Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pastor Manning Speaks: If the White Man Could Get His "In Heat Wet Dream Voting Women" To Stop Supporting Obama America Could be Saved

God said that Obama was a pimp. It is true because Pastor Manning says so.

My white brothers did you know that Barack Obama is pimping all of your white women, young and old? That Barack "Jody" Obama has got your women caught up in the midst of healing paroxysms...and this explains why 67 percent of white women voted for the President?

Pastor Manning is one of the preeminent voices of our age. Little did I know that he was also a starred social scientist who specialized in voting behavior. Forget the "median voter" theory, Manning's wet dream single issue voting theory for explaining white women's political behavior will likely soon be featured in a special issue of The American Political Science Review.

Perhaps Pastor Manning has been watching too much American Pimp? Who knows. But he cuts a mean regardless of the source from which inspiration comes.


grumpy rumblings said...

I gotta say, nothing gets me hot for voting like having my reproductive and labor market choices respected when the other guy is going all Santorum/Akin/etc.

Shady Grady said...

Manning is full of it just in general. But it is worth pointing out that a majority of white women (56%) voted for Romney.

chauncey devega said...

Damn you your facts. But dude can cut a promo. He needs to be on WWE or have a regular spot on the radio. I do not believe in organized religion, but I would got his "church" in a second.

chauncey devega said...

Sexy huh?

Wavenstein said...

And they have the nerve to call brother Jackson and Sharpton "Race Hustlers"