Saturday, July 13, 2013

If Trayvon Martin Had His Slave Pass Maybe He Would Still be Alive: Black Life is Cheap Again, George Zimmerman is Found "Innocent" of Murder

The United States government has historically worked to protect and serve White people and their interests. The jury's decision in the George Zimmerman trial is one more data point in a centuries-long trajectory of racism in this country.

The jury looked at the narrative of a white Hispanic stalking, hunting, shooting, and killing a young black man and found it a simple one to litigate. When in doubt defend the right of white vigilantes to kill and murder black people.

Moreover, the jury bowed down to the power of the gun. The gun protects "us" from "them". The Zimmerman "not guilty" verdict is a reinforcement of the reality of the colorline, and that the jury intimately and deeply understood from their cultural training and political socialization, that when in doubt side with the white shooter against black "criminals".

The Zimmerman "not guilty" verdict is proof that black life is cheap again. There is a paradox proven once more about black life in the Age of Obama. We can have a President who happens to be black, but black people are under existential threat, in a near state of "social death", and once more must prove that we have a right to exist--a right to life that can be nullified at will by those like George Zimmerman who are in bed with White Authority.

A year or so ago, I predicted that George Zimmerman would be found innocent. If police can shoot and kill innocent black people for the "crime" of holding house keys, wallets, cell phones, and other harmless objects, Zimmerman's walking away from this show trial spectacle was a given.

The jurors have to return home to a community with a long, deep history of white supremacy and anti-black racism. The demonic shadows of Jim and Jane Crow were in George Zimmerman's ear that night, telling him to shoot and kill those "fucking punks" that "always get away". Those punks weren't vague chimeras or generic "bad guys". No. They are black men. On that evening, George Zimmerman did the (White) community's will of his being a 21st century slave patroller hunting down and killing black folks.

Instead of the mark on the cheek or a brand on some other part of the body, Martin was marked as fit for surveillance, harassment, and murder by George Zimmerman because the former wore a "hoodie" and was black, breathing, and nearby.

In all, the Zimmerman jury simply agreed with their own racial "common sense" about black people, our inherent criminality, and threat to white civilization and order. The jury bowed down to their community norms. They could not, nor would they go home, to their white peers in a very conservative, white, segregated community, and justify how could they send one of their "defenders" to prison for the petty crime of killing a black person.

The Zimmerman jury also validated the day-to-day life experiences of how race is lived as a series of small slights, micro aggressions, institutional discrimination, and pointed stabbing reminders--as in this decision--of the semi-permanence of white supremacy as a social force in American life for people of color.

The "niggerization" of black Americans by the American legal system continues unabated with the George Zimmerman "not guilty" verdict.


Mary O'Grady said...

A travesty. Sickening.

Joyce Fleming said...

Oh no. I am crying and wondering, why the hell do I live in this country? This verdict was insane. I am one of those "white" women enraged and sickened and depleted by my inability to stop this bullshit. You should see the "hallelujah" coverage being sent out via Fox Cable News. A nightmare.
No matter how flawed the prosecution was, the fact remains: a young black man was killed for being who he was. That is all. That is the horror.
Chauncey, what shall I do now?
I will continue ... somewhat in exile, but sure.
God bless young Mr. Martin.
And God forgive the jury in this trial.
Joyce Fleming

afna-mcjny said...

We have lost a crucial battle in the war of america's collective soul. We have once again failed to hold individuals accountable for their actions and the results therein. Justice is not always just. And my state of florida is quite backward and behind in many ways. The case of ralph wald, the case of marissa alexander, casey anthony and george zimmerman, tell us a great deal about the moral compass of our time and our country. I understand the anger that my people feel over this but don't compound this travesty with more chaos. Show them what a real man and woman is. This country is changing, slowly but inexorably. Learn the lesson of this incident. Acquit yourselves honorably. And arm yourself, legally. There are a lot more zimmerman's out there looking to prove himself by capturing or killing a black person. Take heart and take heed.

golanego said...

I told you so! Its not that he was guilty or not guilty....there was not enough evidence. Our Legal system is non biased and can only convict beyond a reasonable doubt.

golanego said...

