Sunday, July 8, 2012

Herman Cain TV: A White Tea Party Conservative Enabling National Platform for Coonery and Buffoonery

I was a Herman Cainaholic. I have been sober for almost a year. Now, commenter Sabrinabee has forced me off of the wagon. Damn her. 

So, "if you can laugh at me, then you can laugh at yourself?" By implication, white folks' embracing of race minstrelsy Steppin Fetchit coon foolishness is actually an act of self-effacing humility. No racism here; to even suggest as such is unfair and mean to those good white conservatives who just want a they always have:
The coon caricature is one of the most insulting of all anti-black caricatures. The name itself, an abbreviation of raccoon, is dehumanizing. As with Sambo, the coon was portrayed as a lazy, easily frightened, chronically idle, inarticulate, buffoon. The coon differed from the Sambo in subtle but important ways. Sambo was depicted as a perpetual child, not capable of living as an independent adult. The coon acted childish, but he was an adult; albeit a good-for-little adult. Sambo was portrayed as a loyal and contented servant.
Indeed, Sambo was offered as a defense for slavery and segregation. How bad could these institutions have been, asked the racialists, if blacks were contented, even happy, being servants? The coon, although he often worked as a servant, was not happy with his status. He was, simply, too lazy or too cynical to attempt to change his lowly position. Also, by the 1900s, Sambo was identified with older, docile blacks who accepted Jim Crow laws and etiquette; whereas coons were increasingly identified with young, urban blacks who disrespected whites. Stated differently, the coon was a Sambo gone bad...
Unlike Mammy and Sambo, Coon did not know his place. He thought he was as smart as white people; however, his frequent malapropisms and distorted logic suggested that his attempt to compete intellectually with whites was pathetic. His use of bastardized English delighted white audiences and reaffirmed the then commonly held beliefs that blacks were inherently less intelligent. The minstrel coon's goal was leisure, and his leisure was spent strutting, styling, fighting, avoiding real work, eating watermelons, and making a fool of himself. 
If he was married, his wife dominated him. If he was single, he sought to please the flesh without entanglements.
Herman Cain is one of the greatest race minstrels in American history. He is also a brand--one who now has a global platform for circulating his own version of new age race minstrelsy

I mean that as a complement. There is a certain amount of artistic and performative genius necessary for Herman Cain's political blackface routine. Cain is utterly humble and transparent. He has no shame or embarrassment. This transparency enables Cain to connect with his audience by legitimizing their racism, and yearning for a time when it was okay to wear the burnt cork, and before "the blacks" got all sensitive and uppity.

I have a question. Is Herman Cain part of one of the best psyops in recent memory? Is his game that deep?

At present, the race minstrelsy coonery and buffoonery ranking of inequalities would look something like this:

Tyler Perry > BET > Herman Cain > Mantan Moreland

However, Herman Cain TV could push him to the front of the pack.

In total, Herman Cain is the anti-matter relative to Barack Obama. If the latter's ascendance represented a cultural high point for black respectability, Cain's popularity is a function of the white body politic's psychic overcompensation in response to that same moment.


Anonymous said...

Yawn...You and Sabrinabee both need to take a anal herb cleanser ...Beating down a yahoo like HC suggests a lot of lazy thinking and drive by blogging..

Why not select a white liberal broker in the white house who panders to the white electorate at the expense of the Black community?

Or perhaps get some real verve and balls and target white liberal jewish pundits, educators, special interest groups which have a long legacy of contempt for the Black electorate?

To tough to mount a charge against the other white meat hate hard in academia and the entertainment sphere to het jewish racism even hard Black folks fear the smear and clout of white jews post WWII..

One must almost be prepared to volley with white jewish bigots when they play the historical game of shared niggerhood..

But of course they cowardly and intellectually hide behind some false notion they we share some similar victimhood status...

You have be on your A game to deal with thier twisted contempt for Blackness..Once a jewish lawyer told me he hated music awards shows observing Black folk win he actually claim Jews created jazz ( Klezmer myths still prevail in many jewish circles)..The envy is quite deep between us chosen people from Cain to Able roots actually...Tell them Jesus was a Black man and that even fucks with them..

Truth is of course from the jim crow era in the states to the aparthied era in South Africa and other African venus white jews have always been WHITE and enjoyed and leveraged white privledge ..

