Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Sikh Temple Shooting is One More Reminder That Whiteness is Anything But Benign and Innocent

Sometimes, we must speak uncomfortable truths. As I say on occasion, I am white folks' best friend because I tell them the truth when others will not.

For its owners, whiteness is constructed as something benign and innocent. Historically, and into the present, whiteness is the stuff of terror, fear, and death for a great many people around the world.

The KKK wore white robes in order to terrify black people by channeling the energy of ghouls and ghosts as they hung, raped, tortured, dismembered, murdered, and killed African-Americans in the post-Emancipation South.

First Nations and other peoples quickly came to realize that "the white man" was a harbinger of death and destruction. In fact, aboriginal and other cultures had to invent language in order to describe these "white men," who if encountered, should be treated with fear and caution.

Olaudah Equiano famously described the slave ships (and white crewmen) that transported him and his fellow Africans across the Atlantic in their hellish bowels as horrible monsters crewed by demons, and controlled by strange, wicked men from another world.

What follows will hurt some white folks to hear. It is nonetheless the truth.

A presumption of an existentially noble and good whiteness is a premise that allows white folks to exist in a space of perpetual innocence where the deeds of killers, murderers, and evil doers "who happen to be white" are a reflection on individual shortcomings, and never, almost by definition, comments on the character of "the white race."

For example, James Holmes can shoot dozens of people during Batman the Dark Knight Rises and he is not a reflection on pathological white masculinity. Instead Holmes is a less than ideal-typical case because he is "crazy" or "insane." Wade Michael Page can kill six Sikh-Americans during their worship service and he is just a "crazy" white supremacist who is automatically an outlier, one that is excluded from any conversation about what his behavior tells us about white racial identity, masculinity, violence, and hostility to the Other in the Age of Obama.

Ultimately, white people who commit wanton acts of murder and violence are individuals who just happen to be white and commit crime; people of color--especially African-Americans--who commit crime are representative of both their whole community, as well as a subculture and community in "crisis." As such, Americans tend to speak naturally and with great ease about "black crime." By comparison, and despite a white monopoly on whole categories of criminality, the language of "white crime" does not even exist in the public discourse or collective consciousness.

A plain statement of this reality is not news to people of color. In the United States, we learn these life lessons as a means of survival, and in order to successfully navigate a society where whiteness is normality, privilege, property, invisibility, and fashions itself as neutral and kind.

A plain statement of these facts may be upsetting to some white folks who have not had a moment of critical self-reflection about the deep relationship between whiteness, power, privilege, and violence. White race traitors and self-aware folk will nod with agreement, because to them, the latter observation is a simple and obvious one. To the uninitiated, this "real talk" as I like to call it, may hurt a bit...such is life.

Brotha Wolf, one of our commenters here on We Are Respectable Negroes, offered up a particularly lucid and sharp observation about the mass shooting of Sikh-Americans by a white supremacist in Wisconsin where he noted that:
There's another thing about whiteness that should be noted. White people see themselves as a monolith of greatness, morality, and decency. Any act of cruelty or insanity is an individual act as written in this post. 
On the other hand, black people are seen as a monolith of stupidity, violence, unethical behavior and worthlessness. Plus, any form of achievement or greatness is separated from the narrative of the "typical black person". Those acts are individualized and seen as exceptions to the rule.
This reminds me of Toni Morrison's devastating argument about the relationship between whiteness, violence, and terror--one that many white folks are both blind to and ignorant of--in her book Playing in the Dark:

Bell Hooks signals to Morrison's powerful observations when she writes that:
If the mask of whiteness, the pretense, represents it as always benign, benevolent, then what this representation obscures is the representation of danger, the sense of threat...In contemporary society, white and black people alike believe that racism no longer exists. This erasure, however mythic, diffuses the representation of whiteness as terror in the black imagination. It allows for assimilation and forgetfulness. 
The eagerness with which contemporary society does away with racism, replacing this recognition with evocations of pluralism and diversity that further mask reality, is a response to the terror, bit it has also become a way to perpetuate the terror by providing a cover, a hiding place. Black people still feel the terror, still associate it with whiteness, but are rarely able to articulate the varied ways we are terrorized because it is easy to silence by accusations of reverse racism or by suggesting that black folks who talk about how we are terrorized by whites are merely evoking victimization to demand special treatment.
There should be a national intervention about the relationship between white masculinity, gun culture, and mass violence. We know that such a conversation will not occur.

