Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Brother X-Squared, Black Revolutionary Genius and Freedom Fighter, Returns to Discuss "The Master" and the 2012 Presidential Election

The We Are Respectable Negroes News Network (WARNNN) is proud to bring you the latest installment in our long-running series of interviews with Brother X-Squared, president of the North American Chapter of the Renewed Black Panther Party.

As long time followers of WARNNN already know, Brother X-Squared is a potent activist, black futurist, scholar, philosopher, and visionary thinker. He is also a noted cultural critic in the greatest tradition of African American commentary and letters. It has been seven months since our last interview, where Brother X-Squared offered his thoughts on the Oscars, the Republican Primaries, and the future of President Obama. 

In this interview, Brother X-Squared has returned to update us on his travels, make predictions about the 2012 presidential race, and to discuss the new films The Master and End of Watch.

WARNNN: Hello Brother X-Squared, it has been quite a while since we chatted online. You and have talked a few times over the last few months but you have been otherwise distracted and quite involved with other matters. I was concerned about you and your state of mind. Given some of things you were alluding to, I had become worried about your health. How are you?

Brother X-Squared: I am fine. I appreciate your concern.

WARNNN: You are not going to yell at me for suggesting that you were distracted or otherwise imperiled? This is out of character for you. I am even more concerned about you now.

Brother X-Squared: The great beast of the wilderness does not have to show rage and anger for you to feel his power. Does the wind need to blow for you to respect its force? Does the Earth Mother, all respect due to our First Nations brothers and sisters, or Brother Wind from Africa who blew the slave ships across the Atlantic so that our souls could be sent back home in flight, freed as warrior spirits hardened into steel by the white man's whips and chains, have to arrange a demonstration of their power for you to believe in it? 

WARNNN: I would not risk such a demonstration.

Brother X-Squared: As you should not! My powers have only grown as I have traveled this country, laying in wait for the inevitable changes that are upon us! The Alpha and Omega of my freed African Black Atlantic consciousness has been playing a game of Go mixed with Chess, there are games within riddles and you lost Nubians are either sitting around afraid of Tea Party nonsense racism or wasting time worshiping a half-African whose blood is diluted by his white ancestry. 

You are all lost! Children complaining about chairs stuck in trees being lynched, caught up there like they were being flown by that old white man who talks to dogs in that movie Up! Babies look at stars projected onto ceilings and play with mobiles and other toys. 

Boohoo complainers about the white man's petty racism are in the same league! Afraid to look at the true light that is Brother X-Squared!

WARNNN: This sounds like the typical boilerplate you hear all over these Internets from liberals and even crude Marxists. Surely, you have not fallen for such tripe. You are too wise Brother X-Squared. I would be very disappointed in you if...

Brother X-Squared:
The disappointment of a child next to a grown man and elder is akin to an insect wondering about space flight. You are incapable of understanding. You Democrats and Republicans are fighting over scraps! Garbage! The hot detritus and waste of a broken system! You and all others like you are political carrion eaters! A question to prove my point. Who runs this country Brother Chauncey?

WARNNN: Well, we all know that big money is the thing.

Brother X-Squared: Exactly. What color is money? Green you fools! Obama and Romney are both slaves of a beast called Wall Street! They sold human African gold to wicked white people during slavery on that very street, now they have the descendant of a line of "blacks" in America in that hellish Halfrican Obama who crossed over to white and whose people owned black slaves. Romney belongs to a religion that wouldn't let you pathetic lost Christian negroes into his version of heaven unless you were slaves! Wall Street is Obama's biggest donor! He makes no effort to hide how he is bought and sold like a common hog.

That white man named Jesse Ventura who was a governor a few years back has a new book out called Democrips and Repbloodlicans. He explains perfectly what these two "political parties" are doing. I usually have no use for the white man's knowledge. But, that Jesse Ventura may still be a product of Yakub, the wicked scientist who invented the white man, but his foul evil did not fully poison Ventura's mind. There is hope for some white men servants to Brother X-Squared.

WARNNN: You said alot there. We missed you Brother X-Squared. Truly. I disagree of course. But, are you telling me you would take money from the Republicans or Fox News or their related ilk who hate black people like us? 

