Friday, July 26, 2013

"White Man, Blackened, Snatches Purse": Sherry West and the Long Ugly History of White People Blaming Black Folks For Their Crimes

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Look a Negro!

All of the White Conservative concern trolling over black on black crime is a deflection against the need to talk about racial inequality in the criminal justice system. The Ted Nugents, Rush Limbaughs, Bill O'Reillys and other mouthpieces for the White Right do not care one iota about black people's personal safety, security, lives, or happiness. 

If their concern was sincere, they would also be willing to talk about reasonable gun control policies, correcting the structural and institutional inequalities that breed crime, embrace the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution, and want to press for public hearings about unfair and disparate law enforcement practices along the lines of race and class in America.

Why talk about institutional racism and racial profiling when it is easier to talk about some imagined indifference by "black leadership" to the problem of crime in the African-American community? 

The White Right is of course mute when it comes to the centuries-old pattern in the United States where whites dishonestly claim that black people have committed crimes, when in fact the white "victim" is often the perpetrator. 

White women's false claims of rape resulted in many thousands of black men being lynching during Jim and Jane Crow. More recently, from Charles Stuart to Susan Smith, white men and white women have committed heinous crimes and claimed that a "black" did it. Because black people have a unique bind of always being guilty until proven innocent in the white popular imagination--remember, our state of "civilized behavior" is an aberration, black men in particular are always one moment away from defaulting to our existential state as black, beast, rapists--white lies are made into truths. The lives of innocent people of color are ruined without apology.

In keeping with this habit, one of the most recent obsessions by the White Right is that there was a "cover-up" by the "liberal media" of "white victimhood" at the hands of "black criminals". Not surprisingly, this meme is a lie. 

The white "victim" Sherry West said that those default criminals, i.e. "two black men" killed her 13 month old child. Her story is now unraveling.

I often wondered why white criminals just do not put on the burnt cork and go out and commit crimes as a "black" person. Given the racialized crime narrative in the media, and how implicit/subconscious bias against black people is a fixture in the American psyche, such a gambit would seem to have a high probability of success. 

If white criminals want to master this skill they should consult history for some guidance. The following story from the October 3, 1914 edition of The Chicago Defender would be a good start:

Consider the contradictions. There are white negroes; white kids who think they are "black" because they like hip hop; white folks who worship black music, art, food, and literature; white folks who elected a black man President of the United States and the most powerful person on Earth; and white folks who say that black people killed their families, etc.. 

America is a country of negrophiles who are also negrophobes. No wonder she has so many psychological schisms, anxieties, and neuroses that remain unresolved. White racism in America means that white folks hate themselves precisely because so much that is "American" is also "black". How many white conservatives (and others) have even begun to consider that riddle?


The Sanity Inspector said...

The white "victim" Sherry West said that those default criminals, i.e. "two black men" killed her 13 month old child. Her story is now unraveling.

Let's keep watching. Susan Smith had me going for a while, and so did the Central Park jogger assault case. A black former co-worker from Boston told me how the police came down boots-first on the black neighborhoods during the Charles Stuart case. One imperative thing I've learned over the years is refraining from forming an opinion until the facts are in. (Though of course people will still disagree about them.) Whether it's the Charles Stuart hoax or the Tawana Brawley hoax, if a racially charged scenario closely tracks with one's conception of the world, that's when skepticism is most needed. No one wants to fall for something from the Too Good To Check file.

chauncey devega said...

Wouldn't skepticism automatically apply against Sherry West given the habit of white people blaming blacks and others for the most heinous of crimes?

Tawana Brawley, had to dig deep for that outlier. History tells us the colorline works very much in the opposite direction.