Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Confederacy of Misogyny? Max Hardcore, the War on Women's Reproductive Rights, and the Tea Party GOP

A quick follow up to this earlier post.

I also offer a "trigger" alert for this video. I am disturbed every time I have seen it. Said video is also NSFW.

Why are there women who support the men in the Republican Party and Christian Right that want to control the former's reproductive freedoms and freedoms? Is there a Max Hardcore in their ear?

I believe in human agency and free will. I am also a very sex positive person. I also think that Max Powers was unfairly prosecuted. In total, based on what I have seen and read about him, he is a contemptible human being.

Yet, this video from the BBC documentary on one subset of the adult film industry never fails to remind me of  the influence of American rape culture, and of a society that is fascinated by sex, but grossly immature about human sexuality. Max Powers' sex act with Felicity also reminds me of the Right's obsession with controlling women's bodies and simultaneous loathing and disgust towards them.

To point. Listen to Max Hardcore's discussion with Felicity at 7:15. His effort to convince this young woman to be humiliated by, and to submit to him, is eerily evocative of the Tea Party GOP, Christian Dominionists, and others who would like to control women's bodies by limiting their reproductive choices.

Close your eyes. Listen to his narrative and logic. You tell me? In another reality, could Max Hardcore be a speech writer--or maybe even Chair of a Tea Party GOP organization--that wants to dominate and control women's abilities to decide their own futures and reproductive rights?

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