Saturday, March 16, 2013

They Will Not Be Rocked: Irony of Ironies, CPAC Does Freddy Mercury and Queen

CPAC offers up so many things to be offended and upset by. Its neo-confederate white nationalists shtick just stinks. But, at least it is familiar. The above hot mess, a performance by Unity Girls, a "Christian" music troupe, of Queen's iconic song "We Will Rock You" offends me as a fan of good music.

Are the Right-wing fetishists who attend events like CPAC simply tone deaf--quite literally--on matters of taste, politics, and popular culture? In convincing themselves that they represent "real America," and that the majority of the American people actually agree with their policies (empirically untrue by the way), are the Tea Party troglodytes able to reframe reality to fit their own delusions?

Freddy Mercury was one of the best singer-musicians there ever was, will be, and could be in the future. He was a beautiful, bisexual, hard drinking, drugging, decadent, and amazing artist. Those traits and habits made him; those traits and habits also destroyed him.

Ultimately, Freddy Mercury was so much better than anything that CPAC could possibly offer...including its music and entertainment.

The greatest. Kneel before Zod:


Wavenstein said...

Always good to find a fellow Queen fan Chauncey. I'm not even going to bother clicking the vid for fear of these neo klansmen polluting future listenings

chauncey devega said...

You do need to watch the CPAC Christian version of "We Will Rock You." It is not even worthy of a bad SNL skit.

Dick Destiny said...

Hi Chauncey. To me this seems from a place very close to Ted Nugent's unselfconscious insistence that he's a soul brother and that he's named his summer tour of fairgrounds and casinos "Black Power 2013." It just leaves you slackjawed.

Gregory Peterson said...

I think that Freddie Mercury was a Parsis Zoroastrian. Nice of the Christian Unity group to recruit for Mercury's deity, Ahura Mazda, don't you think?.

Gregory Peterson said...

I am confused, though. Neither of clips are the "We Will Rock You" that I remember from my misspent youth.