Thus, I ask the following questions.

What will it take for white folks to look in the mirror and have an honest discussion about the killers in their midst, especially given the fact that two white men have now committed mass murder in almost as many weeks? Is whiteness, and those who have not transcended it, even capable of such an honest moment of critical self-reflection?


CNu said...

uh..., doesn't bell hooks signal that in the "Age of Obama" the Hon.Bro.Preznit.Double-O, that

If the mask of whiteness, the pretense, represents it as always benign, benevolent, then what this representation obscures is the representation of danger, the sense of threat...In contemporary society, white and black people alike believe that racism no longer exists. This erasure, however mythic, diffuses the representation of whiteness as terror in the black imagination. It allows for assimilation and forgetfulness.

black folks have assimilated to the highest and most lethal prerogatives of whiteness?

Are black folks who are uncritically supportive of the Hon.Bro.Preznit.Double-O incapable of an honest moment of self-reflection?

Is his appropriation of the social and moral capital of blackness in service to the drone-mediated mass murders without due process (including of American citizens and non-combatants) the ultimate token of honorary whiteness and all that that entails?

CNu said...

how is it that the tall cool one, all poise and sociopathic swagger - has managed to make all that coiled up and unspeakable violence more palatable than the pathetic, outlier, killer-ape gone wild?

fred c said...

I am one of those who is "uncritically supportive of the Hon.Bro.Preznit," at least in public, including here. In private, I share your concerns, CNu, and you state them clearly.

How does he get away with it? Personally, I take it because he's one of us, my team. I continue to support the because mixed in with the sudden death stuff is a lot of good. That health care thing, imperfect though it is, and his Supreme Court nominations, which have been good, among other things.

Anonymous said...

@ CD
During my middle-aged years, I would try to relay what you are now writing about concerning white people and their aggresive priviledge as it relates to Black people. The normal response I would get from Black people was, " White people ain't done nothing to me." I gave up.


ish said...

Relevant to the discussion of the President's response:


"When Obama declares that “we are all one people” who must look after one another regardless of what we look like, it is he who needs to practice what he preaches.

Obama has been consistent in his refusal to confront the racism unleashed by his candidacy and subsequent election that came atop post-9/11 Muslim-bashing and dehumanization of people of color inherent in warmongering abroad.

His reponse to accusations that he’s Muslim is never ‘so what if I were?’ but always along the lines of ‘no, no I’m a Christian like you.’"

gelada413 said...

To be Muslim, Jewish, Christian denotes faith, religion and not your race or creed. There are Muslims as "white" as Mitt Romney. Muslims are of all races. So when POTUS responds with I'm Christian, it is the correct response.

But I believe we have all forgotten that he is both black and white. White in culture. Raised by his white mother and racist grandparents. Tho he has never labeled his grandparents racist. His skin color brought about his lessons of blackness. He is a complex human being. This 4 years in the "White" House will certainly help him to see life in America as a person of color with a new nuance.

The O'D Man said...

Blanket statements are blanket statements. Period. To blame an entire race is racism.

Anonymous said...

What stands out for me with the latest two cases of mass murder is that I have yet to see the words "animal", "monster", "inhuman", "beast" labeled across the media face of the accused. If my recollection serves me, if this were a young person of color you might hear the person positioned as a "criminal-minded beast", if not worst. Again, what a stark contrast in perceptions.

Anonymous said...

What will it take for white folks to look in the mirror and have an honest discussion about the killers in their midst, especially given the fact that two white men have now committed mass murder in almost as many weeks?

Personally, I do not believe that Whites will at a point and time commit to an honest assessment or critique of themselves. And if it does miraculously take place, it won’t be any time soon. Whites as a groupuscule, needs an entire psychological shift and overhaul of their currently aggressive interaction (war, terror and indifference) towards people of color in order to bring about a new manner in which they see themselves.