Move to Mexico City....all the guns have been taken away from their citizens. You should be safe there.

afna-mcjny said...

are you of what you stand for? You know that gz lied about how this went down. Are you proud of being a disgrace and being part of this? well I am ashamed of my state, as usual. and ashamed of my country men.

chauncey devega said...

non-biased. what you smoking?

skilletblonde said...

What Chauncey said is so true. House keys, wallets, and cellphones will get you killed, if you're black. But this is not new. This behavior is part of the old slave codes. I beg you to please refresh your mind with those codes. Black people were not allowed to have a gun, stick, cane, or even a dog; essentially, anything that was perceived by whites as a threat. If black people possessed anything that was an inkling of a threat, the orders were to shoot to kill. The so called, "Stand Your Ground " law is straight out of the slave codes.

What this verdict proved tonight is not new, either. It confirmed what we thinking black people already know. We do not receive justice, because we are not human. That's right. We have never been human in the eyes of America. Whether it was the Charles Caroll's 1900 book, "A Negro A Beast" to Charles Murray's 1994, the "Belle Curve", the persistence to disprove our humanity has never wavered. We see now as the nucleus of the Republican Party.

This verdict is in your face injustice. I don't want to hear no forgiving religious shyte from the preachers. No, God is not going to get Zimmerman. It's time to get off of your knees. Jesus ain't coming back to save no damn body. The media and Zimmerman's lawyers reduced Trayvon's young life to trash. If we sit idly by, and do nothing, then we are indeed worthless.

Right now we could simply start with turning in the cable boxes and getting rid of the satellite. Why pay to see yourself humiliated? The Mainstream Media is not, nor as it ever been, your friend. The imagery of black men as thugs is perpetuated and propagated on America's airwaves incessantly. Please, don't let this ride.

skilletblonde said...

Please refresh your memory with this... knowing Trayvon Martin didn't have a criminal record.


(1) Zimmerman relocated to Lake Mary, Florida in 2002. In 2004, Robert and Gladys Zimmerman had George’s name removed from the deed to a house in Lake Mary.

(2) In early 2005, he was arrested outside of a bar and charged with resisting a police officer with violence. Ordinarily, this would have resulted in jail time and a felony, however the charges were reduced to resisting an officer without violence, and Zimmerman avoided conviction by entering a pre-trial diversion program of alcohol education. In the state of Florida, pre-trial diversion programs are generally only available to first time offenders charged with misdemeanors or nonviolent felonies.

(3) Later in 2005, Zimmerman’s ex-fiance, Veronica Zuaco filed a “civil motion for a restraining order alleging domestic violence”. Zimmerman later counter filed for a restraining order against Zuaco, both orders were granted.

(4) Beginning in 2004, and ending with the 911 call the night of Trayvon Martin’s death, George Zimmerman placed at least 47 publicly documented complaints to police. Two of these calls, made while Zimmerman resided in Lake Mary, were placed in reference to an ex-roommate who was allowing people Zimmerman did not like into his apartment. Zimmermnan also called to report people throwing items at his truck.

(5) In 2004, Zimmerman called the police reporting having seen a man steal a television, and remained on the line while following the purported thief until police arrived to handle the situation. In the same year, Zimmerman again pursued an individual whom he claimed had spit on him, after having called the police to report the offense. There are no records of arrests made in either case. In addition to the reports stated above, Zimmerman made several calls about open garage doors, unattended dogs, and suspicious vehicles in his community in Lake Mary.

(6) George Zimmerman was married in 2007, to cosmetologist Shellie Nicole Dean, and in 2009 the couple moved to a gated community named “The Retreat At Twin Lakes” in Sanford, Florida, located a few miles from their previous residence. He began taking classes in law enforcement at Seminole State University, and took charge of his new community’s neighborhood watch program. He arranged neighborhood watch and safety trainings for the community which were conducted by members of the Sanford Police Department.


Miles_Ellison said...

Apparently, this defense doesn't work if you have a Hispanic surname and shoot a white guy.

skilletblonde said...

Something wrapped in Klan papers.

