Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fun With Search Terms and Keywords: "White Establishment Support Groups"

I am done with grading 100 papers. To celebrate, I was going to go use my Popeye's coupon for 8 pieces of chicken, and then go to the movies all day--sneaking from theater to theater with great stealth so that I do not end up like these sad souls.

My plans were derailed. I learned a very good lesson last night: do not mix expensive scotch, so so quality beer, and cheap pizza together, for if one does dare such a combination, a night of vomiting is then followed by a bad hangover the next day.

Dionysus brooks no fools.

Something fun a Saturday. I have not shared the search terms that bring folks to We Are Respectable Negroes in some months. Here is a random sampling from today.

As is my habit, a comment or observation follows the search term.

These two searches came in right after each other from different sources. When combined, they make for an amusing read:

"blowjob at respectable dinner party"

"movie about black history month with speakers and with obama"

[I think that movie is rated XXX and the party is most certainly by invitation only.]

What follows are some more routine, yet still entertaining searches from those souls seeking truth and knowledge on these Internets...good luck to 'em.

"addiction to white women"

[You ain't had it right till you had it white as they say.]

"critical literary analysis walking dead"

[Do your own damn homework please.]

 "do women have interracial fantasies"

[Once said women meet me they most inevitably do.]
  "will there be another respectable president"

[Except for Jimmy Carter, have we ever had one? I don't think that "respectable" people get to become president.]

 "derogatory things to call white people" 

[Are you writing an update of The Jeffersons? Or are you mad at your newest in-law?]

 "how many black male teenagers have committed mass shootings" 

[None that I know of. But, black teens prefer to kill each other one at a time or in small numbers as opposed to by the bushel.]

"oboma wants genicide against white men" 

[He is mighty inefficient at said task, isn't he? Why so insecure?]

"right wing look on with dread as they see their world of white supremacy lost" 

[Or is this just part of the plan? Get more members now, cash in the coffers, and then induct some new folks into "the white race" in a few years? White supremacy is the greatest invention of all time. Never, ever, at your peril, consider it down for the count.]

 "white establishment support groups" 

[It is called Fox News and the Tea Party GOP. Maybe I could start such a group. Should I model it after AA and good old Bill W.'s wisdom? Or should we do something with hugging and touch therapy?]


Comradde PhysioProffe said...

Ouch! You should try drinking some shochu!!

chauncey devega said...

No more drinking for me until a few minutes ago.

Historiann said...

AHAHAhahahaha!!! Priceless.

You are clearly a *lot* younger than me if you're mixing good scotch and bad pizza. Thanks for keeping us posted about the "Oboma" "genicide" project--he's only got another 3-3/4 years, so he had better get cracking, eh?

chauncey devega said...

It was a total accident. Delayed eating because I was busy. All they had was pizza. With my impulse control weakened I was vulnerable to all sorts of shenanigans.

The King of the Gungans punished me.