Whiteness has been weaponized and is one of the most malignantly destructive forces the world has ever witnessed. Moreover, it is of my opinion that White men currently see themselves as being the lesser amongst all other men and they have this innate urge to prove themselves in alternative, but demonic ways. – Black Sage

Is whiteness, and those who have not transcended it, even capable of such an honest moment of critical self-reflection?

No, because Whites have effectively masked and conditioned themselves and the whole world for that matter, that they are the standard across the board in every area of human interaction. Whites self-reflect only when the mask is being worn in full view of the world via television or the Internet. This is why you’d always get a rosy glimpse of who Whites truly are when almost everyone has an opportunity form an opinion of them as a group. On the other hand, when the mask is removed, what is revealed is the monstrous potential to intentionally inflict harm upon those who doesn’t fit the description as being worthy of life. – Black Sage

Anonymous said...

Too many perks involved for any real discussion to take place between whites about their history and natures. I don't think they realize that the only reason why these acts are not more prevalent from them is because of white privilege. If more of them were facing what minorities face on a daily basis, there would be a revolution. 2008 almost bought us there but was channeled into the tea party. Sure, there will be lip service but beneath the surface, even those that are sympathetic to minorities will not take their peers to task for the blatantly racist positions of a major political party. Given the history of this country one would think the majority would be able to come together on the side of justice but it is as if things like obscure voter suppression tactics is not a part of that nasty history. No, barring something catastrophic, it is not likely to happen.

Razor said...

I do not believe that we can begin to understand the moral and psychic disconnect that white people and who consider themselves to be white have with those they have so cruely engaged without some examination of the corruption of, and (mis)appropiation, of the religion of Christianity.

So powerful was/is the story, that heads of state, first Rome and then England, made it a state religion to control the masses. Of course, in order to properly do so, they started exercising editorial control as to it's content, meaning and finally distribution. Always top down and heirarchal. Non-adherence to ecclesiastical dictates from the top found creative explanations for punishments, both temporal and in the hereafter, death, burning at the stake and excommunication were on the table, so to speak. Christian wars (sound familiar?) were fought against heathens to the east. But nowhere was torture sanctioned and perfected than by the Christian Church of England.

It was out of England where the world saw the spawning of the slave trade and it's evolution into the uniquely Americanized form of slavery, where human torture and other forms of grotesque inhumanity became an art form. All the while this business was sanctioned by the European-American so-called Christian establishment.

Sociopathic....psychotic... cognitively disonnant....an otherwise indefensible perversion of this beautiful and radically peaceful religion. This was a great fall from the Reformation movement which took place in Europe which was to essentially free the common folk to have a "personal relationship with Christ" without the need of an appointed (and powerful and lavishly paid) intermediator ( Popes, bishops, ect.

The reformed movement with all of it's manic-deppressive puritanical rules of ethical conduct exported to America for "religious freedom" which soon gave way to several mutations with a central aim...to justify slavery and the material gains that it produced. So good that indentured servitude was shelved and social engineering begun to perpetuate the morally repugnant but everso profitable institution.

The basic tent to this new "foreign" religion was divine right and authority and the twisted interpretation of "God cursed Ham".

Razor said...

The basic tenet of biblical Hams and his descendants to be divinely dominated by white folk was preached over and over. God was not going to punish you because he has cursed the and rherefore deserve and, if they were properly taudht the Bible, should and would accept there low estate. Meanwhile, for them it was a Health and /wealth Gospel.

That's why a Klansman or other white Supremist could tell you that they are good Christians one minute, throw on thier hoodies the next, and go torture, maim and kill blacks the next....and never hear a sermon that they were headed to Hell in a handbasket.

Very telling is if you will follow the link in CD's article on Alouda Equinas, to Professor Catherine Ancholou discussing his autobiography, she states that Africans never became of those who were taken away on the slave ships until when some then-slaves came back to Africa, with their slave masters as,,,get this...missionairies. Help me Lord!

