100 per annum were organically driven?

Constructive_Feedback said...

When then candidate Obama warned America to not allow Black inner city kids remain in schools all by themselves `I thought that this was IGNORANT.
I subsequently learned that Justice Thurgood Marshall felt the same (he supported busing across state lines if there were not enough `WHITE FOLKS to go around in a Black person's home state).
What RACIST injury did you suffer in 2008/2012?
I can document how Black inferiority was codified during these two Black Investment schemes that saw our Black community institutions compromised.