Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Forget Mia Love, in a Perfect World Beetlejuice Would Be A Featured Speaker at the Republican Convention in Tampa

I have been spending so much time trying to figure out the inside game, focus group practiced, (semi) refined race-baiting antics of Mitt Romney's Southern Strategy 2.0 gambit, that I forgot how a simple message, when coupled with passion, can help a candidate connect with the public. This is especially true for low-information voters in general, and conservatives, specifically.

In a perfect world, Beetlejuice would be invited to lead the opening plenary at the Republican Convention in Tampa: his affect, diction, speech, talking points, and rage at Barack Obama are as articulate as anything that one would hear on Fox News or Right-wing talk radio. Alternatively, Beetlejuice could be put in charge of Tea Party GOP's outreach program to African-Americans. Given that Romney is polling at zero percent support among that group, Beetle could do no harm.

Instead of Beetlejuice the public was stuck listening to talking point prop black conservative Mia "not-like those lazy African-Americans" Love. Meh. Alas. We can always dream.

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