Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Catching Up: Chaunceydevega.com is Now Online; While I was Gone Cops Beat Up Kids Holding Puppies, the SFWA Fights About Sexism and Political Correctness, and ABC Puts Out Neo-Liberal Failing Schools Propaganda

Thank you for your patience with the comments and the new domain name.

I finally decided to move from the original "wearerespectablenegroes.blogspot.com" url a few months ago.

The reasons were mostly practical.

Blogspot urls, however unfairly, tend to be associated with low quality and (now) abandoned websites. Of course, there are quite a few exceptions to this rule: Field Negro and Digby are among the most notable. As I grew the site, and reached out in new directions, the blogspot domain was becoming more of a hindrance than an asset.

You would likely be surprised by how many opportunities evaporate when you are asked for a link to your site and it is not at a ".com" address.

The decision was also liberating in a way, as it forced me to own the fact that my nom de guerre has a life of its own, and I might as well leverage that as best I can.

Chaunceydevega.com is also much easier to put on a business card.

The themes and eclectic range of topics we discuss here will remain the same. And if you put We Are Respectable Negroes into the Google machine you will arrive at the new url automatically.

I do have a request for those who have linked to the old url.

If you can update your settings to Chaunceydevega.com that would be much appreciated. Over time the traffic between the old and new sites should even out. But, I am just trying to be proactive.

I am also going to be pruning the blogroll to about 10 sites. Are there any which you think should be jettisoned from the list? Are there other sites which you think should be added? Please make the suggestion.

We missed out on quite a few developments these last few days while the new url was settling in. For those of you who commented on Io9's list of the greatest science fiction novels, have you been following the recent controversy about sexism and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America newsletter?

Did you watch this ABC news story (and neo liberal propaganda) about "failing" public schools in Philadelphia and the inevitable push for privatization as a cure?

Apparently, poverty increases how other people may perceive white people as actually being "black."

I learned something over the weekend too: Black people apparently have superpowers that include the vaunted "dehumanizing stare" and "clenched fists" that arouse jackbooted police thugs to attack teenagers who walk around with 6 week old puppies in their arms.

Much to discuss and catch up on now that things are a "go."


Constructive_Feedback said...

Let me be the first to say: "Congratulations On Your Independence". - Well at least in your registration of your new domain name.

Regarding who should go from your blog roll. I would have mentioned "Filled Negro" but since you referred to him in your post I figure that you have an affinity to his "Self-Chum" that I will never relate to.

I guess I am not the best judge of syndication sources for progressive fundamentalist thought.

chauncey devega said...

is self chum the product of self-love on an uncircumcised and uncleaned penis?

you love that phrase. just curious as to its origins.

Anonymous said...

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Shady Grady said...



chauncey devega said...

Nothing like self-promotion :)

Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother Chauncey - two quick questions after finding some of your articles around the Internet:

1) On the matter of "Benghazi" how is it that you focused on the "Made Up Republican outrage" RATHER THAN the observation that the US GOVERNMENT bombed a nation in Africa, had the CIA country at an auxiliary compound that was not the embassy (it was a CIA intel compound) AND TODAY the federal government is plotting on selling arms to the 'Rebels in Syria' with a group that is affiliated with 'Al Queda'. [Summary - No permanent friends to the US Government. Only permanent interests]

2) You say "JESUS WAS NOT A WHITE MAN" in another article.

QUESTION - that you can choose to use only if you want to: "Are YOU a Christian?" "Do YOU see 'Jesus as your savior' and the primary guide to your actions in this world?"

chauncey devega said...

1. I talked about that on earlier posts. I think Elmo offered his insights.

2. what does your question have to do with the price of tea in China?