Recently in a dialouge at my firm I questioned my jewish associates why they get so quite about jewish racism and the yiddish word for 'nigger" aka "swartza"

To observe them dance and makes excuses and deflect was also stunning..They were so use to riding with me when we beat down the usual white trash of course until I noted they shared the same dna and cultural disdain for negroes and coloreds before and after the civil rights era..

Of course they tried to peddle how revelant they tought they were during the civil rights era and how a few of them rode buses and caught a couple of bullets and caskets nothing of course in any measure like the domestic holocaust of Black folks here in USA or South Africa..

But excuse me I digress the topic was the tired excercise of beating down an Uncle Tom aka HC on a slow newsday in WARN..


chaunceydevega said...

@anon. always so miserable and complaining. you are such a critic but bring little else to the plate. why don't you start your own project? The Internet is a big place.

Anonymous said...

BTW there are many articles and essays by better writers than me who detail how white jewish hollywood was a primary target of the coon themes

Just saying

chaunceydevega said...

@Anon. I know that. Black Face, White Noise is a great book on the topic, as is Love and Theft.

Your point is? We did a series on Jews and Blacks when WARN started. You will see my relative disinterest in the topic express there--it is a duck that doesn't quack and at present a diversion more worthy of the NOI et al. than for serious discussion about the larger issues that plague us.

You may not have gotten the memo but there is no worldwide Jewish conspiracy.

Anonymous said...


My plate is full so it is easier actually to piggy back on sites like yours and others as I do my activism..

One must be flexible and pragmatic ..You know what I mean one must be like you...ha, ha, ha

BTW why such anger and angst with me why can't you just cast my comments on this issue and being bold , brave a cutting edge social essayist without frear or trepidation as I confront the topics so many lack the courage to engage..

Yet instead you get pissy on a brother..


Anonymous said...

So sorry CD. I feel like such an enabler.

Cain is the greatest joke played upon the black race i can ever remember. I happen to disagree with him on his claim of not being stupid. He may not be stupid as far as furthering his wallet goes but, at what point does one decide 'there are some things I will not do for a dollar.' 'I will not be used for that.'

It is one thing to make an attempt to encourage blacks that they should get a job even when no one will hire them, or become educated, even when education is no longer a guarantee of employment but, based on this preview he is not exspousing any pearls of wisdom within his black characters. When was the last time a black comedian sold out a theater doing coonery? No this is plain and simple an insult to blacks.

This is not the work of a genius but of an opportunist who is, no doubt, financially backed by racist who can put a black face of approval on it. I'm sure his 'brothers from another mother, from the John Birch society dug deep to enable his venture. Add to that the misinformation, a la Fox news, and his station does a disservice to all Americans.

Reagan raised taxes several times, granted amnesty to immigrants and signed that no one seeking medical treatment should be sent away. What in that gives him the ability to lecture President Obama? Hell, the president's been more of a Republican than Reagan, who grew the government where the president has laid off.

And really much much genius doesit taketo flash a few names accross the screen and suggest they are dishonest? Fox must have a Republican school for this type of obsfuscation.

Abstentus said...

"Let's give a lamb a gun."


chaunceydevega said...

@Anon. I engage with you because I find you frustrating. Offer something up. Something positive besides chronic complaint and/or the expectation that anyone is beholden to you. Others ignore such behavior. I find it fascinating and try to figure out people's issues...especially those of the "activist" set. I sense many feel marginalized and taken for granted.

By piggie back do you mean free ride? Mancur Olson would have a field day with you.

@Sabrina. bad Sabrina. I am sick. I learned it from watching you! Dude is smart like a fox. Cain should be in the Uncle Remus stories. I would love to have a drink with him one day to see how he came up with this con.

Anonymous said...


What memo? What International Jewish Conspiracy?

I thought WARN is focused in part on RACE related topics??

My post was centered on that very focus the whiteness of modern jews in the post racial era..

My comments have nothing to do about your dated and hollow examaination of Black and Jews which you executed and purchased in the usual tired academic paradigm.

More importantly to the issue at hand my post is no more out of touch than your tired drive by about HC..

In truth at the end of the day the racist of white jews is more impactful to our community that the insanity of an yet another Uncle Tom in our midst...WTF do you ever think about the utility of your opinions or is your self centered arrogance that acute??