Sujata said...

The Boy Died in My Alley

Without my having known.
Policeman said, next morning,
"Apparently died Alone."
"You heard a shot?" Policeman said.
Shots I hear and Shots I hear.
I never see the dead.

The Shot that killed him yes I heard
as I heard the Thousand shots before;
careening tinnily down the nights
across my years and arteries.

Policeman pounded on my door.
"Who is it?" "POLICE!" Policeman yelled.
"A Boy was dying in your alley.
A Boy is dead, and in your alley.
And have you known this Boy before?"

I have known this Boy before.
I have known this Boy before, who
ornaments my alley.
I never saw his face at all.
I never saw his futurefall.
But I have known this boy.

I have always heard him deal with death.
I have always heard the shout, the volley.
I have closed my heart-ears late and early.
And I have killed him ever.

I joined the Wild and killed him
with knowledgeable unknowing.
I saw where he was going.
I saw him Crossed. And seeing,
I did not take him down.

He cried not only "Father!"
but "Mother!
The cry climbed up the alley.
It went up to the wind.
It hung upon the heaven
for a long
stretch-strain of Moment.

The red floor of my alley
is a special speech to me.

chauncey devega said...

Remember all that is trumped by being black, male, breathing, and nearby. Zimmerman was cop fetishist and serial fuck up. Doesn't matter though. Zimmerman got the thrill of the kill. Many cops sign-up just to do that. Zimmerman beat the system and still got his fantasy fulfilled.

csm said...

I, like many of us, expected this. Basic decency tells you that a person should be able to go about their business without the threat of being accosted and killed. Common sense informs us that, in that eventuality, the killer is brought to justice. Neither of those things happened here because the victim in this case was black. Its as simple as that. That's the way it was 50 years ago, and that's the way it remains today. "Post racial" my azz; nothing has changed!

! said...

I too felt like this verdict was the most likely one. And yet, I am so deeply impressed by Trayvon Martin's parents, and by everyone else who had the strength to stand up and insist that the case be prosecuted. And look at Rachel Jeantel, who knew very well the price she would pay in racist and sexist insults, simply for getting on the stand as her own self and telling her own story. She did it anyway. We cannot control the outcome of a distorted "justice" system or the ways Jim and Jane Crow were possibly whispering in the ears of the jurors. But I will remember those who suffered a grievous loss, the kind of loss nobody ever should have to experience, then placed themselves in the middle of an extremely racist media firestorm in order to say "We may not get justice, but we at least want to see Zimmerman in court."

JGrey said...

What i'm wondering about is what took them eight hours to deliberate on ?

SunKissed said...

Trayvon Martin was found guilty of his own murder. But, you know what? Chickens are going to come home to roost for this country. In fact they already have. There is a shocking connecting I see between whites who see blacks as inherently criminal, themselves as benign, and all the mass shootings and killings, including the Boston Bombers. Because many white people don't believe they need to be policed as much as people of color, this mindset has created a lawless void within their living spaces. Men Adam Lanza and that movie theater guy whom I forget his name, can wreak unrestrained havoc on white babies because no one believes white people are capable of this. Exonerating Zimmerman is more proof that white folk refuse to repent of their racist ways and they will pay for it with more spilled blood of their own children by their own hands.

galleymac said...

Normally I would not make this comment, as it is obnoxious, but this affects the entire meaning of your powerful piece -- you want "unabated" in your last line there. "Unabetted" means *exactly* the opposite of what you want.

pjwhite said...

I was so stupid and naive. I honestly did not believe it was possible for Zimmerman to be found not guilty. I am stunned. I am marching for Trayvon today, but that feels so pathetic and inadequate. This country is burning alive in its own hatred. I hate to say this, but I don't think we will have a decent country until white people are a minority. Power corrupts, and clearly white people cannot handle being a majority without devolving into murderous reptilian depravity. And I'm not talking about Zimmerman. He's just a whacko. I am talking about his supporters.

pjwhite said...

I'm with you, Joyce. I'm crying, too. There is no way I would be able to stomach Fox News right now. I think as white people we have been able to kid ourselves that racism was more about ignorance than hate. But we were wrong. Racism is about deadly, murderous, hate.

