Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What Would You Do? Henry Rollins Shares His Decision to Leave Selling Ice Cream and Risk Becoming Both His True Self and Fulfilling His Destiny

I love going out for sushi and ordering some extra fresh ginger.

The Kirin beer and fresh ginger I order while eating sushi and other Japanese fare are treats for the palate. The mouth feels so fresh after such a combination, does it not?

I have been writing about the Trayvon Martin murder case and other serious matters these last few weeks. As the almost inevitable decision by the jury that George Zimmerman is "innocent" awaits us, it is important to engage in healthy distractions and fun conversation.

There is a quote by a famous black artist which went something like the following, "I may be African-American but I just want to draw pretty pictures." I changed the url of We Are Respectable Negroes for many reasons. One of them was because I wanted to be free of such obligations to always talk about the color line and other such heavy matters.

Lord, that is a hard habit to break...more on that later.

We are all just people. We should be free to just "be" as I like to say. Consequently, WARN's brand name remains the same; the cuisine should be varied.

As a distraction, I have a few random posts for today/Wednesday. The rules for blogging say that Tuesday and Wednesday are high traffic days on which you share your most important posts. Like Frank Costanza from Seinfeld, I am not one to follow the trends. My decision is a blessing and a curse. We live with such choices. So be it.

Recently, I have been meditating on my life choices and those related paths not taken in my life. I am a fan of critical self-reflection. Life forces those moments on us from time time, where they then become more than meditative exercises, and are thus transformed into very meaningful and substantial acts with real import for our lives.

Henry Rollins is a smart man. I knew that from his music and interviews. Rollins' discussion of his choice to take a chance and roll the dice of life only reinforces my high opinion of him. He is the philosopher as artist.

Do we want to sell ice cream or be famous? And are we willing to go all in? How would you make up your mind?


Elly said...

I enjoyed the Rollins vid - in fact, I'm stealing (with attribution, of course) the line "America isn't a place that you live in, it's a video game that you survive."

It is, however, easier to go "all in" when you're young, unattached, comparatively privileged and don't have very much to lose.

My husband and I, for example, took various risks when we were younger - which paid off for us (we're not famous or independent artists like Rollins, but still...). We'd like to reinvent our lives yet again, but are hesitating since a) we have more to lose; b) our ability to rebound is lower (age imposes societal limitations, even in the absence of physical ones); and c) we have 20-something kids on the cusp of taking similar risks, and want to be there... just in case. We're from the same generation as Rollins, and like him, could survive on those 1970's low wage, unskilled labor jobs. Things are different now.

chauncey devega said...

The luxuries of youth and living in a time when one could take risks with a reasonable hope of being to right the ship had things gone wrong.

You are spot on w. the idea of being able to survive on low wage semi-skilled jobs. Those glory years were not so long ago before being swallowed up hole by the maw of globalization and neoliberalism.