Get out of your blindspots CD..Soon my brother..PLEEEESE

Anonymous said...


Really of late that is all WARN is about negative race chasing and the usual paternal spins on Black decadence..

My posts seek to bring some levity to your constant beatdowns of Blackness..

I have spent a whole boring month trying to get you to get off the necks of our youth and yet you have the audacity to call me negative..WTF

Take today for instance what is so postive about yet another tired run at HC??

What was so positive about yet another tired run at BOOTY POP videos?

The list is endless with you and your elitist posturing..I find you amsuing trying to convince yourself and others that I am the one off the mark...It is kinda flattering in a sense observing the depths of your defensiveness ..Clearly no one has ever check your ass certainly not your students I sense your parents also failed in this regard..But I digress again..

Anonymous said...


Thanks but I am quite regular, i might suggest some thing that erodes wood to help with the stick you're sitting on. You might also look into some A.D.D. medication so that you can stay on topic. You wander a lot, complaining but well, not actually saying much. Now that we know how you feel about Jews, how about addressing the topic you chose to direct your rant to? Oh that's right you feel like we are picking on a "bro" even as he has your co-workers looking to see if you'll ever shuffle. You got a problem with Jews? Go take it up on a white supremacist board. I am sure they will appreciate your input.

Anonymous said...

Of course Sabrinnabee also shares the blame here for her easy ride on this topic..

Enough already of the HC saga..Really what is to be gained? At some point there is the law of diminished returns applys..

Gotta go hot food on the table..Peace & Love

Anonymous said...

Unlike you Sabrinnabee..I can take my complaints directly at you..Please spare me your feeble attemots at getting into my grill..

You lack the balls to pull that off plus i/q as well..You are right on something unlike you I do not allow CD to shape the contours of my opinions and yes unlike You and CD I do not hide and run from jewish or asian or arabic racism in my orbit and community..

Of course weak Black females like you always get tough and vomit on Uncle Toms hell that is easy but I have yet to observe one of you strong Black females get into the grills of your daddies, brothers and sons who under your influences and parenting end up being weak ass Black men who created yahoos like HC and other Uncle Toms inpart because 'soft Black woman" like you did not have a clue about parenting thier offspring..

Yeah I am in your grill now run and tell CD on me...ha, ha, ha

Anonymous said...

"Really what is to be gained?"

The same can be asked of your Jewish rant, there are quite a few sites discussing Jews and their influence, good or bad, to no avail. But you obviously think it important to add your opinion.

What i want to know is WHY do you find it so offensive for blacks to discuss blacks and their actions? Youdo realize that once we stop pointing the finger at others we are left with ourselves, right?

Anonymous said...

"Unlike you Sabrinnabee..I can take my complaints directly at you.."

I have no idea what you are trying to say here, did I not address my post to Anon, whichever you you are today. As to your weak balck woman rant, it's completely laughable. Blacck women through the ages have kept the family and it's men alive when you were being killed off, continue to do so while you kill each other off, and will continue to do so as you, yet again, look for someone else to blame.

Anonymous said...

Let me do some simple math

HC v white liberals ( including white racist jews) I will bash the others of color tomorrow

WHite liberals: loan brokers who sold Black folks predatory loans, we loss decades of wealth( PEW STUDY confirms)

White liberals: In our schools teach low expectations, shift our black boys to special ed

White liberals in our criminal justice system have waged an attack on Black youth the list is to long to chatter about

I can go on and on and on HC is a pimple in the damage he creates compared to the white liberals wh impact our daily reality

Just doing simple math on a hot summer day in the D

Anonymous said...

So, all that bitching and moaning just to get to the points you just listed? I am pretty sure most don't disagree with you, except where you want to place the blame squarely on liberals. I hope you aren't suggesting that white Republicans would be any less vulturish. At least liberals recognize us without the blackface, coon routine, even if it is only around election time. It is Republicans buying up jails and requesting a certain amount of constant fulfillmet. Purchasing our schools to get their hands on some of that liberal money, while pushing for less education. Thus, if we can be so easily victimized then part of the problem lies with us.

You take the stance that we should place all of our focus on what they are doing to us in order to change it. We take the stance that we should recognize what is being done but, we should also not provide the ammunition these use to wound us.

