Monday, July 22, 2013

A Trifecta of Boot Licking Uncle Toms Defending George Zimmerman: Who is the Worst One? Larry Elder, Pastor Manning, or Jesse Lee Peterson?

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Black conservatism is a very lucrative business. It takes few resources to begin one's hustle. There are boosters who will back your play. The risks are minimal. Their public is eager to be grifted--is there no easier scam than taking money from the willing? And the skills that one needs to be successful in the black conservative con game are minimal. It is a real quota, and an internalized projection of what conservatives say "affirmative action" policies produce in the workplace: skin color, a hostility towards African-Americans, and a heartbeat are all that one needs to be a successful black conservative media darling. Ability is welcome but secondary and coincidental to one's skin color.

The black garbage pail kids black conservatives only have to sit around until needed, secure in their break in case of emergency bubble that the White Right has them encased within. While sitting there, the checks continue because they are on retainer. Quite a good deal.

All that is required to be a successful black conservative in the Fox News Tea Party GOP mold is to be a professional contrarian who stands against any position taken by the "civil rights establishment", a willingness to degrade black Americans for the pleasure of white racists, and to have little or no self-respect. The more self-hating and contemptible a black conservative's position on a given political issue, the higher the bounty and pay.

Larry Elder, Pastor Manning, and Jesse Lee Peterson must be cashing some fat checks for supporting the murder of Trayon Martin by George Zimmerman. The level of self-loathing necessary for a black person to support the equivalent of Emmett Till's murder in post-civil rights America is beyond my ability to comprehend. In all, racism is a mania that poisons white folks in America. Unfortunately, the mania that is white racism poisons the minds of none too few black people as well.

In all, George Zimmerman aspired and earned his honorary whiteness for shooting a black teenager in an act of fantasy wish fulfillment for his boosters among the White Right.

I have to wonder if the black conservatives who defend him are jealous that they have not earned their honorary whiteness through a similar deed?

It is easy to lambaste and lampoon the ugly caricature of black respectability embodied by the rogues gallery of Tea Party GOP black conservatives that is populated by the likes of Larry Elder, Pastor Manning, and Jesse Lee Peterson.

I would like us to do the more difficult task. Being reflective and contemplative, let's try to answer these questions.

Which of them is the most contemptible and way?

Are they self-hating negroes or are these three possessed of a sense of pathological narcissism, such that they have no sense of linked fate to other people of color?

Is the brand of "black conservatism" exemplified by Larry Elder, Pastor Manning, and Jesse Lee Peterson indigenous to Black Politics or is it something imported from outside the community?

Here are today's three featured exhibits in the Tea Party GOP black conservative human zoo. Watch and approach them at your peril. They bite.

Jesse Peterson:

Larry Elder:

Pastor Manning:


Shady Grady said...

I think Elder is the worst because I think he's actually the most intelligent. Peterson sounds as if he just left a substance abuse rehab program and Manning has always sounded nutty.

Their version of black conservativism is indigenous to the black community insofar as SOMEONE ratted out Denmark Vesey. And that someone has descendants.

Back in the real world even other black conservatives recognize that the people detailed are not quite right in the head.

chauncey devega said...

"SOMEONE ratted out Denmark Vesey. And that someone has descendants."

They have always been with us, those who surrender to power for trinkets. But I can almost understand why someone would snitch on a slave rebellion considering that it would likely fail and the group punishment that would be meted out. What excuse do these clowns have?

Plantsmantx said...

Let's not forget about the ones who are hiding behind a "conscious" pose, like the actor Romany Malco, who finger-wagged about (among other things) "rapping about selling drugs" after having played a drug dealer on "Weeds".

Maike Hudson said...

Calling those people "Uncle Tom" is an insult to the literary Uncle Tom, who had a lot more dignity.

chauncey devega said...

You know. I struggle with that. Do we go with an accurate nomenclature or come up with something else? Black tea party gop black Judases?

chauncey devega said...

I missed that one. It is a parade. Why do they do it? The need to feel special? Or do they actually believe it?

KDYounger said...

I've given up on trying to understand the pathology of people like Crystal Wright and the black conservative movement. I get being for a "conservative" movement, but why not express that in a way that assists the black community instead of aligning themselves with a party that has been hostile toward African-Americans?

Shady Grady said...

It's the same pathology. Someone scared them very badly at an impressionable age.

"What's the big deal? We all sell out everyday. Might as well end up on the winning team"....

chauncey devega said...

Being a traitor has generally always paid well.

Plantsmantx said...

In this case, the need to feel special shone through.

rikyrah said...

These are three straight up slave catching sambos.

you really need to get some cooning gifs

rikyrah said...

Slave Catching Sambos

works for me

Wong Chia Chi said...

This is the kind of stuff that scares me away from the Church. I hate hearing crap like this. I'm actually agnostic but I enjoy the community of churches/community groups/activism.

Wong Chia Chi said...

Regarding Elder, Lol that:" how many languages do you speak? ", question though!

BlackAcademic said...

You have to admit that it was rather striking to see these guys get schooled on "racial understandings" by white men (and, in Elder's case in particular, a non-American).

E.C. 2 said...

Which is the primary reason why Auntie Crystal Wrong, I mean, Wright, is presently launching racist attacks on black people. These are all indirect auditions for her to be the next minstrel pundit on the racist white supremacist Fox Lies Channel. Wright is working to make herself a Blackface Ann Coulter.

E.C. 2 said...

I call them just plain Sambos. Or as The Boondocks introduced us to the more fitting name for these self-hating anti-black colored conservative minstrels: Uncle Ruckuses.

Collectively, you can call these treasonous Negroe Conservatives Ruckus Rousers.

E.C. 2 said...

Jesse Sambo Peterson WORKS to be the LEAD Sambo.