Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Right-wing Perpetual Political Priapism Over Reverend Wright

Our plan is to do exactly what John McCain would not let us do: Show the world how Barack Obama’s opinions of America and the world were formed,” the proposal says. “And why the influence of that misguided mentor and our president’s formative years among left-wing intellectuals has brought our country to its knees.
Larry Elder will be paid 25,000 dollars for two weeks of work as an "articulate black" figurehead for a race baiting anti-Obama smear campaign. I always told you that being a boot black, lawn jockey, grinning from ear to ear, black conservative political coprophagist was extremely lucrative. Now you have third party confirmation of said fact.

[I cannot help but call attention to the racial micro-aggressions at play here as well: the favorite assumption being that black people are by definition inarticulate and stupid, thus the need to mark "articulate" as a qualifier.]

The NY Times has something for everyone today. For the Trayvon-Zimmerman crowd there is a piece on the Sanford, Florida police department's incompetence. White nationalists can get riled up about this story on declining white birth rates and the genetic/racial annihilation of those who we are presently categorized as "white." History buffs can learn about Brother Doctor King's forgotten manifesto and his call for President Kennedy to revisit the Emancipation Proclamation.

The item that will be getting the most attention is an expose on the plan by a cabal of Right-wing consultants and their billionaire sponsor to revisit Reverend Wright and his connections to President Obama. Unlimited Resources of one person determined to game the political system for personal gain. Super Pacs. White racial resentment. Conservative demagoguery. Slick media production values to dupe the mouth-breathing public.

All of these elements are present in “The Defeat of Barack Hussein Obama: The Ricketts Plan to End His Spending for Good.” I would like to believe that this complementary strategy--the dirty boxing--to Mitt Romney's more refined Barack Obama is a traitor, treasonous, and does not love America tactics, would be all balls and no shaft. To point, who would be compelled by this sort of claptrap?
The metrosexual black Abe Lincoln has emerged as a hyper-partisan, hyper-liberal, elitist politician with more I than a bit of the trimmer in him. He's not only unable to command our country's greatest concern, the economy but he also finds himself sputtering in foreign affairs, engaged in bumbling, crude attempts to inject social issues and class warfare into this election and utterly unable to make a positive case for why he should president.  
Yet we still "like" him. 
This crumbling of the Obama phenomenon, properly exploited and explained, should have a devastating impact on the elusive independent, who doesn't pay all that close of attention but knows thin are bad and feels that it could get a whole lot worse. 
But, they still "like" him.
The answer: millions of people. The practical puzzle then becomes are these voters already predisposed to vote for Romney anyway? Or will these types of racial appeals push right-leaning Independents in battleground states over the edge?

The architects of this Reverend Wright Gate 2.0 anti-Obama black animus strategy are also well aware of their vulnerability to "the race card." Here is their proposed shield and immunizing agent:
The instant response liberals give to any attack is to deem the attack as racist. In the case involving an African I American president, even more so. We have two ways to help mitigate that potential. First, include an extremely literate, conservative African American in our spokesman group. Our recommendation is Larry Elder, a prominent ABC talk radio host in California. We have discussed our approach with him in confidence and he immediately understood and "got it."

Larry was considered a potential U.S. Senate candidate in California during the last cycle. Mr. Elder will be in addition to ]oe Ricketts, Brian Baker and any other members of your group who would like to help spread the message. We have also had very tentative talks with a group of African American business leaders who could get substantially behind this effort. We will continue those talks only after concept approval. 
The second way we will lessen their ability to attack from a racist angle is to carefully utilize a series of focus groups. First, on the storyboards, then on a rough cut of the final film, making fine-tuning adjustments in wording and visuals to increase the impact, while lessening any elements that could reasonably be deemed "racist."
The NY Times is reporting that the principal agent involved in this proposed campaign is already flip-flopping as he offers denials and repudiations of its content. Smoke and mirrors as they got caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar.

But, I do have to ask one question: Is the Right-wing Black Conservative bench so thin that the best clown their white handlers can summon up is Larry Elder?


Frank said...


All thay have is hate and money. Sadly, the merchants of hate always find buyers.

John Kurman said...

Joe Ricketts is backpeddling fast on that.

Apparently, TD Ameritrade does not like light and oxygen:

ColorBind said...


Since I was earlier today mentioning how much I'd enjoy hearing you debate Larry Elder, I'd like to hear the basis for your attacks on him.

Also: You condemn "Unlimited Resources of one person determined to game the political system for personal gain."

Wouldn't that description also apply to George Soros (or Jeffrey Katzenberg)?

Comrade Physioprof said...

all balls and no shaft

HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! Good one!!

chaunceydevega said...

@Colorbutt. You are back? How was your hiatus? Did you tire of your alter ego? Will you be blessing us with your presence anymore? How about Craigslist? Are you going to continue cyber-stalking me?

Me thinks you have a crush on me. I am blushing. Can I have a kiss?

sledge said...

Oh man, CD have you gone crazy? You give CB his first kiss he'll be following you around for months like a love sick pup.

I haven't seen him in awhile. I thought maybe he had taken my advice and found a woman.

CB I don't care if you hang around or not. Just don't go psycho on us again.

You know what they say about saying the same thing over and over while getting the same result. It's really kind of spooky buddy.

Anonymous said...

Larry Elder's a Senate candidate? Finding that out made my day. Maybe he had enough self awareness to know that was out of reach for him. He would've been down with crapping on the President like that? He's got a lot more uncle in him than I thought.


Shady_Grady said...

Come on Chauncey, who else can they find with the special combination of slavish devotion to reactionary white nationalism, ability to censor facts he doesn't like, and pompous self-regard?
Elder is the guy.

I mean Clarence Thomas already has a job.
Jesse Lee Peterson has too much of the "recovering addict" vibe.
Herman Cain is damaged goods. He only has a tenuous grasp on proper English grammar.
Jason Riley is good but he's not quite ready for a hit like this yet.

Tessio and Clemenza's gotta be Elder..

Anonymous said...

Well, there ARE those black business people they are wooing. Who knows? If Elder turns out to be pimp-daddy in a suit, Thomas or Cain style, maybe we will see a new, "uncle" emerge. It was nice of them to lay their plans out ahead of time. If only they'd realize that their poll numbers as a group means that Americans "like" them even less and have no confidence in them. I mean really, a TDAmeritrade CEO the week following JP Morgan's 2 billion dollar gamble and loss? When exactly will they learn to go somewhere and sit down?

sledge said...


If you think JP Morgans 2 billion derivative loss was impressive just wait a few weeks.

They and 4 other of the too big to fails are so over exposed to the derivatives market they are going to be screaming "save us" as soon as the Greek voters get though with them.

The Fed Reserve and Central Banks across the planet will be putting their printing presses into overdrive as the Greek cancer spreads.

fred c said...

Sledge, that reminds me of a guy I had in my cab in the early '70's. I had a radio on, and the news was all Agnew about to get bounced. This Wall Street type in the back seat says wait, you ain't heard nothing yet, wait till next week. That was Watergate, and soon Agnew's wasn't the only ass getting kicked to the curb.

I do hope that you're overstating matters, but I fear that you're not.

Oh, this post is about Rev. Wright. Well, that's a non-issue. That's dog-whistle politics, and I'm not on the frequency. The man makes sense for one thing, and more importantly: does anybody think that politicians go to church out of belief?