Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Are You Ready for the Return of "The Tingler?"

This is a priceless movie clip. 3D remains popular. Smellovision is likely making its return as well. I would not be surprised if the tingler is not far behind.

I am very excited about the new Superman movie. Would I want electrical shocks going up my butt and spine when he unleashed his heat rays? I think not.

What is your version of the tingler? What makes you yell in fright? Are you feeling every sensation? Don't be afraid to scream!

I learned about Vincent Price and the tingler from Roger Ebert's interview with Howard Stern.

And I still cannot believe that Roger is gone.

While not including the "tingler", this clip of Siskel and Ebert's visit to Howard Stern is mighty entertaining:

The tingler is my distraction of the week. What is yours?


buddy h said...

I agree with you about Roger. When a movie opens, I find myself wondering what his review will say, and then I realize "oh yeah,..."

When I was in high school back in 1976, the film "Midway" came out, and it featured it's own version of the tingler: Sensurround. Every battle scene, the theater started rumbling and shaking. I think only a couple of films were released with this effect. Theaters had to be fitted with special speakers. The fad didn't last long.

I'm looking forward to your analysis of Man Of Steel.

chauncey devega said...

I am going to see it tomorrow at midnight or early Friday. I am still upset I didn't get an invite to a screening. I need to reach out more to folks. Man of Steel is gonna be a home run or a total miss.

Sensurround. To your eyes, how has Midway aged over the years?

buddy h said...

I haven't seen it since that first theater experience. It seemed like one of those Hollywood blockbusters with a lot of big name stars (who were too old for the parts they were playing), a huge spectacle without any human emotion.

Man Of Steel ... a hero myth for our nervous age. Zod as the ultimate menace, Superman as savior. I'm not sure Clark Kent will be a newspaper reporter. I wonder if they'll touch on the decline of print media. Layoffs at the Daily Planet, etc.

Last week the Chicago Sun-Times laid off its entire photo staff, including Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist John H. White.

So what new stresses will Perry White and Lois Lane face at the Daily Planet?

chauncey devega said...

Print journalists looking for Superman in a post-print world. Plus, Superman doesn't have any phone booths to change in anymore either.

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Dick Destiny said...

Joe Dante's mini-movie tribute to William Castle, "Mant!", was a joy.