Brother X-Squared: I am not "black." That is a curse right out of the bible! Words have power. I am a Free Nubian. A revolutionary thinker. A futurist. I am a New Black Man, I will allow you to correct yourself. Speak carefully.

WARNNN: Would you, as the leader of the North American Chapter of the Renewed Black Panther Party, take dirty money?

Brother X-Squared: You speak again as a child would. All money is dirty except that from the great kingdoms of Kush, Songhai, and Benin, gold economies, kingdoms that had to be destroyed by the white man in order to put in place his chimera and lie of a banking system! I will correct your forked tongue speech as you have been socialized by the white man's educational and political institutions. I would take resources if they advanced my goal of liberation! In fact, I have taken money from all of those conservative groups!

WARNNN: Huh? Months ago, you told me you were behind all of that Herman Cain mess, now this? You are befuddling and confusing to me. 

Brother X-Squared: You started life confused. I am leading you to the light! Every time they have those supposed "New Black Panthers" on Fox News or Breitbart I get a check in the mail! When Fox wants a new video, I work with my body double to release a new clip! Putting 30 seconds of fear in the white man is easy money for me! The white man's terror is a source of revenue that I am using to prepare for the future!

In fact, I was offered a reality TV show by National Geographic. That show "Doomsday Preppers" even filmed an episode about the North American Chapter of the Renewed Black Panther Party. I turned them down because I really just wanted to study those white people's contraptions so that I could mass produce them for my own purposes! So trusting the white man is. Dumb. A fool.

There is no way that the white man's TV could ever handle the energy and rays of truth and knowledge that I project on a daily basis. My image would cause mass hysteria. I am nothing if not judicious and careful. I have no need to blind the white man...yet. 

I was also asked to make a guest appearance on the white trash spectacle show Honey Boo Boo. I may still do so. Those inbred hillbillies would run in terror if I appeared out of the woods like the black king and warrior that I am. They are not ready. I operate on my own schedule.

WARNNN: I know that you are always going to the theater to watch the "white man's" movies in order to study his ways. In our pre-interview you told me about the movies The Master, as well as End of Watch. What are your thoughts?

Brother X-Squared: I have issued a formal fatwa prohibiting all members of the North American Chapter of the Renewed Black Panther Party, and all other Nubians who are trying to free themselves from the white man's wickedness, from seeing those two movies. My mind-state is hardened like Vibranium mixed with Shea butter, charcoal, and industrial diamonds from that "newly" discovered asteroid in Russia. Even then I was shook to my core by these evil movies. They are many times worse than the evil bestiality shape shifting movie called Black Swan or that other foulness called Splice

WARNNN: What was wrong with them? I saw those two movies. I found End of Watch a bit problematic, but The Master was mesmerizing. 

Brother X-Squared: Exactly! Even now you are taken in by that movie and its hellish ways. It is about that Scientology mess that all of those perverts in Hollywood believe in. But the title is "The Master." Not a master, some master, or kind of a master. THE MASTER of all things! A master of slaves! A master of people! A master of all Nubians and any fool dumb enough to let down his guard in the theater! 

I even wrote down some of the wicked utterances from the movie, the main character, that charlatan con artist even tells you how he is bringing you back to slavery, trying to save the free black man from his sickness of drapetomania. That movie said, “if you figure out a way to live without a master, any master, be sure to let the rest of us know.”

The white man is using the mass media to tell lost black fools that you should all be slaves again! Unbelievable!

WARNNN:  That is a reach. That movie was about L. Ron Hubbard, a con man, and his "student" Fred, a man who is really his lover. But, there was nothing overt about race in the film except for the son-in-law who happened to be black.

Brother X-Squared: Hmmmm. I have been gone too long! Your powers of reasoning have atrophied and become flaccid. The white man's tricknology is destroying men and their manhood all over this world! If you follow my health regimen of drinking kale juice, washing with black soap, and doing the Muller exercises each morning, you would be immune. Alas, you have walked off of the path I laid down for you and all other lost and semi-found negroes. 

That sad mulatto was the product of befouled coitus across the color line! L. Ron Hubbard endorsed race mixing in the 1950s! This L. Ron Hubbard man played by that Philip Seymour Hoffman, an interesting white man who does a great job showing off the wickedness of his people's naturally depraved ways in that movie Before the Devil Knows You are Dead, a great comedy that all Free Nubians should see, also drinks all manner of poisons like a monster from the bowels of Hades!

