Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Barack Obama is President of the United States Again...Thank God for the George Costanza Theory of Political Predictions

I predicted that Obama would lose tonight. I got exactly what I wanted. Obama won. Crom is good. The math heads and stats junkies like Nate Silver were right. Math is also good.

We can exhale together. My Seinfeld theory of predictions was proven correct: go for the opposite in order to get the result you want.

Drinking a Sapporo beer and smiling--I am so happy that President Obama has been elected President of the United States of America (again). "Reelection" sounds so passive to my ear. Obama was subject to a severe referendum where he was held to much higher standards than other presidents before him precisely because of his race. He won the presidency. His second term was not a vote to return to a standing decision rule. Obama's second term is the product of an active consideration by the American people about his fitness for office and legitimacy to rule.

Sometimes we, the American people, get it right despite ourselves. In this case, Obama was a superior candidate, whose policies had more appeal than Romney's, and the people stood up against the challenger's post-truth demagoguery, race baiting tactics. Race still matters. How can it not be given our country's history?

But, America is a young country of change where the children of slaves and immigrants can become full citizens and make history as representatives, senators, the professional and middle class, strivers, upwardly dreaming working class folks, and yes, as President of the United States.  

American Exceptionalism is and ought not to be the bullying politics of imperialism, jingoism, and a belief that this country never apologizes abroad because "god" mandated us above the rest of the world. No, American Exceptionalism, as demonstrated by today's events, is embodied by the People evaluating two candidates, voting in the best one, and soundly rejecting policies that played to the worst of us and not the best of us.

The myth of meritocracy is often just that--a nice, self-serving, lie. Tonight, the myth was proven true by a candidate, a man, and the machine he assembled to motivate his base, craft policy, and win a second groundbreaking election. Romney lost...and he deserved to lose. Romney's back to the future Southern Strategy 2.0 is now firmly in the dustbin of history. Sure, it will motivate a good part of the electorate to vote. Other candidates may try to copy Romney's playbook. They too will likely face a similar outcome. 

In all, the Republican Party is now facing demographic suicide. They must adapt, or become increasingly irrelevant, as their older members die off and the Right competes for an increasingly angry, hostile, and marginalized part of White America.

What follows is a random observation about how we have changed as a nation. At Obama's rally here in Chicago they are playing the Otis Redding song "Try a Little Tenderness," the sample flipped by Kanye West and Jay-Z for their song "Otis." Who would have ever thought such a thing was possible?

A second question. Will the Republican Party mature, reach out, and bring in the old guard centrists who were/are the adult voices in the room so that they can be competitive and work for the Common Good? Or will the Tea Party GOP dig in, become even more extreme, and further obstruct the Common Good in order to advance their increasingly narrow partisan agenda? Does Romney's defeat lead to a more reasonable Republican Party or one that is even more extreme and intransigent? 


Cavoyo said...

Barack Obama has won a historic election. He is now the first black president to be re-elected.

"Will the Republican Party mature, reach out, and bring in the old guard centrists who were/are the adult voices in the room so that they can be competitive and work for the Common Good? Or will the Tea Party GOP dig in, become even more extreme, and further obstruct the Common Good in order to advance their increasingly narrow partisan agenda?"

I think the real question is, which race will become white? I say it's a toss up between South Asians (D'Souza, Jindal, model minority), East Asians (also model minority, but paler skin) and Latinos (numbers, Catholic-style social conservatism). However I doubt that any of these races can ever become "full" whites in the same way that Irish and Italians have. Should one of these races become white, I'm sure they'll share the not-quite-white status of Jews for a while.

WB Reeves said...

Excellent thoughts eloquently expressed. I hope you'll post this as a diary at DKos.

Crom?! I knew that there had to be a reason I instinctively took a liking to you.

nomad said...

Obama wins! Democracy inaction.

Thordaddy said...

Nigels "vote" with one mind. It must be the color of their skin.

A. Ominous said...

The morning after Obama wins, Yahoo "News" runs a headline about Eddie Murphy's brand new "Maxim model" (ultra-blond) girlfriend; now if *that* confluence of antagonizers doesn't trigger the desired result (race war), what will? Laugh

Black Sage said...

