Sunday, August 19, 2012

Heads Up. Kira Davis, Youtube "Niggerization" Black Conservative, Will Be on Blogtalk Radio Tonight

For those of you who are interested in chatting with Kira Davis, "she of the boo hoo Toure hurt my feelings with the mean word niggerization" Youtube video apparently has a BlogTalk online radio show. Here is the description of tonight's episode:
Thanks to all of you who have sent messages of encouragement and support regarding my YouTube response to Toure (oh he of one name). I'll elaborate on my story a bit more and I'm taking calls/questions. I know many people have a lot of questions. Tonight's the night to get them answered!
She is such a victim. Who woulda thunk it?

I think you all should give her a call. I am sure she would love to get the traffic, and will generously respond to all of your questions about niggerization, her defense of Mitt Romney, and the plight of black conservatives in America.

Who knows, maybe Chauncey DeVega will call in as well? It has been a long time since I paid a black conservative a surprise visit.

Kira Davis's The Dark Side airs at 9pm according to BlogTalkRadio. However, her twitter feed says that the show will be live at 9pm central/10pm Eastern so do check twice. The call in number is (424) 220-1807.
Have fun.


Abstentus said...

I finally got around to googling her today and found her website.

Being as kind as I can, she is just some garden variety, delusional, and ill informed wingnut who happens to have an Af Am daddy. And she's not American. She's a Canadian. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Even if I aam Cape Verdian. One of the Af Ams who has this dual identity as mixed up. I am going to say what I see. Seems to me her pick on her web site is more than a little artifically "light." I say that as a brother with natural hazel eyes, and a mom who totally passes.

Just saying.

I love Summer. Even if that means I will flunk all but the most lenienent of paper bag tests, when I get my Summer Glow on. Again, just saying.

chaunceydevega said...

@abstentus. she is double passing huh?

cape verdeans got issues, supposedly a few of them folks be in my family.

Abstentus said...

I'd say she was frontin'. I did not read much on her site. I skimmed. But apparently her dad was a gonedad. She grew up in Cana-der with mom. No wonder she so I want to say cluless, but I will pull that back and say she does not understand the Af Am experience honestly.

We CV are a weird lot. By some regular Af Am standards. We came here deliberately, so we share that whole immigrant thing with Euros and others. But we are descendants of the original Euro Empire slaves from around the time Cristobol Colon made his first big trip. We (speaking for myself but ya this is the real deal mostly,) have a foot in both worlds. And to put it bluntly I am descended from both the oppressors and the oppressed. More so than Af Ams as the being mixed thing is more part of out identity than most Af Ams.

When it is all said and done, I am Black. But I have about as much Euro genetics as the black so it's really not that simple for us.

chaunceydevega said...

@Ab. Many of the sad Cape Verdeans ironically were working on the top of the slavers and ended up being put on the auction block too when the boat docked. I have no use for color confused, race confused, negroes as you know. So many CVs I encounter are black, clearly so, but want to play some type of silly game.

SabrinaBee said...

Good catch Abstentus. I suspected she was coming from some other place. She listed on her page that she is an actress. I believe she is trying to build a name off Toure. She's come to America and found that there is money to be made on chastising and deriding blacks. I mean how many times did she announce that she was black on the video? As if we weren't looking right at her,through the stink eye. Maybe this her audition for Fox News. Canada huh? She can go back there anytime she wants, having been a citizen and see her health needs taken care of for free, but she wants to shill here for someone who wants to deny that to the rest of the country. I had hoped she wasn't responding because she had crawled into a bottle of scotch. Well, I won't give her any shine. I'd rather watch True Blood. I'll wait for your commentary.

Razor said...

I'm with SabrinaBee, she won't get any shine here either. Though, for all of the reasons stated, I would like to serve her up to CD for our entertainment.

She's definitely shillin.

chaunceydevega said...

@Razor. She is a shake and bake black conservative operative huh. Aliens fans will get my reference.

Anonymous said...

....isn't Obama mixed race? Kira is more American than he ever will be. Stop whining and hating. Your Master Toure got owned and she had him one sentence into her letter......move, on, puppets....ha!

Razor said...

