Wednesday, May 16, 2012

George Zimmerman Got His Butt Kicked by Trayvon Martin...and Yes, Zimmerman Still Deserves to be in Prison

The medical report released by George Zimmerman's doctor indicates that he suffered injuries to his face and head on the evening in which he shot and murdered Trayvon. The coroner's report on Trayvon Martin's body indicates that there was bruising on his knuckles consistent with being in a scuffle. Zimmerman was also on medication which can cause agitation and mood swings.

Predictably, for those who believe that Zimmerman is a martyr and victim, this new information will be taken as "proof" of his innocence. I am more interested in how those who championed Trayvon Martin respond to this newest bit of information. Will they rally? Or has Zimmerman-Trayvon fever already been expended?

I have never been one to leave a battle once it has been joined. My concerns about these types of highly charged symbolic politics and cause celebres have been consistent--what happens when the 24 hour news cycle has exhausted itself? It is typical that folks are on to the next one so to speak; they enjoy being part of a bigger spectacle and "movement;" but, matters still remain unresolved.

Walter Lippman observed decades ago that the "newspaper man" is most interested in selling exciting stories. Editors and publishers frame stories for maximum appeal--as opposed to a deep and compelling pursuit of the truth. This is no less true in the age of new media and cable news.

In all, I would suggest that the deliberations surrounding George Zimmerman's murder trial should be focused on proximate and distal causes, the chain of events which led him to hunt down and kill a person, one guilty of no more than walking down the street.

The immediate cause of Trayvon Martin's shooting by George Zimmerman was a fight and scuffle in which the latter was clearly being bested by a superior pugilist. The second proximate cause, and the one most important here, was George Zimmerman's refusal to follow the police dispatcher's order to remain in his vehicle. The more macro level and prime element of causality in Zimmerman's killing of Trayvon Martin is a society that devalues the lives of young people of color, deems them always suspect (on an almost existential level) of crime and criminality, and empowers honorary whites--and those acting in the name of white authority--to shoot down and kill black men on a whim.

I would hope that the jury is capable of applying a bit of common sense as they work through this chain of events. I would also dream that the members of the jury can practice a bit of empathy, putting themselves in the shoes of an innocent teenager walking home at night, being stalked by a racially obsessed stranger who is intent on (quite likely) doing you harm. You fight for your life, you see that this faux-cop vigilante has a gun, terrified, you try to get control of the weapon lest he kill you. Too slow, there is a noise. You look down. Scared, extremities weakening, getting cold, adrenaline wearing off, you realize that you are going to die.

Your murderer George Zimmerman is shocked that guns apparently really do in fact hurt and kill people, he acted on his fantasy, playing Dirty Harry, but it is you who are dead. Zimmerman will be nauseous in the days to follow as he reflects on that night. Your parents will be scared and then heartbroken as your body lays unclaimed in a morgue on the slab. Zimmerman's defenders will rally, sending him hundreds of thousands of dollars for he is a stand-in for their aggrieved white victimhood in the face of "black crime" and "young hoodie thugs."

Trayvon Martin had every right to stand his ground in self defense. George Zimmerman instigated this whole deadly scenario. But history teaches us that in the United States black people do not have such a right to self-defense. From the Black Codes, Jim and Jane Crow, slave passes, racial profiling, and now to "stop and frisk," standing order number one is that African Americans must submit to white authority until given permission otherwise. The most basic rights of political belonging and citizenship, freedom of movement and safety in one's person, are contingent and circumstantial for black Americans.

George Zimmerman will walk free--do not be confused, he is not innocent by any stretch of the imagination. I hold little hope that the jury is capable of thinking through the steps which led a vigilante to kill an innocent person beyond the most immediate and final act, where self-defense by Trayvon Martin is interpreted as violent, unwarranted assault by the George Zimmerman faction, those who idolize him, and wish they could have acted as he did that faithful evening.

The question remains: what will the defenders of Trayvon Martin do now?


ish said...

Strongly recommended.

Tom said...

If it's really true that Martin was actively assaulting Zimmerman when shot, then of course I'm less interested in defending him.

Improbable Joe said...

Look, as far as I'm concerned it doesn't really matter whether Martin got a few good punches in. In my mind you don't get to chase someone down, start a fight with them, and then shoot them when you get punched a few times. That's still AT LEAST manslaughter.

freebones said...


You can't actively assault someone you have no interest in interacting with, especially if they actively engage you.

@Improbable Joe:

Well said. If Trayvon was white, everyone would assume his scuffle marks were justified.

Anonymous said...

These new disclosed facts do not exonerate Zimmerman they only cement the case against his fictional allegations that he was standing his ground.

