Friday, June 21, 2013

Does Paula Deen Dream of a Place Where Pork Chops Grow on the Trees and Watermelons Blow in the Breeze?

I couldn't resist. 

Paula Deen has issued an obligatory apology full of vague promises to "grow" and improve herself after court documents revealed her casual racism, fondness for using the word nigger, and fantasies of African-American servitude and the Southern Slaveocracy.

Of course, Paula Deen apologizes for using "hurtful language" without owning the fact that she is a bigot.

I applauded her pulling back the curtain and the fourth wall of racism to show those who are drunk on the lie of color blind America that white racism has simply moved from being a dominant fact of public life to the safer and less easily exposed "backstage" of private conversations, the Internet, and other such spaces.

I find honest racists to be quite refreshing. Now, with her apology, Paula Deen has moved from exceptional and honest bigot to the ranks of the common racist who does not really seem to get what the "big deal" is after all.

I had high hopes for Paula Deen. I really did. As is the script for when high profile white folks are called out for their racism, she will soon cry, be made into a victim as someone who is "misunderstood" and "innocent," and all sins will be forgiven at the end of this "teachable moment." 

Then she can go back to her fantasies of black Toms and Mammies who are happy to serve white folks like her.

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