Monday, April 15, 2013

"Straight White Male" is the Easiest Setting in the Video Game of Life, But White Nationalists Still Need "Cheat Codes" to Win

Noted science fiction author John Scalzi's essay "Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is" is one of the most discussed works of public pedagogy on white privilege and race in many years.

Peggy McIntosh's "White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack" is still the go to piece for introducing casual readers, neophytes, and journey-people to the idea that "race matters," and moreover, how the United States is a society structured in systems of inequality and hierarchy which systemically advantage white people.

These systems intersect to form a "matrix of oppression" with gender, class, sexuality, and other "out-group"/marginalized identities.

Scalzi's analysis was reasonable and fair. Many of the responses to him were shrill, rageful, and defiant.

Ultimately, when white privilege is confronted it gets very angry. Those who are invested in white (male) privilege do not like to be forced to thinking critically about how their life chances have been enhanced through the luck and fortune of who they were born to.

The central idea grounding the study of white privilege, is that yes, we do not all "earn" our outcomes in life.

Some folks have significant advantages which are outside of their control--thus the language of "unearned advantages." Other folks have significant disadvantages because of the same dynamic. Calling attention to such a basic fact involves confronting cherished notions of American exceptionalism, upward mobility, and individualism.

These are myths. Myths do political and social work. And depending on one's political orientation and life experiences, deconstructing a cherished personal or national mythology is taken as a personal affront because it disrupts the cognitive map they use to navigate day-to-day life.

Children are prone to upset and anger when you tell them that Santa Claus is not real. Adults and others react in a similar way when their white/male/heterosexual/class/ability-status privilege is confronted.

"Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is" has been intervened against by a range of people.

These include the relatively benign and disgruntled folks who are just practicing their standard white victimology talking points. On the other end of the spectrum are the organized elements--the racial chauvinists--of the White Right and their various allies.

Again, as I have done before, I dig into the sewage and muck so that you will not have to.

White men are the most powerful, wealthy, and influential group in the United States. As Ira Katznelson and other scholars have brilliantly detailed, the United States has historically--and into the present--been structured around uplifting, protecting, and enriching white men as a class of citizens. To borrow from the late  Alexander Saxton, America is, has been, and will continue to be a "White Republic."

With all of the advantages that come from being gendered as "male" and racially coded as "white" in American society, one would think that those born into such a privileged group would need no other advantages to succeed.

However, in the White Right's political imagination they see themselves as oppressed and marginalized. Using John Scalzi's metaphor of life as a video game, White Nationalists and their allies are willing to use "cheat codes" to earn even more points as they try to get their way to a "kill screen" or the number one score.

Many of these suggestions are imminently reasonable and sensible. The propaganda of the White Right is so dangerous because their dream merchants and strategists take what are apparently "common sense" suggestions and then color them with racial bigotry and hate.

Those of us who are interested in the Common Good, or alternatively simply want to protect ourselves from the White Right and their allies, need to prepare ourselves by operating in parallel to them, ready to intervene, and monitoring how these "cheat codes" in life are being used.

Perhaps, we can borrow some of them for our own purposes?

The ultimate twin cheat codes that are White domination of American society, and Whiteness as a lived experience and political identity that pays unearned and systematic advantages to its owners and allies, involve a macro-level vision which works through routine and systematic micro-aggressions against people of color (and those whites who are identified as "race traitors").

Be mindful and vigilante. Protect yourself.

To point.

What are some examples of Mind Weapons Life Cheat codes?

1. Don’t feel guilty for anything. Don’t waste your life on telescopic charity or charity for racial enemies or racial aliens or white traitors or losers or defectives; take care of your own family and/or good friends who will reciprocate.

2. Strive to achieve. Be selfish and greedy, so that you can better take care of those around you, who care about you and truly deserve to share in your success and will reciprocate the value.

3. Understand that most people are losers and dirtbags, and that doing anything good for the scum, deprives good people of those goods. Helping bad people and undeserving people is a social and personal evil.

4. Use your brain to achieve; be a nerd, a geek, in useful things that will make money and advance your life and the lives of those around you, whether in computer programming, engineering, math, chemistry, electronics, efficient and local food production, mastery of a foreign language (Chinese recommended) to take advantage of the wealthy immigrants. Strive to be a zillionaire and dominate, rather than be dominated.

5. If you are free to leave where you are, go somewhere to make an investment nest egg, such as North Dakota to make oil money, then buy an apartment building in a White SWPL area like Portland Oregon (Portlandia!), or Eugene.

6. Don’t buy a single family home. Rent an apartment or buy a multi-family. Listen to Peter Schiff at for major economics cheat codes.

7. Falun Gong has been a very good cheat code for my life. I especially like doing falun gong exercises on a bosu ball. I am able to sit and concentrate at studies or office work for much longer periods of time thanks to falun gong and bosu ball and swiss ball exercises. These are also good for martial arts conditioning.

8. White boys need to be trained in martial arts/boxing/MMA from a young age and taught that it is better to dominate, than be dominated.

9. Look towards controlling your own food supply and getting off of the poisonous Corn Syrup Cornucopia. I think Alex Jones is right that they are poisoning us with the factory farmed GMO phony phood. Jones also worries about mass extermination and eugenics. I worry only that we survive the mass extermination, and that we Dominate the Dystopia.

10. Do not despair or feel bad about the dystopia. Rejoice, because huge changes are afoot. Look to dominating in the dystopia, without concern for “will we win” or whatever. In the dystopia, liberals will be crushed, and whatever sorrows we have, it will all be worth it.

Seeing the day when liberals are crushed and stomped and buried (figuratively speaking, of course) and Whites are unabashedly, unashamedly, cheerfully Living as Whites, with no guilt or shame, according to our Nature — that is Winning the Game. Can you see what it will be like? Can you feel it in your bones? I can. I’m already there.


elciervo said...

Hey, Chauncey, your link to Scalzi's essay isn't working. It's here:

chauncey devega said...

Thanks. Fixed.

CNu said...

Mind Weapons Life Cheat Codes?!?!?!?!

That's damn near a proper black man's code of conduct in the fin d'siecle - with only the following additions;

Black boys need to be trained in martial arts/boxing/MMA from a young age and taught that it is better to dominate, than be dominated. The physical conditioning of high-school wrestling is de rigeur.

Edged weapons training is mandatory, knife, throwing knives, sword - must all be mastered, and, the boy should be violentized to the point where there is no hesitation or remorse concerning the use of these weapons.

Short and long arms marksmanship, basic gunsmithing and ammo reloading, concealment and quick draw - are all mandatory manhood prerequisites.

Finally, foraging, fishing, and small game hunting and trapping in urban, prairie, and light forest conditions are all indispensable skill sets which will serve you and your sons well in the pending times of great increased self-sufficiency.

never forget the secret and the discipline of steel, everything else is just faggoty conversation....,

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