These new facts now disclose that Zimmerman not only stalked Trayvon but assualted him into submission and them executed him.

American jurisprudence does not allow for summary executions based upon the standing of the person who issued the lethal and fatal series of actions.

Now let's insert the reality of politics into this saga I opine that Zimmerman will cop a plea to a lesser offense of operating a firearm within a city premises and minor assault . This outcome will pacify the political demands of this event in our post racial Obama era

sledge said...

I'm so sick of this whole mess. Zimmerman definitely acted like an idiot. Martin more than likely acted like an idiot.

The jury, who are probably idiots themselves, will have to decide who was the bigger idiot.

Plenty more people are acting like idiots now. So no doubt which ever side loses will be acting like idiots after the verdict.

What can anyone do about that? Not a damn thing. It's becoming pretty obvious the world is infested with idiots.

Screw it. When the verdict comes down I'm going to sit on my front porch with some popcorn and a shotgun and watch idiots do what idiots do.

Anonymous said...


That would make you an,lol,lol

sledge said...

Anonymous said...

That would make you an,lol,lol"

Quite possibly. But an idiot with popcorn and a shotgun. :)

Comrade Physioprof said...

In my mind you don't get to chase someone down, start a fight with them, and then shoot them when you get punched a few times.


Tom said...


I'm not sure I follow the logic. All I'm saying is I'd consider whether Zimmerman was being punched out at the time when he pulled the trigger. I can't tell whether you would or wouldn't consider that?

Did Zimmerman start the physical fight? That would matter, wouldn't it? If Martin was defending himself and that's why Z was hit, that would make a huge difference to me.

I have less than no use for Z, and I've already said why he appears to me to be a violent racist. But it's also a risky damn business to hit folks. Should a 17 year old be killed for punching somebody? No. But it's not safe behavior.

Tom said...

Sledge's got it. Sounds clear they were both idiots, yes Zimmerman brought about the situation, but it would matter to me who (if either of 'em) was within his legal rights.

Anonymous said...


Your logic borders on making excuses for an injustice and clearly you have purchased the narrative that Trayvon was an equal party in the resultant assualt and execution

You cannot hide in here your shallow logic has revealed your true nature

ahbartleby said...

Sweet Jesus, the kid refused to accept that some random asshole had the right to demand to ask who he was and why he was there and he's an idiot?

Damn right it's risky business to "...hit folks..." You never know when you might not hit them hard enough to stop their trigger fingers from working. Better he should have dropped to his knees and begged forgiveness for strolling along the sidewalk as if he owned the place.

The recent posts here make me feel like I'm at my grandma's knee being told we don't watch the Cosby Show when we visit her at Christmas because "We don't allow niggers in our homes..."

I hope you enjoy your new fame, Chauncey. The fools oozing out from the woodwork these past few months are proof of...of...shit, I don't know. Something. Something that doesn't make me feel guilty, but certainly dirty.

Anonymous said...

Dead men don't speak to the living instead what we hear us the facts they left behind which speak for them ..

Zimmerman is trapped by his nature his guilt was shaped long before he executed Trayvon,

Anonymous said...

Poor kid, fought for his life.

Anonymous said...

@Tom,Sledge, if acting like an idiot is predicated on defeninf yourself againt the tyranny of an overly zealous and possibly racist self-appointed neighborhood watchmen then Trayvon is just that. But I submit that he is no idiot, just a young man that was confronted by a villian that did his best to defend his life but to no avail. You two are looking at this entire case through racist colored glasses.....You are the fools of the day.

Ace Money

nomad said...

'The second proximate cause, and the one most important here, was George Zimmerman's refusal to follow the police dispatcher's order to remain in his vehicle.'

Yup. The most important. He does this and nobody dies. Wonder why he didn't? Incensed by the haunters of his thoughts? Hooded spooks, if you will. Delusions about his own powers accompanied by lack of faith in the police to arrive on time. A determination to not let 'this one' get away.

Tom said...


You're going way, way, way past what I said. I said it makes a difference to me whether Zimmerman was being physically hit when he pulled the trigger. I certainly did not say "Ok, hunt down Black kids, scare them, and then kill them."

I am glad Zimmerman was arrested. I agree with Nomad and others that Zimmerman created a totally gratuitous confrontation that ended in Martin's death at Zimmerman's hands.

Improbable Joe said...

ahbartleby, you're an idiot or a sarcastic asshole... you need to be more clear. No civilian has a right to stop another civilian and demand jack shit from them.

Anonymous said...

"Zimmerman was also on medication which can cause agitation and mood swings."