Does Romney's defeat lead to a more reasonable Republican Party or one that is even more extreme and intransigent? – ChaunceyD

Only after hell freezes over! The, Republican Party is made up of mostly sociopaths hell bent somehow morphing twenty first century blue and red states empire into nostalgic, White picket fence, stuffed shirt wearing, 1950s Americana. This is an overwhelmingly long running state of delusion on the part of the GOP. However, this isn’t to say that the Democrats aren’t chalk full of sociopaths as well. It’s just that the GOP has more of these types and they are usually more extreme in vocalizing their position.

The Republicans are currently at a crossroad within their own party itself. You have Jindal, Christie, Rubio, Cantor and Jebb Bush on one end of the rope, with Hatch, Boehner, MCcain, and Sessions representing the old Republican guard and tugging the party in an oppositional, bygone era on the other end.

There must be a monumental shift in the recalibration of the GOP’s collective thinking, catering to twenty-first century social-demographic issues. Anything short of this will be inimical to their interest as a party. The Republicans must either do this, or else, take the path of the Whig party.

elly said...

"Will the Republican Party mature, reach out, and bring in the old guard centrists who were/are the adult voices in the room so that they can be competitive and work for the Common Good? Or will the Tea Party GOP dig in, become even more extreme, and further obstruct the Common Good in order to advance their increasingly narrow partisan agenda?"

No to the first question and yes to the second.

The reason the hard-right owns the Republican party is because its members were willing to do the thankless, unglamorous work of organizing on the local level: city councils, school boards, state representatives and the local party apparatus.

They may be held back on the national and statewide level to some degree (as we've just seen), but until sane people are willing to challenge their dominance locally, they will continue to be a significant (and destructive) political force. They may have lost this round, but the infrastructure that brought them within an inch of national victory is still very much intact.

Unknown said...

Funny, CDV, but I predicted that Obama would win, and he won. So how do we know when the George Constanza theory is in effect and when it isn't? Or, to be blunt, are you REALLY that superstitious? I think not. I think that you predicted wrongly based on some assumptions that you overrated in analyzing where the country as a whole is in 2012. And instead of doing the honest thing, which is to admit it, you come out with some ham-handed baloney about a 1990s sit-com character. Good one, Chaunce, but pull the other leg.

I expected more honesty and less CYA-mode from you, so I'm 1 for 2 on predictions, I guess.

The Sanity Inspector said...

We can exhale together. My Seinfeld theory of predictions was proven correct: go for the opposite in order to get the result you want.

Surely a symptom of a self-esteem issue...don't be afraid to lay your heart on the line! Or should I enable my irony setting?

chaunceydevega said...

@Mike. I am playing a different game. At some point you will see what it is. I could have gone with Silver's obvious pics too and/or commented on his model too, chose not to for other reasons.

@Sanity. See my above comment. When I am wrong I am wrong. When I am playing a gambit for a different angle I play it out. As I said, the logic will become apparent sooner rather than later.

A few people have figured out my angle. Soon you will as well.

makheru bradley said...

Who would have ever thought such a thing was possible? – CDV

Who would have ever thought that an American president would hold a rally featuring an entertainer who sings about niggers, bitches, and ho’s?

Will the Republican Party mature, reach out… CDV

The Republican Party is imploding and hopefully the Democratic Party will follow suit. In a year in which the Republican base was supposed to be energized and enthusiastic their candidate received 2 million fewer votes than the vapid John McCain. Fantastic!

President Obama is on target to receive about 8 million fewer votes than 2008. I’m convinced that a percentage of that 8 million followed their moral conscience and refused to vote for this assassin, war criminal, J. Edgar Hoover on steroids. Magnificent!

“The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” Steve Biko Slowly, but surely some people are breaking the chains of this oppressor.

A. Ominous said...

This new troll (whose name should be LokiFluffer, perhaps, or OdinFart) is a classic: it accuses others of pathological behavior while behaving pathologically! Which is entertaining indeed.

Another observation: it wants to think of itself as highly rational, but its statements show it to be, perhaps, not entirely faithful to its meds schedule? (Don't skip those pills, LokiFluffer, they're there for a reason).