CNu said...

No, barring something catastrophic, it is not likely to happen.

Nah SistahBee, something catastrophic will make things much, much worse. It will free the monster of the id, the killer-ape compulsion, to wild-out on a much larger scale.

Raygun's alien invasion scenario uniting us in our "common humanity" was a pipe dream. Our "common humanity" is intraspecific killer-ape tribalism.

nomad said...

"I continue to support the because mixed in with the sudden death stuff is a lot of good."

Let's not exaggerate. Mixed with the sudden death stuff is a LITTLE good. A spoonfull of sugar makes the poison go down. Good has a greater density than evil, but an ounce of good cannot counterbalance a ton of evil. A pint of water cannot wash away an ocean of blood.

nomad said...

One of us? Hardly. Unless you're referring to white imperialism. He's a fraud. A black mask for government criminality.

fred c said...

Oh, Nomad, if only we had a pint of water, and if only there were just an ocean of blood. But . . .

I had this conversation many times with clients in my law office. I'd explain a little of the legal situation and they'd tell me what they wanted. Then I'd have to explain that while their desires were reasonable, in the abstract, they were asking for choice "G," and all we had to choose from was choices "A," "B," or "C."

President Obama is one of the available choices. What we really want, you and I both, is choice "G."

fred c said...

I mean he's a Democrat, one of us, although it almost gags me these days to say those words out loud. But yes, I'm still a blue collar, yellow dog Democrat, and their fella is my fella, until further notice.

I'm not defending them in detail, but in terms of today's politics, I'll take vacillating, hypocritical, money-grubbing mediocrities over vomitous, Satanic horrors any day of the week.

Shady_Grady said...

Chauncey, tell the good folks at the Atlantic to stop biting your stuff!!! =)


Plane Ideas said...

It is good to be back at WARN!!! How are you CD, Fred C, CNu, Nomad and others:-)

Great topics as usual

Awesome Comments as usual

I am glad to return to the best site of the internet apparently some of my comrades provoked CD and others nevertheless such is the nature of diverse opinions.

I will admit I am not a fan of comment policies and censorship but I am not the host of WARN and I respect CD's comment policy.

I of course in any venue I always sign my name and take ownership of my views and opinions.

Let's Roll......

fred c said...

Welcome back, Greg! And may the road rise up to meet you . . .

chaunceydevega said...

@shady. that is the price of anonymity. frustrating, but meh. i did email the author though.

@thrasher. i have to be honest, i was raised old school in that you judge a person by the company they keep. by that criteria i am quite disappointed that you would associate with such a lowly, pathetic, irksome, and ignorant group of people and claim them as "comrades."

the most repugnant among them claimed you every two seconds as though you were their cult leader in a mix of scientology and jim jones. thus, my allusion that they were sweaty basement dwellers sitting around naked with one another giving each other shea butter massages and reading bad agitprop black nationalist mess.

unfortunately, their claiming you reflects very poorly on their "mentor." if any of my students mentioned they had classes with me or were advised by me and acted like fools i would tell them to get my name out of their mouth post haste.

just being honest. if i were you i would really take a personal accounting of the people around me and in your study group. if you still want to claim them that is your choice, just be mindful of the bad look they are offering in your name. save for one of them, the other pests are banned here on WARN. I will soon be installing disqus to ban repeat offenders officially.

the comment policy is a basic one. if you are in someone's house you obey the house rules and act politely and respectfully. that is good home training, not censorship, and remember speech isn't free.

welcome back. i just wanted to put that out there as i seriously considered not extending the welcome mat given the behavior of your tribe. i do not believe in group punishment and you have been a friend of warn so i do hope you get your "comrades" in line as they are tragically pathetic.

CNu said...

sweaty basement dwellers sitting around naked with one another giving each other shea butter massages and reading bad agitprop black nationalist mess



Plane Ideas said...


I am troubled by your comments and actually a little dishearten with them as well nevertheless this is your site and I am pleased to have the opportunity to respond in kind....