Anyone else here worried about laws that allow someone on medication that can cause agitation and mood swings driving around with a loaded weapon, looking for trouble?

Anonymous said...

The autopsy report for Trayvon says that he was shot at intermediate range, thats not point blank as Zimmerman claims thats not close but intermediate range of ten yards or more.

Mitchell J. Freedman said...

What I've been saying to the all white Zimmerman defenders is this: You think we are over our racism toward black men? Change one fact to start with and now it's this: Zimmerman is now a 30 year old black man, and Martin is now the half-white/half-Hispanic 17 year old.

Now, run through the scenario of what you believe supposedly happened again, with all the pro-Zimmerman "facts."

Hmmm....I say, isn't it interesting how you now want to say the 17 year old had a right to stand his ground. And can't you begin to hear the NRA spokespeople saying, "If the kid was armed, he'd have killed that aggressive thug before the thug killed him?"

Yeah, I say. Suddenly, you see the third or second degree murder charges far more clearly now, don't you?

The racism is white America concerning the black man, crime and need for black men to respect "authority" still lives.

Cthulhu said...

Zimmerman claims he shot Martin because he was suffering a life threatening beating (In a confrontation he clearly caused), but refused medical treatment at the scene, refused treatment at a hospital, and gets out of the police car without a hint of injury.
So you'll pardon me if I'm disinclined to believe the claims of the Zimmerman FAMILY doctors claims. You look at the video of Zimmermans arraignment. That nose was never broken.

Frank said...

It's simple.

He fought back.


Jan Rogozinski said...

Trayvon innocent?

Travyon a victim?

Why don't you write an honest column for a change. Specificlly give us the details on the crimes Travyon convicted that sent him to prison. We know he is a criminal because a jury and judge convicted him on more than one ocassion.

Whereas, Zimmerman must be consdiered innocent of any wrong-doing until he is conviced.

But we have never seen a detailed account of Trayvon's crimes. Why?
Because the Media is racist and refuses to admit that not all Whites are criminals and not all Blacks are innocent victims.

Trayvon's case has gotten so much pubicity because it is a case of dog bites man. For every Black killed by a White there are 20 Blacks killed by Blacks, and Five cases of Whites killed by
Blacks. Murder of a White by a Black is so frequent, it no longer is news.

You refuse to admit the truth only because you are a fanatical Black racist.

Anonymous said...


First of all your racist comment only reflects on YOUR racist views. (And I'm Caucasian)

There is only ONE thing that this case swings on for me. Was Zimmerman the aggressor, in which case he has no defense based on stand your ground or was he in fact defending himself and Marin was the aggressor.

So in your racist opinion, how did Zimmerman get out of his vehicle WITHOUT being the aggressor?

Anonymous said...

"Cause and Effect" the legal principle that used to convict persons for such crimes as "Felony Murder", Vehicular Manslaughter" etc. should take precedence in this case. Simply put, Zimmerman's pursuit of Martin after being told not to by the dispatcher led to the confrontation which caused Trayvon Martin death, Zimmerman is Guilty of at the least Negligent Homicide and given his disdain for "persons acting suspicious like they are on drugs, those people who always get away" Zimmerman's words to the dispatcher, one can say his being armed, frame of mind and knowledge of FL Laws can argue his actions could be construed as premeditated requiring based on FL Law Criminal Code, the elements of premeditated first degree murder could have been the charge.

Anonymous said...

This has been my fear about this situation all along.

We have serious issues of racism in this country. We need aggressive policies from our government to combat them. We have a President who is squandering his opportunity to advance the cause of minorities.

But we don't talk about this seriously. We have beer summits. Instead of a broader discussion about racism, we have flash point media events, like Zimmerman and Martin. This is not to minimize the tragedy of the event - but Zimmerman's fate isn't going to change anything in this country.

When we use these flash point events as a substitute for actual discussion about broader issues, there is a no win formula: IF Zimmerman is innocent, there is no racism in America, IF he is guilty...well, it is shrugged off as one isolated case. The evidence of a scuffle will bring ambiguity to the situation, and make Zimmerman a little less cold-blooded in the eyes of the jury, and he may go free. And if he goes free, it is validation of the argument that racism in America isn't a problem.

This is a set up from the start. Minorities can't win the media game by focusing on one event. It is a non-discussion. Of course, I don't know how to win, either.

Student of the World said...

Even if they both did something stupid, Zimmerman bears more responsibility because:

a) Zimmerman is a grown man.

b)Martin was seventeen.

c)Zimmerman was doing too much unnecessary shit, he wasn't even supposed to have a gun HELLO!

d) Zimmerman's actions resulted in someones death. If Martin ran up to his car and started an altercation then maybe I could understand blaming both. But that was not the case here.