The trolls are staring to hang out and shout from under the bridge. Call Troll Patrol.

Razor said...

The trolls are staring to hang out and shout from under the bridge. Call Troll Patrol.

chaunceydevega said...

@OTB. You are pretty dumb. I hate that word; but you are. Look up the concept called the sociological imagination. Alternatively, ask yourself the following, if someone called a jewish person cheap and untrustworthy and the called an evangelical christian the same thing would the context be the same. Now, let's assume this same person had a history of anti-semitism, would the context be the same again?

Maybe you just have blinders on because of your colorblind racism and another type of prejudice would be a better fit.

@RAzor. Once I heard her let folks say that Obama wanted to get rid of welfare and then she was silent on republican racism and then she let another mouthbreather talk about the democrats as the party of "racists" I had to stop myself from calling. She also did some nonsense where she is a "conservative" not a republican. dishonest hackery.

I was gonna go somewhere really hurtful for her and I didn't want to do it. Her show is very low rent with 10 folks in a chat room recycling silly talk. I didn't want to lower myself tonight. Another night? I may do them the favor.

Abstentus said...

All ya really need to know about her is the following, which is from the "about" tab on her website:

" is a site dedicated to arguing and defending conservative values and principle in politics and pop culture."

She's an amateur hack, looking to go pro.

And before anyone takes offense to me using the word hack, I used to be a registered lobbyist. That makes me an ex pro hack, myself.

OTB said...


You take an innocent statement and redefine it so you can attack.

I believe Dean Koontz has an apt description for you:

"A trickster. Full of taunts and feints and sly strategems. Psychological-warfare artist."

Sometimes a statement is just a statement. Sometimes a question is just a question. Sometimes some people will contrive any excuse to attack disagreement. Sometimes, conflicting opinions are not dumb.

Overthinking is not always productive.

chaunceydevega said...

@OTB. "Sometimes, conflicting opinions are not dumb."

Yours quite often are. Just read what you wrote here aloud--using yourself and what you have seen on the TV as a biased colorblind racist conservative--as "evidence" to counter systematized research by a well respected group of experts in media and communications studies.

Your "I watch TV and count people example" is dumb. No shame. Just own it.

OTB said...


I'm not biased, racist, or conservative. I discount color in my opinions, so if you define that as "colorblind", that is your position.

I acknowledge your research. There is also research to the contrary. My point was that my comparing actual broadcasts (and I gave you specific examples from ABC) gives more credence to my views on this subject than your judging me as a "racist" based on my words here striving for an even playing field.

I own the fact that I judge television panels by actually observing the makeup of them.

In what world does that qualify as "dumb"?

On the other hand, what opinion could I state here that is counter to yours that you would not attack as dumb/naive/ignorant, racist?

chaunceydevega said...

@OTB. The fact that you do not understand the difference between systematic research dealing with thousands of cases and what you can learn from sitting on your couch watching TV--and that you remained willfully ignorant of such differences--after it has been explained to you by someone who knows much more about these matters, means that yes, you are dumb.

You are tedious. Go play somewhere else today if you are not going to contribute productively.

Razor said...


You did the right thing in letting Kira Davis continue to swim in the very shallow waters, she's just a tadpole with a big mouth and bigger dreams...of one day becoming a real predator...but alas, today... a tadpole.

chaunceydevega said...

@Razor. Funny, she and her peeps have been bating me on twitter and creating fictions. She is hungry and thinks she can get a bite to make her own name in a world of 5 to 10 listeners. I have nothing to gain by playing those games and helping her get over.

Frankly talking point conservatives are no fun to interact with as there is nothing you can say to free them of their delusions.

I am a mid card wrestler who is gonna get his title shot very soon if fate deems it and I keep the work rate up and work the backroom politics right; she is a jobber and I am not gonna put her over. I have to remind myself of that fact instead of hearing the urge to go out and embarrass fools--as such tricks are no longer impressive at a certain point.

Anonymous said...

I am not impressed by Ms. Davis or her YouTube video... In the beginning I had a little empathy for her for having to endure years of racial harrassment until she mentioned something about President Obama being a socialist.. then I realized that this isn't really about Toure or the "N"'s obvious Ms. Davis has a much broader agenda.