Unlike you who I respect your view of my 'comrades' is not revelant to me nor do I measure the value of a person by a few encounters good , bad or ugly.

I am old school as well and I was taught not to believe everything you read or what others say about your friends and family.

I took the time to revisit a lot of the previous posts where my "comrades" engaged you and to be candid I am also disppointed in your remarks. I found them petty and defensive and more importantly reactionary simply in part because a lot of your angst and petty insults were without foundation and nasty as well because my 'comrades'dared to have an opinion that countered yours.

One particular issue really bother me was how you treated Cnu's dark comments about our youth and his lethal threats etc you then gave CNu a pass and unwarranted immunity from your own 'comment policy'. Of course when my comrades expressed their arguments you conveniently deleted them.

One of the reasons I took a hiatus from WARN was in part because of your circular reasoning and inability to acknowledge dissent and other perspectives.

It is your perspective not mine that those who are part of my circle somehow makes me and my personhood responsible for their views whatever they are. Sorry CD but you know little of my totality nor in that same regards do I of you. Again being a part of the "old school" I was not taught to judge others based upon the views of their parents, friends, associations etc.When I read CNu's nonsense I don't in any fashion associate him with your persona and personhood but that is me his bad look is not you...

I find it interesting how to wish to indict me for my 'comrades' shortcomings and not their attributes . I have encountered this same myopic vision quite often with white bigots who rush to report to me the ills of Black folks while ignoring the volumes of positives.

In summary as I have posted I respect you . I will always have reservations about your recently installed comment it smacks of censorship and a sense of insecurity and in my review of past posts it also appears to be selective and not uniform in it's application.

Understand this I am pleased to be back on WARN it is truly an awesome site but I am my own man and I have no intentions of disarming nor rejecting or distancing myself from anyone including those you have issues with. I define my persona and personhood. I define who and what and where I want to be with 24/7.

I hope my return to WARN is rewarding and instructive as we enter the presidential election and as all kinds of events unfold in our nation. It is so good to have a site like WARN to check in while the world turns..

@ fred c..thanks for the luv my 'comrade'...Greg

Anonymous said...

@OTB, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it isn’t at all a fair question. I gave you a broad answer as to why this Christian White extremist may have massacred innocent people while they were worshipping. Apparently, you want me to answer the way YOU want me to answer. I assure you, that is not going to happen! Generally, when people refer to Muslim extremists, they have no knowledge whatsoever is this individual is practicing Islam or not. So, why is it that proof must be put forth to someone like you, that Wade Michael Page is not a Christian White extremist? Why should there be a different standard when an individual who commits a massacre, with people of color primarily being the target, is adorned with Caucasoid, physical features?

Additionally, merely because I gave an answer to your question, doesn’t necessarily make it a dishonest answer because the answer that was given is not what you were expecting. Sorry OTB, try again!

In the alternative, are you telling me that you are throwing your unimpeded, full-blown support behind Whiteness in it murderous rampage? - Black Sage

@Chauncey D., it took me a while to answer because I just got done amusing at OTB’s circular questions. 

CNu said...


Thrasher still doesn't understand what an IP address is, or, that all his conspicuous pseudo-anonymous and sweaty basement disciple postings are all tied back to him and his PC...,

"old school" should not have to equate with functionally computer illiterate.

chaunceydevega said...

@Greg. Being familiar. I like you and think you are well-intentioned. Part of being a mentor or leader in the community or elsewhere is being able to tell your "comrades" when they are under prepared, raggedy, and not up to par. Alternatively, part of being someone's comrade is explaining to them that their behavior is a reflection on you.

If you can look at the childish, ignorant, hostile, site jacking, deflecting, and bullying behavior of your comrades and not sit them down as an old head and elder and give them some wisdom, why claim them?

WARN is my project. There is no free speech here. This is a salon with a certain tone and direction. As one of the folks alluded to earlier, this is like a bar, the bartender can tell the patrons to chill or leave if they are out of pocket. I don't want to do that. Unfortunately, I had to do so recently. Happens.