Anonymous said...


I have never been in denial nor have I ever postured that our community should not examine our shortcomings..You have purchased CD's script about me ..One wonders why?

In your last post you reference " WE" who is this 'WE'

Please elaborate...

With regard to my comments about white jews I have simply connected the missing dots so many of us in our roles refused to confront and acknowledge..

You are correct in part YES I want to indentify my assailants ... I don't understand how your perspective really advances our community when some of the choices and positions we engaged in are not as result of choice nor providing ammunition to our predators..

I agree with the premise in part we are our worst enemies but such an analysis is to simple and limiting...Instead of indicting those and the models which create our shortcomings and decay to many of us like you, CNu, CD think being self rightous and noble and being tough on Black decadence is more productive than other models to defeat those who have contempt for us..

Added to this nobility posture of progressives like you and CD and the "We"..Your efforts really at end of the day do not advance the end of white supremacy and those forces which create the Black underclass and the Black ign'ts CD loves to scapegoat.

So from my perspective you and your "WE' are lazy and take shortcuts and demonize the obvious suspects..I find no pride in beating down the wounded..I find no solace in being an elitist cadre of Black folk in articulating "tough love" to those negroes and colored folks who provide ammo to our adversaries..

In truth my model has more currency and provides more yield. Instead of beating down the factured and wounded I instead prefer a different model which enhances the worth of the underclass and the ign'ts to the end they can id those in the ruling class who fuck them 24/7

If that means targeting white liberals and white jews, asians, and other minorities then I will 24/7.

What should alarm you is why afor over a month you have allowed CD to demonize me and margainalize me simply because I have an alternative perspective despite his shollow claims he values dissent it clearly is not true..What troubles me is that you and other Black posters have genuflected to his dogma,..I ask where were you when CNu issued his Black death squad mantra with pride and glee??.. Where was your "WE" principles when he opine that I should be silenced by these death squads?

Nothing from home girl Sabrinnabee of course until I start fucking with you and getting into your grill do I now get this audience with you..

Excuse me but I expect more from a Black person, a Black mother, a Black sister

I expect more from the "WE"

Just saying..

chaunceydevega said...

@Anon. You love to lecture and complain. Please answer some of my questions of you. I am a patient host. But you need to give some in return.

You wrote: "My posts seek to bring some levity to your constant beatdowns of Blackness.."

Talk about People's Exhibit Number One in the trials and tribulations of niggerization and internalized white supremacy--picaninny ghetto booty pop videos exemplify "blackness?" Cain's race minstrel show is "blackness?" Street brigands and highwaymen who attack innocent people are "blackness?"

You talk this pro black race hustle activist chatter but defend vile white supremacist tropes about black people. Sad...and I don't even think you get how deep in the sickness you are.

You are very childish. Talking about people's parents and the like. Given the pathological excuse making and rantings you offer as a routine matter and how you have such a low opinion of black people--thus your sad expectations of them regarding agency and accountability--I would suggest there were some real failings in your home.

Maybe your parents immersed you in coonery and buffoonery and explained to you that it was black genius?

Part of our divergence here anon--your tone sounds like someone who used to post here--is that I am not writing for you, to enlighten you, uplift you, or entertain you.


You have so much to say, go start your own project. Stop free riding. You are not some elder voice of wisdom in any respect. If you are older, meaning civil rights generation or before, I would hope that you would have evolved your hopes about empowering the ign't classes with your street activist hustle routine.

chaunceydevega said...


"In truth my model has more currency and provides more yield. Instead of beating down the factured and wounded I instead prefer a different model which enhances the worth of the underclass and the ign'ts to the end"

Please tell me about this model. Lets get you some money for it. What are its elements? Have you piloted it somewhere? What is your magic pill?

Anonymous said...


Yawn..More circular excuses..Please liberate me from your underdevelopness..Please

Anonymous said...


You are obessed with Uncle Toms like Herman Cain he provides you a platform to show how nobile and progressive you are..

Hell us negroes and colored folk never saw or experienced an Uncle Tom before hell we need the counsel of CD and the "WE" to educates about coons and Uncle Toms

Shucks.....ha, ha, ha

Again CD tell us your worth..Share with us besides your chatter class site what have you done masked man??

Please express yourself brother ...ha, ha ha..