The fact that people are even debating this just shows how little regard people in this country have for the personhood and lives of African Americans.

Keep talking and show me how little regard you hold for me and mine's right to live in this country without interference or abuse. Keep talking and show how you think of us as inhuman. Keep showing your racist ass. It really is refreshing to just finally see it out in the open.

Keep in mind the more you show your racist ass the less I want to participate in being a part of your country, so don't call me when you need someone to fight in your wars, or pay taxes. Go fuck yourself and enjoy your country without our input or participation. I'm sick of this bullshit that America and american people do and justify.

Student of the World said...

It is really ridiculous the bullshit they expect us to just put up with.

ish said...

CDV I haven't scrolled through your comments section in a long while. Is the infestation by white racists a new thing?

chaunceydevega said...

@Ish. I wouldn't say "infestation." More like occasional visitors. Nothing like Abagond goes through over on his site. If you want to see some obsessive "racialist" trolling take a look over there. Yikes.

Jeronimus said...

What I find interesting about this case is that George Zimmerman is a verified "civil rights activist" and is/was a pro-black liberal. he mentored black children; he agitated on behalf of a homeless black man who was allegedly beaten up by a policeman's son. Now that this has happened, he has transformed into "a violent "white Hispanic" racist."

Similarly, look up "Omar Thornton" in the news. The owner of the beer warehouse where Thornton worked actually sued the public school system of his hometown of Bloomfield, Connecticut because it was supposedly not doing enough for black children. This rich white "anti-racist" gave Omar a promotion to truck driver a year before his seniority would have warranted it according to union rules. Then Omar stole beer and sold it off his truck, got caught, then shot a bunch of co-workers, called 911 and said, "this is a RACIST company, they treated me real bad" then he killed himself.

So was the beer warehouse owner a racist or a liberal?

The best way to avoid getting called a racist is to do like me -- avoid all IRL contact with black people. Does that make me a racist? LOL, I don't care -- because I never get called a raicst or "accused" of racism because I live a negro-free life.

So I see a pattern -- negrophile, "anti-racists" get murdered AND accused of racism, or if they defend themselves they get accused of racism.

I'm hoping to talk white liberals off the ledge of negrophilia and integration. Trayvon Martin and Omar Thornton are helping me. Black people are helpnig us destroy the leftist coalition of blacks and white liberals.

sledge said...


Who are you talking to boy? White liberal my ass!

You come on here talking your stuff and you expect me to believe you give one iota about being called a racist?

Let me lay it out for you. For every instance of BS you can mention there are people on here that can bring up BS on the other side.

It looks to me like the only thing you are trying to do is spread a little bit more BS around.

Let me update you. The world is already full of BS and has little need of your little Johnny Appleseed BS spreader attempts to spread more.

But that's just my conservative opinion Mr. I'm Scared Of Black People So I Avoid All Contact With Them.

I'll bet you look under your bed and check the closet each night before going to sleep to make sure the black boogie man isn't hiding there waiting to get you. Don't you?


Anonymous said...

No matter what verdict is made in this case, Zimmerman will no longer be able to survive in this country.

That is the sad reality

CNu said...

the original lead detective in the case believed Zimmerman caused the fight by getting out of his vehicle to confront Martin, who wasn't doing anything criminal, and then could have defused the situation by telling Martin he was just a concerned citizen and tried to talk to him. He didn't think Zimmerman could legally invoke Florida's "stand your ground" law and should be charged with manslaughter.

That thurr is the whole, complete, and entire crux of the matter. EVERYTHING hinges on the legal determination made wrt the original lead detective's assertion.

Everything else is merely projective conversation...,

Anonymous said...

It should also be noted that the _White_ author of the "Stand your Ground" law that Zimmerman and the police are standing on is on record as saying that this law doesn't protect him (Zimmerman) from what he did.

I think it says something when the die-hard 2nd amendment jockey who advanced the law in the first place thinks that it doesn't apply to Zimmerman.

Anonymous said...

The statement referenced by the earlier comment:

Anonymous said...

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sledge said...

ahhh, Equalizer Group, Inc is a commercial investment fraud investigation company. The don't write rap songs so I guess it is some what fitting that you would use them as the copyright holder.

As that is a fraud.

There are way too many Anons. I can't keep track of them all.

Anonymous said...

Zim should not have chased him down, but if trayvon would have kept running instead of fighting him, he wouldnt be shot dead. Lock him up for a couple years and let him out.