Another example would be having a dinner party at someone's house. You get invited over. That is not license to complain about the food, rearrange the furniture, and make yourself a nuisance. If you enter a person's home and partake of their hospitality you are agreeing to playing by their rules.

Your "comrades" need someone like you that has more wisdom than they do to tell them this truth. Until they mature and grown they will just be sweaty basement dwellers with great dreams who do not have the habitus or life skills to actualize them.

Again, you may not want to claim them as your people, but they are obsessed with claiming you. Unless you tell them to stop they are tarring and staining your reputation. I don't associate with human debris; you should not either.

chaunceydevega said...

@greg. missed this one.

"I find it interesting how to wish to indict me for my 'comrades' shortcomings and not their attributes ."

Please, pretty please, tell me about those basement dwellers black lumpen troll's positive traits. They displayed none save for an ability to be obsessively persistent, ignorant, ill-tempered, and poorly behaved. I would rather watch an online video of monkeys mating in a zoo and smelling each other's butts than interact with those clowns again.

I didn't give Cnu a pass for anything--folks are obsessed with him for some reason. He is an adult, I simply stated that folks who have been here longer with a track record get more leeway.

A friend who gets a little worked up and is doing his thing is not a stranger who acts like a pants saggin' ignt manchild that wants to talk nonsense and threaten people online in order "to get his name up" anonymously all over these Internets.

You should tell your cabal to start their own project and they can have whatever house rules make them happy. It will solve all of their frustrations.

Plane Ideas said...


Lol,lol, lol..I share my pc's with my 'comrades' and my seniors..

Please by all means indict them to for associating with me..I will agree with you that I like them are computer illiterate so much on our plates to that occupy us..

Thanks for the warm welcome some things never change even on WARN..

BTW let's keep your kids out of our banter ...I like a level playing field ..lol,lol,lol

nomad said...

Hello, Thrasher. I don't know who the other Anonymi were but, FWIW, I appreciated their perspective. Givem my regards.

Plane Ideas said...


Sorry but your analogies are misplaced and do not resonate well with me. We are not in your house this is the internet..Sorry but I can't feel ya on your logic it is not applicable.

In any event I still sense a lot of angst and emotion in your posts clearly my tribe wounded you but as I noted that is not my problem but yours to deal with.

I have articulate my thoughts in regard to my 'comrades' . I am not interested in more banter about something I was not a part of.

I have influence and standing with many people such is the nature of being an Elder in a culture that has contempt for anything Black. I offer no regrets or apology . I do me because I can and because of the soil which shaped my personhood.

A part of me is sad that some of my comrades have offended you but such is life in the big city I don't expect kum ba ya moments even with my family 24/7 as this as I noted is the internet a far cry from reality in the trenches..

I am moving on..I have provided you with my posture...

Plane Ideas said...


Will do ..BTW I often disagreed with them as well but I never censored or filtered their dissent ..

In my house even hate speech had currency and dissent despite my status informed me..

BTW in my revisit of the past WARN posts I found your views about CNu on point and I am glad you decided to stay with WARN you were correct the comments and insights on this site are worth all of the bouts of negativity..We need each other during these perilous times..


chaunceydevega said...

@Thrasher. "We are not in your house this is the internet..Sorry but I can't feel ya on your logic it is not applicable."

This is a salon I created. If you cannot understand that fact I do not know what to tell you. Your comrades are like squatters who don't create anything but want to free ride. I am way past the stress of their mess. They didn't wound me. They wasted my time and energy.

If you doubt that this is a space, a virtual space for dialogue and conversation, that I create the boundaries of, a demonstration can easily be arranged.

Again, sit down with your people and give them some life lessons. They are sadly in need of it.

Your comrades have nothing to do with "blackness" their behavior had everything to do with pathetic ignorance. Again, if you want to mentor them out of the hellish 4 block radius they likely are exiled to, please give them some life advice about how to comport themselves properly.

Plane Ideas said...


Why are still foaming at the mouth over this? You post like you are still wounded..What gives?

As I noted in my previous post quite a lot of your comments were vile, petty and over the top.

I have already informed you that I have no intentions of putting them over my knee and spanking them. I have already informed you that their body of work in the community is more than their encounters with you.