Final point: we need a new term to accommodate LokiFluffer's desperate need for a social identity. "White Inferioralist" is surely a closer fit than the one it's trying to use, since it's pretty clear that LokiFluffer is motivated by a chip on its shoulder. Let me guess: crappy job, unappealing girlfriend, depressing hovel... ?

Poor little lonely, pill-skipping dweeb, reaching out to us for attention....

A. Ominous said...

I think CdV predicted the wrong outcome because the pantomimes that They put on... to support the illusion of choice... can be pretty convincing.

But BHO provides such impeccable "liberal" cover for his Bushite moves (or, that is, the Same Old Fascist Agenda), why would His Owners dump him? He performs beautifully!

We should have known the fix was in when the candidate They put up against BHO during the OWS Zeitgeist was a Plutocrat (right out of central casting) and a Mormon! Mitt got plenty of race-based votes, no doubt about it, but They own the "voting" machines, after all, and Mitt's glaring political liabilities were there to make his loss plausible, in any case.

I even think Mitt was in on it and probably profited handsomely for playing the Great White Hope (eg, his speaking fees will be astronomical)... just as Al Gore, then John Kerry, played The Great Well-Educated Hopes to GWB's designated winner.

CdV was deceived by the pantomime! It's utterly understandable.

A. Ominous said...

NB: my "troll" post (2 comments above) may be confusing to some, since CdV deletes the troll's posts... but they appear in our email (if we've subscribed to the thread)

chaunceydevega said...

@SA. He is a boring troll. If he becomes more interesting I will let the comments stay. Like I said to others, I wasn't deceived, I am/was playing a different game. Worked out as expected.

A. Ominous said...

CdV: I will take you at your word, Sah!

Thordaddy said...


You're a silly nigel. You actually believe BO was held to a higher standard when nigels are held to no standard at all. This includes BO. It's why you enjoy "radical autonomy" as an exalted liberated minority. Even Bradley understands that in concrete terms, BO has been the worst president for the black collective in the modern era. Probably ever. He just might be the black collective's "extinction event."

Think Constanza again?

BO has literally done nothing for the black middle class BUT demolish it. He is an open and unabashed advocate for black mothers' "fundamental right" to kill black child in utero and homosexual "marriage" amongst black males and black females. So he advocates self-annihilation amongst the black collective. He has CONTINUED old wars and LAUNCHED new wars that have helped jihadists come to power all over the ME while claiming to be a "Christian." So he is a "black Christian" that spreads Islam.

It's funny to read about the "demographic tidal wave" as though "voting" as a way to get things done was the only option at hand.

Everyone understands that the nigel "votes" with his skin. Such a fact makes the black collective extremely vulnerable to wolves in sheep's clothing.

Thordaddy said...

If your average nigel believes in a "white supremacist" paradigm run by an oligarchic bankster class, how utterly disposable is said nigel in such an arrangement? How disposable is the white man in that same arrangement?

A. Ominous said...

"BO has literally done nothing for the black middle class BUT demolish it. He is an open and unabashed advocate for black mothers' "fundamental right" to kill black child in utero and homosexual "marriage" amongst black males and black females. So he advocates self-annihilation amongst the black collective."

Whoa... wait a minute here. A self-described "White Supremacist" writing like a member of the college-educated, anti-Obama Black Commentariat? What gives? Card-carrying subscribers to Storm Front don't offer reasoned critiques of what's ailing the Black Middle Class, Dude... like they'd give a fark! And the delicate locutions (eg, "Black child"), when hateful slang would have worked just as well: not convincing.

I'm smelling fish for dinner at WARN again, CdV... one of your regular commenters has morphed into a "white, racist" sock puppet again, I'm afraid. I'm not buying it.

For future reference: it's safer to keep the puppet-comment on the minimalist side, but if you *must* drop a longish screed, hang out over at the above-mentioned Hate Site for pointers; see how remarkably uniform the vocabulary/ feeling-tone and talking points are (they often throw in some monkey and/or ape references for starters). They definitely don't tend to riff on BHO's betrayal of the "Black Middle Class"... they couldn't even use that phrase without burning their tongues (since the overwhelming majority of Storm-Fronters are blue-collar or unemployed).

Back to the drawing board, "whitey"! Laugh

Thordaddy said...


No one believes you voted for BO because it was going to help black people. In fact, no one believes that any white male liberal voted for BO because it was going to help black people.

