Tuesday, March 19, 2013

CPAC's K. Carl Smith is a Tea Party GOP Black Political Humanzee

K. Carl Smith is a clown. Frederick Douglass "escaped from slave master entitlements?" Time to sharpen my knives.

Chauncey DeVega has been a good boy for way too long...

When your "expert" response to the very reasonable question as to how do you reconcile the Republican Party's embrace of the Southern Strategy, the politics of white racial resentment, and the Tea Party GOP's naked political coitus with the former Confederacy and Dixiecrats, and your suggestion that black folks should find a natural home in the Republican Party is "There’s racism on my 6-year-old grandson’s soccer team," and "no political party is perfect," the argument is already lost.

The literary Uncle Tom is a misunderstood "historical" figure.

By comparison, the day-to-day Uncle Tomism embodied by the bootblack garbage pail kid black conservatives like K. Carl Smith is all too real, plain, and clear.

For them, if it is White it is Right. One can understand how Whiteness, as a social, political, and economic force, is a type of property that many, if not most, white folks are deeply invested in.

How can the Other can make such a calculation for him or herself? Ultimately, I would suggest that it is just a crude material calculus about owning some share of the psychic wages of Whiteness.

An example. From the Talking Point Memo's profile of K. Carl Smith:
Smith’s lectures focus almost entirely on how, during the Civil War and through the Jim Crow era, Democrats were the Southern party of white supremacy while Republicans, especially Abraham Lincoln, fought for progress instead. On Friday, Smith derided modern Democrats as the historical descendants of the KKK. Remarks like those prompted shocked pushback from a progressive black radio host in attendance, Kim Brown (much to Smith’s annoyance), who after several brief interjections was shouted down by the audience while trying to ask them whether it’s important to condemn racism within their party. 
Needless to say, the obvious question this raises is the one Brown was getting at: If Republicans are the party of Lincoln, then why did black voters overwhelmingly abandon them over the last 50 years? And does it have anything to do with the reasons white southerners fled the Democratic Party in droves during the same period? In other words, if the Confederacy’s spiritual descendants are Democrats, then why are their biological descendants voting Republican. 
There’s not really a lot of mystery here for historians: Democrats, led by Presidents John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, championed civil rights legislation and integration, leaving an opening for the GOP, led by President Richard Nixon, to adopt a race-baiting strategy that drew in disaffected segregationists. This is an uncontroversial enough take on events that the chairman of the RNC himself apologized on behalf of his party for Nixon’s “Southern strategy” at a 2005 speech to the NAACP. 
Smith backs off a little bit when asked how he handles this common complaint. The real lesson is — to quote Some Like It Hot — nobody’s perfect. 
“When you break the history down of Nixon’s ‘Southern strategy,’ the point is there is no political party that’s perfect,” he said. “Back in 1870 when they ended Reconstruction, the Republicans joined forces with the Democrats and that was wrong. And, of course, Democrats have a longer history of being anti-black than the GOP. So there’s no perfect political party even today.”
The joke is on the K. Carl Smiths of the world. Their White overseers and ideological masters may allow them the privilege of cleaning the toilet in the Tea Party GOP's political house. They may even allow them a seat at the table like a pet who is trained to eat with silverware for the amusement of select guests.

In private, these same white reactionary herrenvolk Tea Party conservatives have nothing but contempt for black conservative human mascots like K. Carl Smith. Why? Because the Tea Party GOP and its White Right base understand, deeply, on an instinctive level, that no self-respecting and mentally health person of color will have anything at all to do with them.

Instead, K. Carl Smith, and the political Right-wing humanzees such as Herman Cain and Jessie Lee Patterson, belong in a human zoo of freakish political oddities.

K. Carl Smith and his ilk can collect the trinkets and jewels being thrown at them for their political Judas show...or earned from selling books to White Nationalists who buy into their twisted message at CPAC.


OaktownGirl said...

Kissing up to the Slave Master in hopes you'll get treated a little bit better than the other slaves. Identifying with your oppressor so you can psychologically distance yourself from those whom the Ruling Majority consider to be "inferior".

OT - Chauncey, please check your "Kos mail" (Daily Kos messages) when you get a chance. I sent you something.

chauncey devega said...

They are all a bunch of wannabe Stephens from Django.

Dubious Brother said...


You and I both know there is no faster promotional mechanism of upward mobility in the post-Clarance Thomas era available to blacks than the conservative wing of the republican party. This is the most potent form of affirmative action known in the U.S....Period.

The party will take you from relative obscurity locally to a household name on the national stage in the blink of an eye--all for towing the party line.

The Republicans can take mediocre, unheralded academics, middling jurists and unknown pundits and make them superstars. They have even co-opted blacks who were stars in their own right, excelling in their chosen fields before they were "discovered" by the Conservatives. (I'll let you judge who among them were "made" before they were "discovered"). Here's a short list, going back about 30 years:

Colin Powell
Clarence Thomas
Shelby Steele
Thomas Sowell
Alan Keyes
Armstrong Williams
Larry Elder
J.C. Watts
Condolezza Rice
Michael Steele
Herman Cain
Ken Blackwell
Allen West
Tim Scott

The irony here is that several of these people listed have very strong academic credentials, advanced degrees, and the like (could any tell you who the "talented tenth" are? Maybe a couple. Do any give a damn? That's for another discussion.). All would likely be the first to tell you they'd rather been judged by the "Content of Their Character" evident by their achievements, rather than grouped simply on the basis of race. They must say this to truly fulfill their role, to validate their own achievements.