Please spare me the threats and demonstrations about this chatter class site. I disagree with your posture of this site . I found your analogies misplaced.

What is driving this emotional responses of yours?? In my review of these posts they were many moons ago Yet you still harbor this angst Why??

Perhaps it is you that needs some mentoring about how to comport one self when others despite their station are critical of you.

Unravel yourself but please not on me..I am would like to move on...

ish said...

Wouldn't it be more interesting to discuss the subject at hand rather than this unfruitful and boring discussion of manners and the people who lack them? This is how trolls derail a blog. Bring back the substantive conversation.

chaunceydevega said...

@Thrasher. My final two cents on the matter. I am not foaming at the mouth. I am being plain spoken--your crew and supplicants were pathetic. If you are their mentor or friend you will get them in line.

I wasn't over the top, etc. I responded to what was presented. Do not confusion action and reaction. I responded to what those pathetic man children trolls who want to "rep for the D" offered like the political feces slinging apes they behaved like.

Thus, they are not welcome here anymore.

As I said, and will say again, if you have people claiming you then you should make sure they are on point. You can throw your hands up and say they aren't my crew, but they have already done damage to your reputation. I am asking you to get them inline for your own self-interest.

Plane Ideas said...


I have expressed my thoughts on my relationship and posture with my 'comrades' I am not throwing them under the bus nor are they reflective of my persona that some stains me that is your narrative and inference not mine.

You have an issue with a poster you deal with it. I am not a proxy for you or them..

In any event you have some anons posting trash on your site I do expect their comments will be deleted clearly they don't have the senority and immunity granted to CNu to post in this fashion...

chaunceydevega said...

@Greg. "in any event you have some anons posting trash on your site I do expect their comments will be deleted"

if you read my comments policy post you will see i allow "drive by" anon comments until we move to disqus. i allow them to stand on my own discretion. i do not however operate from a premise where i make such decisions based on the "expectations" of those who may post here as guests/reader/commenters.

as i said, you can disavow the black Borg stinky likely using the toilet as a sink and to cook basement clan if you choose; they own you and mention you with every breath. it was sick and almost pornographic.

if you want their stink on you and don't want to tell the "D in house" think tank of black brigand basement dwellers to up their game and/or be quiet, that is your choice.

I am just trying to give you a heads up on how they made your brand name look cheaper than the Sunday bargain hour at the swap meet or flea market.

Plane Ideas said...


I have not sought your protection or advice on who I associate with recall it is you that has an issue with their dissent not me

As I noted despite your excuses I can't imagine you are proud of your comments they were quite nasty and not a good look,

BTW my brand is well respected and to be candid with you very doubtful if anyone will give any currency to your premise that the chatter of unknowns in a chat forum hosted by a person who also posts under anon derivative has any merit... Just an opinion of course .. Lol lol lol

CNu said...

pull.the.trigger.already...., what are you waiting for?

chaunceydevega said...

@Cnu. It is a car accident. I think there is a big reveal here where we find out Thrasher is all or some of those anonymous posters. I do hope not. I am holding out hope that he will see that I am trying to help him by asking his basement crew to come correct and stop mentioning him ever 5 seconds.

I have been saving Thrasher's posts and all of those by his "crew." There are some pretty common affects and quirks to their writing that are dead giveaways that we are dealing with an online ventriloquist act. Again, I hope not. That would be sad.

@Thrasher. Do you really want to go there brother? Legend of the "D," public access TV host, contributor to a "community" newspaper?

"BTW my brand is well respected"

Where and by who? Are you incorporated and paying yourself out of your non-profit? Share some success and wisdom brother. Writing off your pc, work space, and other expenses on the long form? The lecture fees are rolling in? Hook me up. Invited to be on panels at national conferences as "Thrasher." Where and when? I would like to look up the program and abstract so I can learn a thing or to.

I am only getting started and have turned down more than 1 offer to be on national cable tv, several book offers, etc. I am a small fish, modest, and have a plan. What is yours? I proceed carefully and will let others determine my worth as opposed to talking myself up.