So why did so many white male liberals vote for BO?

It wasn't love. So it must be hate? But who do white male liberals REALLY hate?

nomad said...

"I wasn't deceived, I am/was playing a different game. Worked out as expected."
Pretending to believe something that he actually doesn't. How Obamaesque.

A. Ominous said...

Thordaddy, you bloody nitwit, I didn't vote for BHO; I think he's guilty of drone-driven genocide (for starters)



nomad said...

Sock puppet. I was thinking the same thing.
"no one believes that any white male liberal voted for BO because it was going to help black people."

Even black sheeple didn't believe that. They've already said in so many words that BO don't have to do a dayam thing for them and they'll vote for him anyway. Why do you think that the puppet-masters-that-be selected a foaming at the mouth plutocrat monster to run against Obama? Obama's record was not gon inspire any liberal, black or white, to vote for him. What herded the black sheeple to the polls to vote for Obama was FEAR! Fear of a Romney presidency. That's the only argument Obamites had. All stick and no carrot. It's called lesser-evilism. And its a very powerful motivator. Works every time.

A. Ominous said...


Even worse, he's another minority hating on Blacks because he *isn't* White. I was curious when I Googled his "Nordic" pseudonym and found him using Spanish in various comment threads (not exactly symptomatic of Storm Fronters). A self-hating Brownie, taking it out on everyone else!


Book him, Danno.

A. Ominous said...

LokiFluffer Dating Profile: self-hating Latino with more melanin than he cares to possess looking for obese blonde willing to pretend I’m her White God of Thunder

Thordaddy said...


It's always the silly "white boys" that come to the rescue. No ladies, TD is not a Spaniard lurking on dating sites. But I understand your passionate desire to kill the messenger.

The question isn't really about the black collective. They are in the bag, embarrassingly so. They have been voting for their immolation for decades. The notion of a conscientious individual black voter is an epic egalitarian myth.

The real question is why the silly liberal "white boys" threw the election for BO?

The question is who do these silly liberal "white boys" really hate?

chaunceydevega said...

@SA. That is priceless. Maybe Thordaddy is a common online name from some prog rock white supremacist folk group?

@Nomad. Like I said, there was a deeper game afoot. Fear is a powerful motivator. You don't think that I was acting strategically?

For example:

Analysts, voters and politicians said that a series of episodes here in Ohio — where exit polls showed black voters accounting for 15 percent of Tuesday's electorate, up from 11 percent in 2008 — were seen by African Americans as efforts to keep them from voting, stirring a profound backlash on Election Day.

"That was a strong motivator because we know we got here through blood, sweat and tears," said state Sen. Nina Turner, D-Cleveland.

She was among those who fought for the removal of dozens of billboards that appeared in largely black enclaves of Cleveland and Milwaukee declaring "Voter Fraud is a Felony!" and threatening jail time and hefty fines for violators."

You have a conspiratorial bent. Do some research. If we do a little digging in a few years, I think some folks will be surprised to see who was financing some of these billboards, and other threats to suppress the vote in certain areas.

A. Ominous said...

Dude, did you somehow manage to find some Inclusive White Supremacists to allow you, as a Negro-Hating Brownie, to, erm, you know... "serve"? And are you trying to claim there's *another* Hispanic out there who calls himself "Thordaddy", hates on Negroes (and Latino Immigrants who haven't mastered English) and is looking for love on the Net? Hysterical! (Any Brunhildes respond to your self-hating mating call yet? Do let us know...!)

Oh, and: what "message" would I be trying to kill via Self-Hating-Latinocide? Do you have a message other than: "If I Hate Some Negroes Really Really Hard, the Nazis Might Learn To Love Me"? Hey, how many of your Nazi Comment Thread buddies are aware you aren't really white? Were you just *drunk* the night you posted your actual picture under the "Thordaddy" screen name?

You're a sad case, Swarthy Bro. You can kick up all the fuss you can muster... it still won't serve as an effective smokescreen: der Führer wouldn't bother to draw much of a distinction between you and the folks you disparage. Like it or not, Valhalla just ain't for you... maybe you'll outlive your psychosis and realize, eventually, what a good thing that is. Perhaps with the love of a good woman...?

Good luck!