Michael Paul Goldenberg said...

Springsteen performed "41 Shots" last night, without comment, after getting the news of the verdict. Not much more to say.

Well-crafted piece, CDV.

Michael Paul Goldenberg said...

No reason to watch Fox any time for anything. You could have written their response in advance. That twisted moron Ann Coulter reported to have immediately sent out a gleeful Tweet: who cares? It's only when something NOT utterly predictable and sick emerges from that cesspool that I'm interested.

Michael Paul Goldenberg said...

Ignorance leads to hate. And hate leads to willful ignorance. They're inextricably linked in the racism equation. Through in self-interest and fear for good measure and you start to get a picture of what's what.

People raised to be racists CAN change. They have to see the essential contradictions in their racist views and they have to be motivated to move away from what they've been taught is both absolute truth and self-interest. It's not easy.

Those of us who were luckier, raised by parents who were politically aware and anti-racist, don't have quite the same difficulties seeing the fundamental b.s. that underlies all racism, classism, sexism, etc. But that doesn't means we're easily free of those sentiments. In a country as deeply steeped in racism as the United States, we're all tainted by it. It's in the air, the water, the food, every day and everywhere. To escape being raised in and affected by racism would require being raised outside of such a culture. Not possible within the United States at this or any previous time. Whether the day will come when it is possible remains to be seen, and none of us currently alive will be there to see it, sad to say.

Michael Paul Goldenberg said...

It wasn't possible for him to be convicted in Florida, short of video tape showing him actively stalking Martin and Martin not doing a thing wrong. And perhaps not even then. You're talking about a state that convicted a woman for firing warning shots in the ceiling to ward off a husband with a track record of physical abuse. Jurors there apparently aren't so strict about "stand your ground" if the person so standing is the wrong color.

Were Zimmerman black, of course, this trial would not likely have occurred. There would have been zero publicity and a quiet plea bargain would have sent someone to jail short-term. The irony, of course, is that Zimmerman isn't white, either. But he sure became so in the eyes of America's racists.

Wind the clock back 75 or so years, make Martin Jewish and Zimmerman a typical Florida cracker, keep the laws what they are now, and we would have heard about Jews staring at "our" women and the verdict would have been the same.

The Sanity Inspector said...

The whole affair was a horrible misunderstanding, quickly brought to a violent head. Trayvon Martin was committing no crime and had every right to be in the neighborhood. But if I or any of my family get assaulted by a hotheaded young man who is in a fury for being "dissed", then yeah: self-defense is a basic human right, open and shut. I like to think that I would feel the same way if this had happened in any other racial configuration.

SabrinaBee said...

And who ever thought the truth mattered in this country? The lesson taken away is, it is okay to follow, then run down anybody (black) walking home from the store, and provoke a confrontation and then shoot them. With the idea that they will most likely have a record which could justify it. How many times has it happened where the dead person does have a record which did justify it. In this case, he didn't but, they gave him one after his death anyway. Scary junior high school football player at just over a buck fifty against gun wielding, 200 lb. MMA trainee. And five white women, and a jelly spined ?, still thought that was more than a match. Yet, again, we get to grieve while others celebrate another injustice against us.

SabrinaBee said...

I agree with him. We need to find out who we are doing business with that is based in Florida and stop doing it. Olive Garden and Red Lobster's parent company comes to mind. Don't vacation there. We need to let that state know that this is not okay.

SabrinaBee said...

What about Trayvon's right to prevent being detained by a strange man? That is the problem. You are willing to believe that Trayvon had done something to cause his death but not the possibility that he did something to try to save his life. Being dissed. He wasn't concerned about being dissed. He was concerned about a creepy ass cracker following, then chasing, then searching for him.

! said...

