Monday, January 28, 2013

Did You Buy Your Black Baby on Sale at Target This Past Weekend?

Here is something fun and random to start the week.

For those of you who watched the Royal Rumble on Sunday night, are you pleased that the Rock is now the WWE Champion? The powers that be pulled a "Dusty Finish": this was hinted at by the Rock's interview before the match, during which he quite literally channeled one of Dusty Rhodes' most famous promos.

I was hoping for a run-in by Brock Lesnar. There was none. But, in the long view, CM Punk still looked like a champion. He faced down one of the best the business has ever seen, and will wrestle the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. If I had the book, when CM Punk inevitably gets the strap back he should continue counting the days he spent as champion, ignoring the time that he was without the belt. The Royal Rumble also saw the return of Chris Jericho--who almost went the distance. There was also no Batista. Sigh. But the Godfather made an appearance. Cheers.

The ending was predictable with Cena winning...but understandable given all of the variables in play.

Was the pay-per-view worth 55 dollars? No. Was it entertaining. Yes.

Target ran the above ad on its website over the weekend. One of the friends of WARN sent the above screen caption to me with the following observation, "I knew black kids were 'cheap' to adopt comparatively, but this is a bit ridiculous!" I have to agree. Why run off to Africa to adopt a little black baby when they are on sale at Target? The "ethnicization" of blackness is a real phenomenon: imported black babies have a cool factor that the domestic born variety simply lack.

Sometimes you just have to laugh...

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