A. Ominous said...

@CdV: that's one thing the Net is good for: wacky entertainment... gratis!

chaunceydevega said...

@SA. Didn't Hitler have an Indian/South Asian spiritualist? But then again, he was working with Indian Nationalists and they are "Aryan" after all.

A. Ominous said...

Indeed, CdV, the Nazties had a thing for Brahmins, hoping to locate (or fake, with Rosenberg, I think it was) the source of the Aryans in that part of the world (as we know, the Swastika is a mirror-imaged steal of a native symbol)... nothing about Latinos in all that, though! Especially Latinos gifted with obvious traces of African blood, eh?


A. Ominous said...

erratum: not Rosenberg but Himmler

nomad said...

"You don't think that I was acting strategically?" Of course I did. What I thought when you said Barack was gonna lose was not whether you meant it. It was why you would say it. I'm hip to the strategy, sheep herder.

chaunceydevega said...

@Nomad. I was prepared for any and all contingencies. I made a choice to stake out an unpopular position in order to push the agenda that I supported. Everything I said was accurate and was ahead of the curve re: Romney's race baiting, I could have gone with Silver--who thank the fates was right--but I chose a different gambit. We had to get folks to come out to vote. Demonstrating in clear terms what the consequences would be otherwise is part of the game.

Thordaddy said...


Are you that hopelessly ignorant?

The link you posted isn't me and the idea that I'm Hispanic is hilarious. There was another "black" site that made this claim.

Of all the reasons that BO was re-elected, the only reason not being discussed is the one where whiny, deracinated, effeminate and dispirited liberal white males WON THE ELECTION for this "black" liberationist.


It is to be found in who they hate.

Blacks, Latinos, single females...

All bit actors used to provide smokescreen for the liberal white male and his decisive "vote."

Of course, you CAN and you CAN'T distinguish between pathetic "white" liberal males and genuine white Supremacists.

This is the crux of your problem.

Thordaddy said...


"Romney's race baiting."

Certainly, you jest?

A. Ominous said...

@Thordaddy: and how do explain the feller who is on record, online, pushing a "White Supremacist" agenda, uses Spanish in several different posts, argues (in one thread) that some Hispanics can even be considered *Caucasian*, uses the terms "nigels" (for Niggers) just like you... and calls himself "Thordaddy"?

Implausible Deniability FTW!

The Internet can be a mother, no? Try as you might, just can't cover all those little tracks, Bro!

Anyway, like I said: Good Luck. You will need it. And lots of therapy.

A. Ominous said...


"Certainly, you jest?"

And Inglés is clearly not your first language.

Thordaddy said...


Oh... But it is.

Although, whatever I may be according to your imaginative perception is of little import compared to the brute fact of your "white" male liberalism.

And it is THOSE LIKE YOU with "American" dangling precariously from their abstract identities that ELECTED this radical "black" autonomist.

I'm just not so sure that the "black man" ought to thank you.

A. Ominous said...


Saying "Am not!" repeatedly, against an overwhelming wall of proof to the contrary, is somehow less than persuasive! Now that would be one helluva astronomically-unlikely coincidence, two "White Supremacist" Thordaddys partial to the word "nigels"... one Hispanic, the other "white"... separated at birth, perhaps?

As they would often put it in the Hood, way back when: "Buuuuusted!"

You might want to consider getting a new Pseudonym there, buddy. Listen: you can have "LokiFluffer" or "Dark-Odin-Fart"... my gift to you!

Now go out there and hate anonymously again, Muchacho!

Thordaddy said...


May I suggest that you refine your search methods, Boolean operations and analytical skills?

Your desire to seemingly "out" me is telling.

It's telling me
that Stev-ie
can get a grip on TD
or what he's saying
so what I'm saying

IS "white male liberals" ELECTED BO. Period.

Black "vote" IN.THE.BANK.

Hispanic "vote" means near nothing in swing states.

Single female "vote" is as feckless and unpredictable as any "vote" can get.

No clown, "white" male liberals did the dirty work.

This should give all nigels pause.

But Chauncey... He's playing a different game for sure.

And you??? LOL! Well... What is a "white" male liberal, anyway?

A. Ominous said...


"Single female "vote" is as feckless and unpredictable as any "vote" can get."