These folks will be the first to tell you they are iconoclasts who don't subscribe to group think, and that they have transcended the "outmoded" concept of race--and placed duty ahead of racial politics. Some have even disavowed their former paymasters, with the perspective of hindsight.

The irony here is that they all were held out as exemplary negroes by their party, object lessons in bootstrappingness for us all to cherish; these were the enlightened ones. These were the ones on the fast track to that elusive goal of "success".

The pipeline is filling, and the spigot allowing these "forward thinking" blacks advancement is now wide open, given the racial politics of today (see Dr. Ben Carson--in January, for most, it would be "who is he"?).

These folks serve a very important purpose, perhaps the most: They deflect charges of race baiting and discriminatory practices within the republican party, and they and their ilk will be the trojan horses of rampant privatization.

I believe there will be more and more of these types coming--at a faster rate, and on varied media outlets, and that you'll see them in areas where racial politics tend divided by black/white, instead of where they are black/white/and increasingly brown.

OaktownGirl said...

Exactly, and very well said. The bottom line plainly stated: muddying the waters on racial and economic issues. And what better way to do that than to have this particular brand of Black folk front and foremost on the national stage.

The Republican are masters at "muddying the waters": making what otherwise would be simple, clear cut issues of justice and fairness a matter of "serious debate" and "controversy". And to this end, conservative Negroes are the craftiest tool in their toolbox.

SBlady said...

I just want to warn white people, if you approach me, so you can say that you are a Frederick Douglass republican, I may not be responsible for my response. Don't do it. Just don't.

SBlady said...

I think Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas were/are of the "talented tenth" at least academically. And Dr. Carson is a pediatric neurosurgeon at John's Hopkins. And I think you are correct that they will start coming out of the woodwork now. Still waiting for 50-cent and LL Cool J to mention something, anything about this past five or so years. And yet, you can find none of them, standing up to their party when they engage in racial innuendo. Or even address all that has happened since, Lincoln. But there seems to be a pattern. The more wealthy people seem to get. The more the chance of them becoming republican. Greed seems to be the catalyst.Republicans know that they can purchase just about anything they want with enough money. And every one of them were those that could be persuaded with the promise of enough money.

What I truly can't understand is even if you believe that we've had all the breaks here in America and race is no longer a factor, how could you have been a world traveler and see what is and has been done to the country of Africa and many other third world countries, where brown is the prominent color, and know that it is your party that benefits from that and not be affected by it? And in fact, are even a party to it in some way. Powell and Rice.

chauncey devega said...

Legal defense on Judge Mathis?

! said...

And now comes Mr. Isaiah Montgomery, of Mississippi, with his solution of the pretended Negro problem. I have spoken of him elsewhere, and I take back nothing that I have said either of this remarkable man, or his remarkable address. He has surrendered to a disloyal State a great franchise given to himself and his people by the loyal nation. He has taken the work of solving the nation's work of the nation's hands. He has virtually said to the nation:

"You have done wrong in giving us this great liberty. You should give us back a part of our bondage." He has surrendered a part of his rights to an enemy who will make this surrender a reason for demanding all of his rights. He has conducted his people to a depth from which they will be invited to a lower deep, for if he can rightfully surrender a part of his heritage from the National Government at the bidding of his oppressors, he may surrender the whole. The people with whom he makes this deal are restrained in dealing with the rights of colored men by no sense of modesty or moderation in their demands. They want all that is to be had, and will take all that they can get. Their real sentiment is that no Negro shall or ought to have the right to vote. Yet I have no denunciation for the man Montgomery. He is not a conscious traitor though his act is treason: treason to the cause of the colored people, not only of his own State, but of the United States.

I wish the consequences of his act could be confined to Mississippi alone, but I fear this cannot be. Other colored men in other States, dazzled by the fame obtained by Mr. Montgomery through the Democratic press, will probably imitate his bad example. I speak of this Montgomery business more in sorrow than in anger. I hear in the plaintive eloquence of his marvelous address a groan of bitter anguish born of oppression and despair. It is the voice of a soul from which all hope has vanished. His deed kindles indignation to be sure, but his condition awakens pity. He had called to the nation for help--help which it ought to have rendered and could have rendered but it did not--and in a moment of impatience and despair he has thought to make terms with the enemy, an enemy with whom no colored man can make terms but by a sacrifice of his manhood. There is no need here of an analysis of Mr. Montgomery's address. Its character is known and it has nothing to commend it but its ability and plaintive eloquence and the man, the place, and the circumstances under which it was delivered.

- Frederick Douglass, 1890


SBlady said...

Judge Mathis, I swear all I saw was white! LOL J/K It wouldn't wind up in court unless I was touched but a tongue lashing might ensue. But seriously, you know there are a few that cannot wait to try it, I'll know if I go to work and that tea-partier that has never had more than a few words to say to me, all of a sudden decides to engage in conversation, emboldened by Mr. Smith.

SBlady said...

Perfect! We need to send Mr. Smith a copy of this.

chauncey devega said...

I sent him a message on twitter about being a black conservative humanzee. No response.

chauncey devega said...

Damn! You got an atomic elbow there!!!

chauncey devega said...

One day I will share the great plan I had and abandoned. You will laugh.

! said...

If you do, I will not be responsible for the coronary you suffer when he replies, "See!? Isaiah Montgomery was a DEMOCRAT! Clearly the Democrats want to take away black peoples' votes!"