I have some thoughts brewing on the white women who made up 5/6 of the jury, as well. Try as I might I can't fully articulate myself on it. But how can people who should KNOW how useless it is to be indoctrinated on how to dress and act "correctly" , who should KNOW that adjusting clothes and behavior will not save them from mistreatment, not make the mental leap to see what happened here. It really speaks to a lack of empathy and to a deep, deep capitulation in the face of gun brandishing madness and self-issued license to kill. Is this the pathology that comes from being taught we (white women) are the harmless and helpless sheep who need to be protected by virtuous white male shepherds packing heat? Are white women so invested in the idea that Doing It Right will save us that we're incapable of critical reflection and sympathy for mothers like Sybrina Fulton?

For example, what is this shit:

With these laws, our children are not innocent until proven guilty. Instead, if they threaten or even inadvertently make someone feel threatened (even by surprising them suddenly), they are at risk and they should know that anyone that feels threatened by them may have a gun. It has never been more important to be street savvy, to stay off other people’s lawns, to avoid walking alone in an unfamiliar neighborhood, to retreat whenever possible rather than confront someone and to call 911 the moment you feel as if you’re in danger.

To which I would add, if you are new to a neighborhood, take the opportunity to introduce yourself and to make yourself known, particularly to the neighborhood watch so that they know you belong. Find out before you settle in if people there are jumpy for any reason, perhaps because of burglaries or other crimes.

Were the jurors other Monday morning quarterbacking Nice White Ladies (tm) who shrugged their shoulders in the face of patently absurd self defence standards and said "oh well, I personally would've introduced my son to the Neighborhood Watch just in case he happened to startle them one evening, seems like a clear case of insufficient helicopter parenting to me!"

Ugh I am just disgusted by it all.

TexasThoughts said...

I read and enjoy many of your pieces and they are e usually pretty enlightening. I too am saddened frustrated and disappointed by the verdict.

That being said, I feel this article leaves out a major point as we step back and try and figure out how this just happened.... again. Team Angela Corey lost a chess match. Period. I dont remember the sequence, but Zimm and co. backed off the stand your ground defense that many thought he would try to use as his affirmative defense. The prosecution then chose to to charge him with 2nd degree murder in an all or nothing type bet. Manslaughter alternative came in (and was offered to the jury) pretty late in the trial. Strategically this was poorly done. It gave leverage back to the defense (if the prosecution ever had it) and acknowledged that the Prosecution was not confident they had met their burden for a charge that they chose in the first place. After seeing the star defense witness, I was disappointed that the prosecution would have made such a large bet after seeing their hand. Team Angela (or whoever) chose to put their "justice for Trayvon chips" all in on one hand.... The house always wins... again.

Although the negative rhetoric and cheering racist make me as angry as the next guy... The prosecution is not blameless.

Side note- The prosecution's mistakes, a defense team that was better prepared, and segment of the population cheering a defendant(alleged murderer) they dont necessarily believe to be innocent.... Deja Vu= OJ trial reversed?

Miles_Ellison said...

Burnt cross splinters.

chauncey devega said...

"Dissed?" Huh. How about reasonably in fear of his life from a strange wannabe cop armed with a gun following him around in the rain who clearly intended to do him harm.

Funny how Trayvon has no right to self-defense. The white racial frame strikes again. Deep.

Also, funny how if Zimmerman instead of racially profiling and harassing a stranger decided to politely introduce himself, and offer him a ride home in the rain. Now, I would still tell Zimmerman to go to hell because he has no right to inquire about where I am going and what I am doing, but maybe that gesture by wannabe cop fetishist murderer Zimmerman would have ended all of this.

As I have said here many times, I believe that Zimmerman wanted to play tough guy cop and maybe even kill someone. There are men who join the police just for the hope of getting a "clean" kill. Zimmerman couldn't become a cop but he still overachieved in that department.

Priceless dark irony.

chauncey devega said...

Thanks, just trying to be direct and speak some truth.

chauncey devega said...

OJ has nothing to do with this case. Funny how folks keep bringing up some a specious comparison. OJ--who for the record should have been found innocent--was likely guilty as sin. Trayvon was walking down the street and the "victim" Zimmerman initiated this whole series of events, lied repeatedly, and then did not have injuries which substantiate his story.

The lesson of the OJ case is the green trumps all things...and make sure that the racist cops in the LAPD do not get caught on tape with their mouth utterances and also do not have control of key evidence for hours or days at a time.

