Friday, May 24, 2013

Assassination Tango's Lessons of Love, Life, and Sex for All of Us

What a perfect scene. Welcome to Argentina my friends.

I am a huge Robert Duvall fan. Assassination Tango ought to be required viewing for all cinema aficionados. Combining the two results is a masterful film that speaks to the soul.

We who are ghetto nerds often blossom late.

As such, we often do not realize our potential--and missed opportunities--until years after. This is especially true regarding matters of love and sex.

I know I am not alone in reflecting upon opportunities of many years ago, where later on, I realized that I was "in" and just dropped the proverbial ball.

I just messed it up because of a lack of self-confidence. I have learned with the years to just go for it. Why not? The worst thing that you will hear is "no." Even then, there is comfort from knowing.

Doubt rarely satisfies.

All teenagers and young people should be required to watch Assassination Tango until they absorb that life lesson.


Vic78 said...

Man, tell me about it. I don't think I can count all the missed opportunities. All I can do is laugh at myself. I have improved a little.

chauncey devega said...

Me neither...although I look to pretend that I have.

chauncey devega said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Sorry for the delay with the site changes. If you have any suggestions do share. If you think more folks would enjoy such pieces do encourage me :)