His possession, that crazy white man named Fred, uses paint thinner, acetate, and the fluid from a bomb to make libations! They are warlocks of the white man's evil science! What a symbol! The white man is a living bomb and now makes movies where he shows you what he is capable of doing! Unthinkable. Once more, the white man hides his evil out in the open!

In fact, the movie opens with that Fred man, a deranged white sex maniac who has relations with the sand and masturbates in public like a tree ape. The nudity and pasty white old naked women dancing around! The brainwashing! Could you not see what was happening? When that sick white man Hubbard makes a pet dog out of that other sick white man Fred,  the director is showing you how the white man conditioned the black man to be a pet. This was far more evil than even the Willie Lynch Letter. 

WARNNN: You are right about the tensions and parallels in the film. I would argue that the film is a great character study about one man who is really two so to speak. There is so much going on here. You really need to see the movie again to truly appreciate it.

Brother X-Squared: Do you need to get electrocuted twice in order to know that lightning kills? Of course not! You underestimate me! I am a student of film. I understand all of your double speak about film studies and auteurs and other mess! That Master movie uses what is called juxtaposition and duality to tell a story about wicked white men. Hubbard and Fred are mirrors of each other! One wants to control; the other wants to be controlled. Coercion and brute force. A prison made for you; a prison you make for yourself! I am no fool. The white man uses tricknology to confuse your mind by mixing up different themes so that "educated" stupid people will find depth in a bucket full of racist feces! 

WARNNN: Really? Is that not a huge overstatement! You have a habit of being colorful and over-stating things. Do you really mean what you said?

Brother X-Squared: Do bedbugs sleep well when they are given hot sauce, biscuits, and dirty sheets? Of course they do!  

The white ego and power is on display all throughout the movie! I almost vomited when the movie tries to brainwash the audience with all of that self-help mess about changing eye color through the power of suggestion! More race mixing and trickery as the white man and his shamans want to make the black man, proud Nubians like me, disappear through sheer willpower! 

It is a good thing that one of my white supplicants arranged a private screening for me. I was so enraged that I threw my peanut oil infused popcorn and dried mango slices at the screen! There were multiple times in the film that I had to stop and use the tea tree ointment I carry in my satchel  to refresh my eyes, to purge them of the hellish whiteness I saw on display. 

Paul Thomas Andersen, the director of that film is a true master of evil. All of his movies, that sick black penis envy movie Boogie Nights with its race mixing themes, that There Will be Blood which is really about the Maafa, all of his movies have sick themes that are offensive to all thinking and newly found Africans in the New World. The Master is no different! I know your ways Brother Chauncey. Your mind was strong enough to resist one viewing. You are incapable of withstanding a second one. Heed my warning.

WARNNN: What did you think of the docudrama police movie End of the Watch?

Brother X-Squared: Wickedness. This movie is required viewing for anyone that wants to know how the white man is using the brown man, our brothers from Aztlan, who you know as Hispanics and Latinos, to destroy the black man. The Hispanic is the new Irishman from the 19th century! 

In that movie, set in South Central LA, a black city, the lost black man and black woman are fools, drug addicts, criminals, losers, and buffoons. The white man in the movie is noble and good and the Hispanic cop is a pit bull who fights for the white man's life! In fact, the one black cop who gets to even talk in this racist fantasy is a fool that gets shaving cream put in his face by the white cop and his Mexican mascot! The white man always reveals his evil and how he will use any person, even his chosen pets as tools to protect himself from harm. Predictably, at the end of the movie, the sad pathetic Mexican cop dies protecting his white master! Sick! Sick! Sick!

WARNNN: Tell us something we don't know, as is our custom at the end of our conversations.

Brother X-Squared: I will bless you with two observations.

WARNNN: Please do so.

Brother X-Squared: There is a third movie in the theater called Dredd 3D. Consider the evils at work here. We all know how 3d movies are an assault on all Nubians' mind-states. It is a work of the devil. Consider how the patterns align.