I think the prosecution did a subpar job. They didn't want to make this about race, when race was exactly what the case boiled down to. Cowardice and poor strategy lost them the day. That plus laws in Florida written to make it open season on black and brown people.

TexasThoughts said...

Agree 100%. OJ comparison was more meant to compare the public reactions to a verdict. I should have clarified. Agreed that OJ 'deserved' to get off because the prosecution/Mark F. and Co. fudged their case so bad they left the jury no choice.

I did not mean to compare the 2 cases on ANY other level. Hopefully the DOJ can make something stick. I do not want Zimm walking around free but I am equally as mad at the Prosecution's strategy. Not sure what charges were available, but even with these fact and Zimm 'undisputed version' of event we should have been able to make something stick.

Best case scenario, a civil suit takes Zimm for everything he has or ever will have, drains the donation account and drives him to do something karmically stupid in turn ruining his life for good like another story I heard.

SabrinaBee said...

Right. It's patently absurd, is what it is. Maybe I have lived too long but, I thought the 'welcome wagon' or 'welcoming committee' meant that residents welcomed newcomers to their neighborhood, not that the newcomers should go around knocking on people's doors whom they have not gotten a feel for yet. And introduce yourself to the neighborhood watch? I bet GZ would have loved to have people defer to him in such a manner. But then, that is exactly what the women of that neighborhood seems to have fostered in GZ. The knight in shining armor was going to save his neighborhood women from the scary blacks, whether they wanted him to or not. So patronizing. The man has control issues and any sane (emotionally or otherwise) person would have recognized that and gotten the hell away from him.

chauncey devega said...

I hope so. Will be interesting to see how the victimization meme continues with the civil case. The same folks who cheered on OJ facing a type of double jeopardy will be howling that trying Zimmerman in civil court is unfair.

aspergum said...

Right on, but as people everywhere have been pointing out, because he was half Peruvian or half Hispanic doesn't mean he isn't also white. A person can be either one or both of those AND white.

galleymac said...

Suffering is not inherently ennobling. It doesn't necessarily lead to empathy -- oftentimes it leads either to resentment, or to deflection: "Hey, ignore me and go oppress those much worse people over there!"

Or it leads to identification with those in power for the sake of not being on the bottom rung. Er...I think I might have just said the same thing twice, there...

galleymac said...

It's not even about his whiteness or so called whiteness, really. It's about Trayvon's blackness. Remember, the woman who shot LaTasha Harlins was not white, nor even half, and was CONVICTED of manslaughter, and for this manslaughter she got four years probation and a fine.

It's not about the top of the food chain at all. It's about the bottom.

galleymac said...

If it helps any, I (black) was appalled at the prosecution in both cases, as were all of my friends in Pre-Law (also black women) at the time of the Simpson trial. None of us actually went into law. I don't know if that was good or bad.

My mother has a list of actors of various races that she can't stand now, because she thinks they look like OJ. I do wish people would stop behaving as though the black reaction was and is unmitigated glee. I'm speaking generally, there.

! said...

Oh yes, I understand that. But I can't figure out what to do besides calling out "my own" for their apparent deference to someone like GZ, who by the way has also been accused of child molestation... Some virtuous protector of white womanhood, he is.

galleymac said...

I'm encouraged by the fact that you and people like you are on my side. I keep forgetting that. I really shouldn't. If I go by the rallies in NYC alone, there are a lot of you.

Just me said...

Calling Zimmerman a "creepy white cracker" Isn't that racist?

Miles_Ellison said...

The calculus is different when black people defend themselves.

All of those black people went to jail. In this country, self defense is a basic human right if you kill black people. Otherwise, it's a crime. That is the problem.

Miles_Ellison said...

Future book, movie, and TV deals.

Jim Jackson said...

As messed up as this was, I think the real scandal was the fact that Zimmerman was not arrested immediately. That one is as simple as black and white. No way does he go home that night if he shot a white guy - or if he had been black for that matter.

