Sunday, January 20, 2013

Forget the Mayan Prophecy, Obama's Second Inauguration is a Fourfold Cross Rip, the Greatest Psychic Event Since the Philadelphia Negro Mass Turbulence of 1947

The Mayan Prophecy which was thought to herald the end of all things was proven to be a lie. The masses were duped. Those who understand the true nature of the universe knew that a truly great event, one which would harness energies heretofore never before witnessed in all of human existence, was in fact set to occur at a later time.

Ours is a world of magic--what are really energies and fantastical forces which laypeople hold little understanding of. Any technology sufficiently advanced, or science not fully understood, will be mistaken for it.

For those of us who are seers, and have studied the True Way, we knew that Barack Obama's second inauguration would be the True Happening.

Consider the following.

The universe is full of dark matter which we cannot see through normal means. The unified field theory promises to give humankind insight into the fundamental forces of material existence: once discovered we will then be able to see the mind of God at work.

Ghosts are just psychic impressions left behind by the departed. ESP is an ability to tap into the electromagnetic energy that connects all of shared consciousness.

That presence which you sense, that figure in the corner of your eye, lingering just outside of your peripheral vision, is a shadow person from another dimension. You are his "ghost." He is yours.

There are a multitude of worlds and parallel realities in the multiverse. They can overlap and intersect with one another.

Barack Obama's second inauguration coincides with the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation and the holiday honoring the elder god Brother Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.. Obama's inauguration is also the 50th anniversary of the great March on Washington. There is great power in this alignment of dates.

Monday will be a day when the energies of the Black Freedom Struggle coalesce and doors are opened across time and space; on that day the normal rules governing this plane of physical existence will be made more pliable.

Although the rules governing this reality cannot be broken, they can be bent during such a moment...for those of us who know how to do so.

The Black Freedom Struggle and the experiences of black folks in the United States (and the West) is surreal. It is an example of "racecraft" in practice.

Black folks are, what Amiri Baraka famously described as, a "blues people." Given black folks' capacity to achieve in the face of impossible odds, and in a situation which is the best/worst of speculative fiction made real, how can we not be magical both by our very nature and also as a result of circumstance?

As I did during the Niggaro Universe incident, I have consulted with starred physicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson about how to harness the energies of the Emancipation Proclamation's Anniversary, Brother King's legacy of struggle and memory, and the second inauguration of Barack Obama, the United States' first black President.

Dr, deGrasse has instructed me as to the optimal moment on Monday to reach across the divides of space and time, and to send forth your questions to those who are of the Black Freedom Struggle, of the past-future-present, in this dimension, as well as others.

I now need a space to channel these energies. My family memory has provided me the necessary technology.

My great great grandmother was an Obeah woman. As learned through lessons passed down from parent to child, I have constructed a circle of copper and gold large enough to stand in, coated it with hot sauce and bacon grease, put James Brown on in the background, and placed pictures of Brothers Malcolm and Martin, Sisters Tubman and Sojourner Truth, in the four cardinal directions of the circle's perimeter.

I have prepared my sandalwood incense. I have also placed a pot of collards and black eyed peas on the stove. I have put on my vestments as taught to us by the "Black Moses" Mr. Isaac Hayes.

I am now ready to serve as a conduit for your questions come this Monday. Think carefully, as each person is only allowed one set of inquiries.

Who would you like me to summon?

What would you ask them?

What request do you have of them?

And never forget that when dealing with such energies that there is always a price, a cost that will be assessed at some later date. Are you prepared for that responsibility?


MaryK said...

That's a whole lot of solid info compressed into just a few paragraphs. Most folks don't pay attention to the overlapping of physics and metaphysics. Thanks!

Yastreblyansky said...

I'd like to ask St. Augustine what was his problem about sex, but that's just selfish. If you have the knowledge, you're the boss; just have a great time and be sure to report fully.

Downtown Dave said...

Ok, couldn't resist.

1st Question: I would like you to summon the Spirit of Love.

2nd Question: I need no new information.

3rd Question: Please unmask the Spirit of Hate so it will scamper off in the mode of tiny flatulence that represents its true worth.

physioproffe said...

Sounds like you got your hands on some kinde budde to celebrate with tomorrow, and have already tested it out!

chauncey devega said...

Me? Never. High on life and the Pats winning later today. You must have someone you would summon...

chauncey devega said...

spirit of love? i will put in the request.

chauncey devega said...

You must have someone you would talk to. Share with we mortals.

chauncey devega said...

Are they not one and the same?

MaryK said...

A book from back in the '70s, 'The Dancing Wu Li Masters' was the first place I was exposed to that idea. These days, it's 'The Holographic Universe', by David Talbot, considered by physicists I know to be the cutting edge of modern discussion.

And yes, of course they are "one and the same" as you so succinctly phrased it.

chauncey devega said...

Gonna have to read that book. Between the singularity stuff and figuring out if this is all just an elaborate computer program much to ponder. Funny, when you try to discuss these things with the uninitiated they look at you like a kook and then go back to playing on their ipads or iphones. Like explaining rocket science to wino.

MaryK said...

Of course they do. Most don't look at 'The Matrix' films as documentaries, and realize that without effort toward understanding, we are all copper-tops.

Invisible Man said...

I think Vega is baked on that "famous American optimism"

chauncey devega said...

No, now just regretting Welker's drop and how that is gonna the pats are down by 1. this is gonna be so close.

Anonymous said...

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