Please show us all of your hard work ..Show us the sweat of a chatter class masked man..

Break it down professor...I am still waiting??

Anonymous said...

I promised my mentor I would not engaged you anymore but I will keep my promise soon...ha, ha, ha

I do know this my mentor is not a coward like you who hides behind an alias..

I do know this my mentor has the capacity to admit he is wrong and my mentor would never tolerate liberals of any race and religion to call him a nigger...

Outta here..

Anonymous said...

"What should alarm you is why afor over a month you have allowed CD to demonize me and margainalize me simply because I have an alternative perspective despite his shollow claims he values dissent it clearly is not true.."

Allowed? LOL so, ismthis the basis of your weak balck women rant? You want me to be your mother? Protect you from being talk to like so from the big bad elitist with the web page?

In truth, I have been really busy this path month, dealing with my actual kids, If you hadn't noticed. When I do come here, I mostly skip over your posts especially when they contain some rant about how CD is not running his webpage to your liking. The attacks get tired and detracts from anything of interest you might have to say. As far as defending you, why should I defend childish and irrational attacks? You start the fight, finish it. Same advice i'd give my kids. Feel better?

My opinion of your criticism of CD is, you see what you want to see. He's criticized both blacks and whites, sorry if that is not to your liking. The "we" that you seem to have latched on to is a general term. To me, it means those of us who are willing to look both outside and inside our community to find solutions. You may consider that self-righteous, i don't really care, I consider it realist.

Finally, I respect CD for his efforts which is why I visit this site. I respect CNu for his position. I respect all of the regular posters here because what they have to say is intelligent and informed and they present it well. Respect does not mean i agree with everything that any of them say. That kind of accusation is something a child would onclude.

Anonymous said...


So spare me get again your super mom black woman script..I am not interested my opinions are no less childish and irrational than your views..

I did not ask you did you respect CD or CNu my question was did you not rail against them when CNu spouted his black death squad rant and CD consigned it?

I did ask you your definition of respect so again stay focused and stop makin excuses or perhaps this is your weak ass excuse for as well for not stepping up their hate speech..

BTW the basis of my black woman rant was because of your weak ass black woman posting and whining and next time pleas don't hide behind your kids in responding to me ... That was child like on your part..

Anonymous said...


Don't include me in your "WE" I never travel with cowards or people who fear white liberals and those who give quarter to cowards and black apologists CNu and pretenders like CD.

I will continue to be crtitical of backward black websites that are conduits of contempt for my community...

WE do not like ugly here in the D

Anonymous said...

" I never travel with cowards or people who fear white liberals and those who give quarter to cowards and black apologists CNu and pretenders like CD."

GREAT! So, I no longer have to worry about you attempting to, how did you put it above? 'get an audience' with me.'

1. I have addressed how I feel about CNu's remarks and my reasoning elsewhere in this blog.

2. I am not your pet to come and defend you at your beck and call. Get a dog.

3. I don't know who your mentor is but, he seriously needs to rein you in. You are all over the place, arguing for and against yourself at the same time. The more you write the more it appears to be a level of instability. I am resigned to believe it a result of you being as young as you appear.

freebones said...


"...i do my activism."

activism? complaining is not activism. get something done. tell us more. engage us. you just whine!

Anonymous said...

And you were elected my arbiter ...WTF

So basically your remarks about me apply to your comments and others in here especially our host whose entire body of work in here is race chasing bitchfest under the cloak of an alias aka intellectual coward.

Thanks for nothing and the next time stay out if grown folk business you irrevelant interloper ... Ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Whoa real mature post their forum mama full of petty snarky comments hypocrisy is a theme of late on WARN

So you feel good about excusing away CNu's racist hate speech you embrace CD's underdeveloped and tiresome race chasing essays you blame me for your inability to not keep up with my reasoned logic.,

Thanks again for reminding why I do will continue to discount all of your posts...

Anonymous said...

Right, you just go right ahead and do so. And if you ever need a protector again, go upstairs, wake your mother, hand her the keyboard and tell HER that some guy on the internet said that you should be shot by a death squad.

Adam GH said...

"We are not Stupid" . Unbelievable slogan. I can just imagine someone stupid saying that; a confused look on his face as he slowly realizes that you've been insulting his intelligence subtly for the past hour.