Kinda ties in with your (disappointing, I'm guessing) Online Dating activity, eh? Those "single females" don't know a good "White" Supremacist Hispanic when they see one, do they? Feckless indeed!

Thordaddy said...


We know you have issues with projection and procreation.

thor-DADDY... Not so much.

Strong "white boy" is more the perception and to the nostrils of the liberationist, a whiff of "white Supremacy" is all they seem to be able to smell.

TD knows your tactics and who you really hate deep down inside.

You aren't a "white" liberal male for nothing. Or, maybe you are?

Cavoyo said...

At least 60% of unmarried women have voted for Democrats in presidential elections since 1996. So much for being "feckless and unpredictable." Sources:

Thordaddy said...


If there were a ten percent shift in the unmarried females who vote Democrat to the 40% of unmarried females who seemingly vote Republican then we would have a 50/50 split and relative to the 95% monolithic vote of the radical "black" collective, this appears downright "feckless and unpredictable." And because you have no way of knowing if the 60/40 split since 1996 is static or fluid, you can't claim predictability in the unmarried female vote. Meaning, we could just as much as assume that 30% of the R side went to the D side and 30% of the D side went to the R side in any one election and thus the 60/40 split looks static and predictable but is actually quite fluid. In fact, the unmarried female voter is quite desirous of being fluid and your attempt to pigeon-hole her is quite... What shall we say? Oppressive?

Needless to say, unmarried females ARE NOT and WERE NOT the deciding votes cast for BO and they won't be the deciding votes for a long time to come if ever.

The coalition of radical liberationists is BOUND to disintegrate when the "white" liberal loses his party.

A. Ominous said...


"We know you have issues with projection and procreation.

thor-DADDY... Not so much."

I have a 32-year-old son and a 6-year-old daughter (not by the same woman: laugh), thanks! And you?

Anyway! So, in the Urban Dictionary you write:

"My pet peeves are:

-Loud Eaters.
-Ugly women that think they are irresistible by men.
-Immigrants who live in America that cant speak English.
-People who put $30,000 in modifications to their shitty Honda Civic.
Illegal alien: Hola, yo trivial hablar Inglés a pesar de que vivo en Estados Unidos!

Let's ignore the "single female" problem you have (for the moment); what I'm interested in is the fact that not very many "White" Supremacists go around writing in Spanish! Um, can you explain this? Laugh

"You aren't a "white" liberal male for nothing. Or, maybe you are?"

The hilarity continues!

Thordaddy said...

I have four children... All with the same lady.

And it seems that you are somewhat out of the loop. I have clearly gained some enemies who will try and do many things to discredit me.


I didn't write that urban dictionary entry.

Old worn out liberal, you are.

A. Ominous said...


"I didn't write that urban dictionary entry."

It was, perhaps, your evil twin.

"I have clearly gained some enemies..."

"Gained"? I think the word there is "Imagined", Muchacho. You've declared *yourself* the enemy of all "nigels" (don't even have the balls to say "Niggers"), you self-deluding, "White" Inferiolist Doofus. You wander the internet like a pervy uncle looking for places to expose your corny, dull, profoundly unoriginal and chip-on-the-shoulder hate-obsessions and you can't even manage to be shocking or offensive!

You've obviously got an IQ of 102 yet you think you're a brilliant, revolutionary voice crying in the wilderness, warning society of its decadent follies! LOL. Yes, when Rome burns, a great lament will be heard to rise above the flames: "If only we'd listened to that one sad swarthy little Nazi-suckup!"

My suggestion is to A) get a new Pseudonym (because an Hispanic "White" Supremacist is just too comical; you've been outed, bud) and B) re-vamp your spiel; sex it up a little; start claiming that "Niggers Are A Genetic Experiment from Atlantis gone horribly wrong" or something. Because as a Racialist Hate Troll you are a bottom-feeding weenie and I doubt seriously that you're hanging out with, eg, The Aryan Brotherhood in *meatspace*. Kinda stuck in comment threads, aren'tcha?

Now back to your futile little yelps of denial: "It's just a coincidence, I tell ya! That Hispanic with the same bigoted obsessions, vocabulary and improbably-goofy screen name ain't me!"

Right! laugh.

A. Ominous said...