Friday, July 13, 2012

From the WTF? Files: The International Global Jewish Conspiracy and the Trayvon Martin Case

I get forwarded videos from sources on both the Left and the Right. I typically do not post them. I am especially loyal to this policy in regards to the white supremacist materials which I am informed about. Given some of the fun we are having here with the various black activists hot sweaty men in an informal think tank aka basement "Anon" trolls who are fixated on a "Jewish conspiracy" to destroy black America, this newest video from David Duke is quite timely.

Help me understand the following if you would. A certain strain of black activist type is obsessed with Jews and believes that they are actively conspiring to hold back and derail the Black Freedom Struggle. Likewise, white nationalists suggest that the Jews are actually manipulating blacks, and have done so historically from Emancipation, and on through to the post Civil Rights era, in order to hold down white Americans.

These theories comprise one of the most fascinating paradoxes in racially chauvinistic political thought. Are there shared origins here that can trace their wellsprings back to centuries-old garden variety anti-Semitism? Or has there been a cross-fertilization of anti-Semitic thought that crosses the color line and just ends up with different mechanisms and consequences for the global Jewish conspiracy in the 21st century?

There is the potential for comedy gold here as our various "Anons" end up arguing with whatever white nationalist types who may find their way to this discussion thread about Trayvon Martin and the "Jewish Media."

This could be more than mildly entertaining.


HK said...

CD would make excuses for the Yiddish word for nigger aka swartza to appease his white Jewish patrons who use this vile term

Anonymous said...

how do you know who CD's "patrons" are in the first place, let alone their ethnicity and what words they use?

OTB said...

OK, I invested 30 minutes to watch it. To paraphrase "Jerry McGuire", he lost me at "shalom".

There's a certain irony in a guy who's lacking in credibility documenting the lack of credibility of the media, even though some of his points are perfectly valid. But the idea that mostly white Jews are virulently anti-white makes as much sense as a synagogue dedicated to debunking the holocaust. (It would also help if he used data that wasn't nine years old.)

Anonymous said...

And here I thought it was Muslims we needed to unite against.

Poor Jews, can't do nothing right. Maybe it's their fault for trying to please both sides. Giving each side what they want for love of money. Or maybe they are being scaoegoated in a struggle for power with blacks in between and both sides tugging on the rope.

I say we sit back and let the WASP and the Jews have at each other. Did we learn nothing from the battle between North and South?

chaunceydevega said...

@BT. Read the post. I think you will understand given the obsessive mention of jewish folks by some of these deranged study group members in the "D".

Also, I do not care about the volume of comments. One of the reasons I have implemented a policy on commenting is that many of the more recent threads were full of back and forth and silly talk between various anons who were acting the fool. There wasn't really much learning or dialogue going on as a result.

I would rather have 10 comments on a post that are substantive than 100 that are full of foolishness. Like I said, this is not a "chat site" or a party line. WARN is moving forward just fine.

AT said...


Why do you continue to insert Jewish conspiracy chatter whenever a poster inserts a post about white Jewish racism?

You are the one who floats this theme . Why?

chaunceydevega said...


You may very well be "BT" and are just not that creative in picking another name. I will quickly answer as others who are sincere and curious could have the same question.

There is no difference between "Jewish racism" and "white racism."

Also, this Jewish folks meme is trotted out by this basement study group of professional trolls all of the time. Their fixation is representative of similar type of low conspiracy thinking that one hears from black nationalists in some circles and also white nationalists. Thus, my honest question.

Funny thing these "Jewish racism" obsessed types can't offer up any evidence when I ask for it.

I was hoping a little black activist sweaty basement dweller from the "D" cross talk with some white nationalists. I guess I need to invite the latter over.

nomad said...

Again, an interesting topic. Jewish racism. Similar but not the same as white racism. One important consideration is missing here: Zionism. And not all the Zionists are Jews either. We have a serious problem re the independence of this nation. Perhaps the biggest threat is Zionism. It's certainly the one that's dragging us (except for those of us running gleefully towards it on our on) into World War III.

A. Ominous said...

Dude: Blacks are an incredibly valuable form of Political Petrol... not as voters, of course, but as The Boogieman. Blacks are the domestic equivalent of Muslims (the Global Boogieman)... and the Venn diagram of the two Boogieman fields overlapping is called "Law 'n Order Blank Cheque Time".

Anyway: name a group that *isn't* using Black Political Petrol to terrify the burnt-out husk of what used to be called The Heartland. Even various Blacks from the Kapo Class tap into that dynamic fuel-source (what is a Sharpton but an expert at Boogieman-terror-threat extortion schemes?). Why pick on "Jews"? On the other hand, don't be so quick to pooh-pooh the notion that some "Jews" are just as bad as some Wasps (et al), in this game, and working in concert. Fact: you get very little done in this life if you *don't* know how to work in concert with others with similar goals and interests. Fact: don't expect everyone working in concert on big project to wear t-shirts declaring it so.

Meanwhile: If anyone needs a key for decoding 85% of the "News" we see, use this:


I mean, somebody Up There is picking-and-choosing the Impropaganda with a fairly unwavering agenda... somebody with lots of cash invested in Boogieman Futures.

chaunceydevega said...

@Nomad. Political zionism is a separate issue. Israel is a strategic drain on this country. Understanding that fact is different from coming up with some anti-black jewish conspiracy that many of these nationalist types are obsessed with.

nomad said...

Au contraire, mon frere. Anti-Jewism (I dunno why they call in antisemitism, since most of the semites are Arabs) is just a shield that Zionism uses to distract the public while it advances its agenda. It may include an antiblack conspiracy, but mainly the conspiracy is anti-non-Jews. Gentiles. Arabs. Whatever. The charge of antisemitism gives Zionists cover for some very dastardly acts. The two issues are inseparable. Conspiracy or no, these Zionists like to paint ugly pictures of blacks in the news and media.

"I mean, somebody Up There is picking-and-choosing the Impropaganda with a fairly unwavering agenda... somebody with lots of cash invested in Boogieman Futures."

Gee, now, let me see, what is the ethnicity of the people who own most of the news and entertainment media? I wonder if they have something to do with it.

nomad said...

Zionism? Oh yeah? Yo'mamma!

A. Ominous said...

"Gee, now, let me see, what is the ethnicity of the people who own most of the news and entertainment media? I wonder if they have something to do with it."

To quote my old friend Sergeant Schultz, "Ich weiß gar nix!"