But ... although I personally think he was guilty, I also think the jurors probably acted in good faith, according to the letter of the law and the case that was presented. Unfortunately it seems the prosecutors were borderline incompetent. That, combined with SYG, led to the acquittal. If you were to stay SYG is completely insane and should be revoked, I would agree completely, but nonetheless the jurors were obliged to abide by it's rules. Is it possible some of the jurors were racist? Yes, of course it is, but I think it's unfair to predicate an opinion on the actual jury decision based on that assumption.

What is truly and deeply disturbing and revealing to me is the reaction of the Zimmerman supporters. While I will not say that ALL Republicans, conservatives, or even right wingers are racists, if anyone ever needed proof that their movement is largely populated with racists, this is it. From comments on a MSM sites to articles on Drudge and the like, the reactions pretty much range from preparing for the savage black mans revenge (preparing with guns, of course), to exaltation of Zimmerman as a hero for the white man. Above all else, there seems to be a true joy that Trayvon Martin is dead, and some sense of elation that white people finally got a little bit of vengeance after all the oppression they've suffered at the hands of blacks.
I really see very little daylight in wordviews between the average Tea Partier and what were formerly thought of as fringe white supremacists.

danallison said...

What in the hell is a "white Hispanic"? That would make Obama a "white black." Orwell wrote a little essay about people like you.

chauncey devega said...

White racism is a sickness. Now, it is up to white folks to clean up their own house. And for others to get ready for what is coming in the near future.

fratdawgg23 said...

Angela Corey has built her reputation as a "tough" prosecutor by aggressively charging juveniles as adults - more black than white, of course - and by overcharging adults to induce guilty pleas. My first thought when she was named for this case was that they would conduct a pro forma trial to appease those calling for charges. 2d degree murder was not reasonable from the start; manslaughter at best.

On another note, how gracious Rachel Jentael was on Piers Morgan re: Don West defense attorney, when she said she would not insult him because she was raised better than that. After being called insecure and lacking communication skills by the profiteering book-dealing anonymous juror, she did not take the bait.

The Sanity Inspector said...

Yes, those were three screaming injustices, judging by that article. Adding a fourth to them wouldn't have helped anything. "Murder of whatever degree, is a heavy charge, and really deserves ironclad proof."

Miles_Ellison said...

What would help is real equality under the law. But we aren't going to see that. All of the "objectivity" and "non-bias" in America's justice system is trotted out in the defense of verdicts like this one and tens of thousands of others. The fact is, ironclad proof or evidence has often not been needed to railroad innocent black people into jail. Killings of black people by law enforcement (or Neighborhood Watch Rent-a-Cops) have been excused by jury after jury even with ironclad proof.

disqus_z5BLojY2oa said...

I have difficulty reading this without seeing self victimization overtaking reality. I've viewed youtube videos of all the 911 calls and I've read hundreds of articles on this case and trail. It behooves me to understand why the reality of a black kid attacking a person who is protecting his community then having to protect himself seems racist to anyone. Nothing GZ said in those calls was racist. Rachael's testimony was riddled with racism from Trayvon and from herself as well. I really hate that so many black people are giving into the hate mongering and not seeing the problem or just in total denial of the real problems in their own community but rather want to blame everything on white people. Please face it. White people had absolutely nothing to do with what happened or the results of the case. The one lone juror who has been on t.v. who happens to be black stated many FACTS that show Trayvon instigated the incident by his aggressive and suspicious behavior. If my neighborhood had a neighborhood watch I would hope they would do just as GZ did and pray that none would end up in such a predicament as he did. GZ's actions and reporting were actually very proper despite the accusations by the media and the activists who are trying to excite hatred and division for their own gain. You don't have to believe me if you don't want to. You don't have to like me or what I am saying. I am saying that before you pass judgement get on youtube and check out every unbiased video on there. Listen to those with opposing view such as Reverend Manning and then see if you can poke holes in what those people are saying. All this hate and black separatism is just as bad as anything the KKK ever did as is the killing done by black vigilantes.

gduggan said...

Could probably use a little "stop and frisk" action in Oklahoma.

aislinn said...

face palm

sonu kumar said...

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