End of Watch is a movie that the white man uses to assault your subliminals, reminding you lost negroes about slave patrols and slave catchers! You thought you could run when the watch was over but the patrollers always catch you! The Master is a movie about the slave master, he who owns you lock, stock, and barrel. Dredd is just that a mocking of the dread black man! The true black man wears dreadlocks to acknowledge the maroon colonies of free black resisters and runaway slaves in the Caribbean, Brazil, Florida, and across this hellish America. The white man in Hollywood is telling you what is to be! Slavery is returning to all of you lost souls in America! Be ready. 

WARNNN: What is the second lesson? 

Brother X-Squared: Have you seen my self-portrait?

WARNNN: Huh? No.

Brother X-Squared: Predictable. The scientists have made many discoveries these last few months. They are talking about that warp speed Star Trek mess and a need for special power sources to make it work. Brother X-Squared is a melanin reactor of infinite mass who can power any ship to travel between the stars! All they need to do is call me and I will free humanity from this Earth...with conditions. 

When you look at this image, now you can see my true self, Brother Chauncey.

WARNNN: That is an image of the electromagnetic bonds within a molecule. Beautiful stuff. Fate is a master artist.

Brother X-Squared: And it is me. My blackness is the basis of all things in this reality and multiverse. The Free Black Man is the foundational matter of the universe! The black queen is a moon in my orbit. Be mystified! I am perpetual. I am a permanent bond, tying together all things in the universe. The white man is a fiction, a temporary bond, he does nothing! 

WARNNN: You never disappoint. 

Brother X-Squared: That is impossible. All people should open their minds to my wisdom.

WARNNN: I do hope you return. 

Brother X-Squared: On my own schedule and timetable. Changes are coming. Be prepared.  


A. Ominous said...

WTF ...cubed.

chaunceydevega said...

@SA. Brother X-Squared is something else. Check back through the archives and see some of his earlier appearances. His wisdom is sometimes too much for the common negro. He burns the eyes of those not ready.

Comrade Physioprof said...

I operate on my own schedule.

Brother X-Squared, I sure hope your schedule permits you to return sooner next time!

Anonymous said...

"Vibranium mixed with Shea butter...". I lol'd. Great stuff as always.

chaunceydevega said...

@Comrade from Brother X-Squared. I see that you have returned! I will have many needs that you can satisfy as we equip a starship to be powered by my Nubian consciousness! You will be instrumental in our triumph!

@Anon. Mockery? There is nothing funny about the health routine necessary to protect myself from the hellish evils of the white man!


Brother X-Squared.

Razor said...

Steven must learn proper respect for true dignitaries.

Black Sage said...

Good to see you again Brother X-Squared and keep hitting Whitey where it hurts the most, with the truth!

Comrade Physioprof said...

Dude, just make sure my suite in the starship is well equipped and stocked with the usual necessities!

chaunceydevega said...

@White future comrade and perhaps ally.

Beer is the white man's wicked drink. We will be fully stocked with honey wine from Ethiopia! It is potent and we can use the bees for our on-board hydroponics, vivarium, and greenhouse! The Free Black Man and Nubian interstellar traveler thinks holistically and not destructively like the evil European!

Invisible Man said...

If CHAUNCEY DEVEGA ever got tired of being the head Black cheerleader in charge for The Demo-Ratic Party and started speaking Truth to Power and Brother X Squared, put down the gift shop fetish Zulu Spear, came in from the cold and continued to Speak Truth to Power along with CHAUNCEY DEVEGA, The power structure in America would take notice

chaunceydevega said...

@IM. I wish I had such an auspicious title. I would be getting some checks in the mail. I will pass along your comments to Brother X-Squared. I suspect you may soon earn his wrath. Be careful.

Invisible Man said...

that's why I'm standing behind you! I might be a fool but I aint no dang fool! That brotha look like he don't be playing or if he do it's with the pen on a grenade. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhitttttttttt!

Tim said...

Isn't that the lowlife nigger who wants to murder dem white womens and babies? Chauncey, you are a piece of trash.

chaunceydevega said...

@Tim. I mock pathetic scions of defanged and weak Whiteness such as you! You speak great truths through your projections. Because you lack melanin energy it is you, Tim, as in "timid," what is the white man's natural state, who is human debris!

Brother X-Squared.