Monday, March 11, 2013

Beginning of the Week Fun With Hate Mail From Members of the Gun Right Who Pray at the Temple of

I love hate mail. Some of it is mundane; some hate mail is just tedious; some hate mail is incoherent; and there are just the death threats. If you ain't upsetting someone you are not doing your job as the saying goes. I take it all in stride.

After the Sandy Hook Massacre, I posted a short piece about the website I stand by my observations made there: a quick survey of the site and its political discussions are typical examples of Right-wing conspiranoid white racial resentment laced politics.

For example, take a look at the language used in some of's threads on Obama, race, and guns for some very telling and revealing data points. The more they deny the obvious, the more clear the truth becomes that guns, conservatism, and to the degree that the latter is interbred with white racism, that white racial resentment is a driving force for the Gun Right and the militia crowd.

No surprise. The site also echoes the tired meme that the assault rifle is a "modern musket"--and somehow a defense of liberty in an age of drones and Abrams tanks--which has possessed the most unhinged elements of the Gun Right. We have discussed the fallacy of said logic a great deal already.

I usually do not feature emails from trolls. I do not want to give them the attention or reward.

However, on occasion, if said email constitutes a teachable moment, I share it.

The following email is a good one. It can be used in an introductory sociology or political science class when concepts such as colorblind racism, the white racial frame, and white racial resentment are discussed. This email is also a nice lede for some thoughts I will be sharing later this week about how the Right-wing is much more coordinated in its efforts to troll and derail the comments sections of their ideological foes online.

In all, there are a several central principles which motivate the White Right in the United States and elsewhere. Black people are not a "model minority" like the "Asians." White people are the real victims of "racism" in America. In post civil rights America, black people are the real bigots. Black folks' justice claims are just the complaints of losers and professional victims who could simply "achieve" in America if they worked hard.

Never forget that it is hard out there for white folks. They need a hug in the Age of Obama. Please, good people of color and others, reach out to the nearest white person who happens to be a gun owner or conservative living in the Age of Obama and embrace them. They will appreciate the healing power of touch.


Dear Chauncey,

I had the displeasure of stumbling across your racist, black power rants today which you have disguised as a "blog".  I must admit, it came as no surprise to read your hypocritical, black power drivel while making a failed attempt to come off as an intellectual writer and thinker.  

It seems that the only talking point you have is the race card and you have massively overplayed it into a fanatical, black supremacist fanboy who's ideology is so flawed and hypocritical that I was literally laughing out loud while reading the 2 1/2 posts I could stomach through.  You have some sadistic infatuation with racism and white people, when you are by far one of the most racist people I have ever stumbled across on this here internet.  

Your obsession with trying to find a reason to blame white people for everything, is comical but disturbing nonetheless.  If you really want to open up the race can of worms, I would be happy to oblige.   But you won't be able to handle the actual truth, which would be purely factual and not even remotely arguable (but you would try with some nonsensical racist tirade with no factual relevance while throwing around some big words you found in a thesaurus).  You are a joke and wouldn't be able to handle an argument with anyone who disagreed with your blatantly racist, bigoted ideology.  See the thing is......I am not a racist, close minded person like yourself and can entertain viewpoints that differ from mine as long as they have some type of factual relevance.  You on the other hand, are the complete opposite and rely on fear mongering tactics using a fanatic sense of paranoid, delusional, false hypotheses and a greatly exaggerated sense of self importance.

You sir are the poster boy for exactly what is wrong with this country and it has nothing to do with you being black.  You are a hateful, racist, bigot and the only difference between you and someone in a white supremacist organization is that you probably use bigger words than they do in your manifesto type of rage "essays".  You are everything that an American shouldn't be and the model citizen for why most foreigner's hate us.  

Oh and your gun control article was absolutely hilarious.  Do you actually believe this paranoid line of shit you write about or are you just catering to the FSA for web page views?  You are 10x more racist than any white person I have ever met and your arguments are trite, obtuse, fantasy's that are no different than any white extremist.  You brotha, are a joke.

Best Regards,
Whitey Cracker


Victor Gonzales said...

you are blind and only hurting yourself if you believe skin color is a factor or a limitation in anything these days. I feel sorry for you. You are wearing the chains your liberal masters made you and you don't even know it. Luckily my parents taught me what yours didn't. That in modern America you will have a hard time finding a racist unless you are one.

Ted Parker said...

Hate And Illiteracy can only be countered peacefully with love and literacy.

Insipid47 said...

One of the more annoying talking-points of the modern rights is that now the actual observation of racism, is racist.

While i disagree with some of what you label as racist (I feel neither Lincoln nor The Help are remotely racist, sorry). However, this talking point makes it impossible to deal with the very real problem of racism. We can't combat it if we can't identify it.

Julia Holcomb said...

The hate letter is nearly 500 words long and never once has a clear point supported with evidence--not even faulty evidence.

Adam H said...

"See the thing is......I am not a racist, close minded person like yourself and can entertain viewpoints that differ from mine as long as they have some type of factual relevance."

I'm glad he clarified that. You can always tell someone is X when they refuse to entertain the possibility of being X. The lack of humility to do so seems to be the center of a lot of madness.

chauncey devega said...

The Help? Goodness one of the greatest example of 1) horrible history and 2) the white savior narrative. Check out the rebuttal to The Help from the Association of Black Women Historians:

chauncey devega said...

You see the burden of proof is on us to disprove their unsubstantiated claims. It is a very particular type of arguing common in the age of the Internet and the New Right.

chauncey devega said...

Zing. Liberal Masters. No racists unless you are one. And never mind the ton of empirical data that race and gender matter in some pretty damn significant ways.

And his name is Victor Gonzalez. Priceless. Keep em coming.

Dena Shunra said...

Thanks, that's very helpful in explaining America to my friends abroad. Some people actually believe we've resolved all those tensions...

Historiann said...


Chauncey, you should make "by far one of the most racist blogs you might stumble across on this here internet" your tagline.

(How clever of you to disguise your "racist black power rants" as a "blog!" I hope Whitey writes back soon!!!)

chauncey devega said...

that should be on my business card...hmmmm

_ _ said...

Its obvious that Victor Gonzales, Insipid47 nor any of other misguided curs who replied with venom weren't burdened with an overabundance of
schooling. Their attacks are the same tired and tried responses hundreds of years old.

What I find fascinating is that even in 2013, so many are unwilling to sit down and have a substantive discussion regarding these issues. Instead its frontier mentality, circle the wagons, load the rifles, barricade the doors and the mind, etc ad nauseum.

The clinging to firearms as tightly as so many of these folks do is a broader indication of arrested development.

The world is changing and many of these firearm fanatical white people can't deal with it, their way of life is hemorrhaging and the prognosis is terminal.

Embrace change and find your liberation, resist and prolong your self induced agony.

Voyage said...

Insipid47: A film created by white Hollywood about black people can only at the very least be horribly inaccurate. I can can assure you that you are the one having difficulty identifying racism in this discussion... I implore you to read up on Lincoln some more.

SabrinaBee said...

LMAO! "I could argue with you using fact-based irrefutable truth but, you'd just refute it. so, instead, I'll continue to use personal attacks."

And someone had the nerve to mention the Bell Curve the other day. SMDH

CNu said...

ZOG foiled again!!!! Gubmint not gone get no assault weapons ban. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!