And I don't talk about being some "legend" in the community or the "D" as you and your clan do.

You have been doing this for decades. Where is the book contract? National appearances? Checks cashed?

"very doubtful if anyone will give any currency to your premise that the chatter of unknowns in a chat forum hosted by a person who also posts under anon derivative has any merit... Just an opinion of course"

The facts do not support your position brother.

All in love Thrasher. You went there first. Let's just move along.

Anonymous said...


You're right. I was envisioning the aftermath of a catastrophe. The point at which we have to rebuild to survive. Which, ideally would place us each on a equal grounds but realistically, will reset the cycle of the most ruthless survive. Sigh!

OTB said...

(This is a sincere question with no agenda):

Why would you turn down national cable TV and book offers?

chaunceydevega said...

@OTB. Timing isn't right. Never sell out for a quick buck if it ain't what you are looking for and is not a good fit because come tomorrow you will be old news and will not be able to take back your choice.

Always assume it will end--at some personal expense. Once you make peace with that fact then you can make a good choice on your own terms.

Just my modest 2 cents.

Plane Ideas said...


Show me the money, the book deals, the contracts, the cable tv deal, until then it is nothing but more chatter and hollow bravado from a person that hides under alias..

My plan begins and ends with my real name unlike your or your sidekick Cnu...All in Love CD

But it's all good..

Moving on finally I hope..lol,lol,lol

chaunceydevega said...

@Thrasher. Some aliases are far more valuable than some folks' real names.

Never forget that fact.

Plane Ideas said...

@ CD

Never forget fresh is better than frozen and fiction never leaves track marks like reality..

chaunceydevega said...

@Greg. Huh? That sounds like some backwoods black Chinese Mississippi trickery and doublespeak.

"Never forget fresh is better than frozen and fiction never leaves track marks like reality."

Are you talking about skid marks in someone's underwear who is not too hygienic?

Plane Ideas said...

Lol lol lol ... Just sumin from a brother off the block

CNu said...

uh, I'ma go with them skidmarks for $50.00 Chuck!!!

Plane Ideas said...

Sure you can afford it ... Lol lol loL

OTB said...


As my response to you above (along with all the previous thread) has magically disappeared from this page, I will again post it.

Let's try again.
1) Kindly tell me what was unfair about my question.
2) I don't care how you answer a question, but I would expect a direct response, rather than a diversion.
3) I don't support murder whether it is done with whiteness, blackness, brownness, or any other -- ness.
4) What proof do you offer (since you mention proof) that Page is a Christian? (That would be my original question). He is clearly white. He is clearly extremist. I have yet to see anything showing he is agnostic, atheist, Muslim, Hindu, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, Jewish, Jain, Wiccan, Mormon, Santaria, or (wait for it).....
What do you have? You charged him as a Christian. Surely you must have some evidence.
Thanks for playing....

August 8, 2012 5:23 PM

OTB said...


Sorry. While my posting above is in response to your posting above, I'm at this point not sure whether or not the comments actually disappeared from this page. The comments I just reposted are on another page, which looks like I got confused. Then again, they are in response to your posting above. As I don't know how to delete comments, they will both stand.

OTB said...

@Black Sage:

FWIW: Here is the answer to this mystery. We had an exchange on a different page -- and I posted my response above there. Later on, checking sites for comments, I found the same posting from you above. So I responded to it, wondering where the other comments went. Your comment above was posted at 3:17 PM on 8/8/12 (I saw it days later). The SAME comment I earlier responded to was posted at 4:46 PM on 8/8 on page

Both comments of yours are the same:
from: "@OTB, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it isn’t at all a fair question" to
"@Chauncey D., it took me a while to answer because I just got done amusing at OTB’s circular questions."

Perhaps you can tell me how you posted the same response on two different pages (you were not answering a comment of mine on one).


Anonymous said...

What's the combined score for Holmes and whatsisname who's too stupid to tell the difference between a Sikh and a Muslim? Twenty-two?

That's about one and a half Chicago weekends.

But, hey, let's keep hearing about how awful white people are.