Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fun With Hate Mail: "So No the White Fear is not About How Virile and Dynamic the Black Man is But Rather How Mentally Ill the Black Man Is"

Some fun Wednesday evening reading for all of you. Here is another communique that made me laugh this week. I am not going to make a habit of giving these clowns the attention--which is what these letter writers want--but every now and then it is useful for good and reasonable people to be reminded of the bigots in their midst.

Even if these are efforts to provoke (and are outliers in public opinion), they are still evidence of a set of social scripts and logic that speak to the dynamics of racism in "colorblind," post civil rights, post racial America in the Age of Obama. Humor, comedy, satire, and yes, hate mail, are all evidence of the dynamics at work in society's collective subconscious.

There are themes and narratives played out in reactionary and rageful whiteness: we can mock it; but in doing so we overlook much of what is lurking in America's racial id.



I enjoyed your article in Alt news. I think I can answer the one of the questions you posed. I quote " Is this fear a result of a deeply held, almost primordial belief that still lurks in the collective subconscious and racial id of whiteness: that black men are naturally more vibrant, masculine, dynamic, virile, and athletic than white men?".

The short answer is the number one killer of young black men is other young black men. Blacks are psychotic murders who kill on a whim because of their hate filled insanity. That is not white fear speaking but, sadly, too much contact with blacks.

I was talking to a older black man in a park in Atlanta. He had just retired from the parks service and had come back home with the dream of starting a fish farm. He lamented to me about his efforts to look up all his boyhood friends. Basically everyone he used to know died violently or ended up in prison. He was sure he would have ended badly if he had not gone to work for the white parks service and left Atlanta.

A black fellow started a conversation with me in a food line in some city. He regaled me over how he would trust a white man over a black in a heart beat. A white would go out of his way to do you right but a back would always do you wrong. Because blacks are simply evil. Of course I am filtering his words in the nicest way.

Let me tell you how a group of blacks almost beat me up in a park in Florida. I struck up a friendly conversation with a small group of blacks.They started telling me how the white man was holding them down. The white devils understand the way the black mans mind works so well that if you put a white and a black in a class together and teach them side by side the back will fail while the white will pass with honors.

This happens because the teachers use words, phrases, numbers in a way that black minds are biologically unable to understand. I started laughing because I knew they were trying to see how gullible I was. I knew there was no way they could think of themselves as that inferior to whites. They quickly let me know that they were so serious that they were willing to kill me over it.

The thing that makes my skin crawl is that I have run into this same thing with blacks in cities all over this country. I put it down to a ingrained refusal to take personal responsibility for personal actions. I have met a race of people who would rather believe in a incomprehensibly superior God like enemy white race rather than entertain the concept of personal bad habits destroying them. All across this nation are people willing to beat me to death if I counter with the proposal that maybe good study habits would over come this problem.

Statistically speaking blacks are insane. Black on white violence happens ten times more often than white on black. The scary thing is that the FBI fudges the numbers to make the blacks look less violent. A white raping a black is a oddity whereas a black raping a white is a social icon. The police are racist if they base their conduct on the fact that statistically the criminal is a black man.

So no the white fear is not about how virile and dynamic the black man is but rather how mentally ill the black man is. With the introduction of modern recreational drugs black violent irrationality due to brain damage has down right iconic. Yes, I have been attacked by groups of blacks, not mentioned in this letter, over the money in my pocket or hatred of whites five times and attacked by white muggers only once.

I was also attacked by Italians once because the black man they thought had stole from them pointed at me walking down the street and said it was me. They beat me up before they accepted that the thief they had caught had nothing to do with me. I don't know what they did to the black man after they let me go. That number does not include the many times I have altered my course to avoid potential attacks by blacks which is a survival trait you learn due to contact with blacks.



Your driver said...

It seems like this guy is constantly on the verge of getting his ass kicked. Why do you suppose that is?

Throcky said...

"Blacks are psychotic murders who kill on a whim because of their hate filled insanity."



Jay Rothermel said...

A small voice crying from within the bell jar of his own subjectivism.

Love your blog!

sledge said...

Racism is a two way street. I refuse to even discuss racism with a black person and have said so several times when the topic has come up. Usually, when discussing politics when I say that I'm no fan of Obama's policies.

The first response I've received a number of times is that I'm racist. That's not the reason I don't agree with his policies but they can think what they want.

My response to those blacks in regard to the racism assault is that I am not a racist. My side of the street is clean. When they get their side clean I'll be happy to discuss racism with them. Until then there is nothing to discuss and they have no right to complain about racism to me.

I carry a permitted weapon "everywhere" I go. Whether I'm surrounded by whites or blacks makes no difference. There are plenty in both races I distrust.

I don't see race relations changing in my lifetime. Most people I've met in both races just want to complain about how their side is treated unfairly. Unfortunately, both sides are right. Until that changes nothing else will either.

ish said...

"My response to those blacks in regard to the racism assault is that I am not a racist. My side of the street is clean. When they get their side clean I'll be happy to discuss racism with them. Until then there is nothing to discuss and they have no right to complain about racism to me."

Recommended purchase, hon? A mirror.

sledge said...

Thanks for the suggestion ish, I'll look into it, hon. Do you make the same suggestion to people of color? If you did I must have missed it. Vista really sucks that way.

Therein lies the problem. Like I pointed out above, It's a problem in both races and both have racial issues to deal with.

But I will agree with you. It doesn't hurt to take a good long look in the mirror once in awhile.

Anonymous said...

this is a trivial and marginal remark, but there is a certain entertaining, mystery novel, 'who-done-it', 'rashomon' aspect to emails like this. i can't help but puzzle over the real events behind this man's garbled, bizarre retelling. were some black folks having a conversation about educational inequality when this guy showed up, misunderstood their discussion, then ran away, certain (despite any evidence from the story) that they were about to "almost beat [him] up in a park"?

i suppose i have always had a thing for unreliable narrators.

Dan B. said...

You have to deny loads of reality to subscribe to Chauncey's views on race. Personal responsibility has nothing to do with the success/failure as blacks are simply doomed from birth.

I love watching as he whips out his massive blame thrower and torches the opposition!

With such brilliant writing style and keen intellect, Mr.Devega would make a great "Slave Catcher." If only I could persuade him to join the DARK SIDE...

Anonymous said...

Sledge, i call B.S. on your story. I have openly said that I do not agree with some of Obama's policies, all over the place, and have never once been called a racist. I suspect that if you are being called a racist it is probably because you are writing posts like the one you wrote above.


As to this letter, it is really getting to me that everyone is pushing the meme that blacks are more prone to homicide than any other race. Even our own. We are not. Despite what the FBI stats say today, there was some short 50 or so years ago where those stats would have reflected the complete opposite. What has happened since then? Was the white 'insane capacity' to kill suddenly transferred to blacks? I don't think so. If those stats included the number of whites who kill legally, under the guise of enforcing the law, or building nations, or protecting the border, or particpating in a coup the numbers would rise dramatically. And it would adjust for the percentages of the populations. There is no coincidence that whites dominate the field of law enforcement and military. They have simply found a way to kill and call it legal. Those same FBI stats showed that white males kill white women more than black men kill black men and that reflects more on what the actual numbers would look like if it included all murders. Why? Because they haven't yet found as way to criminalize being a woman. The point is there is no more a homicidal gene in blacks than there is in any other race.

BTW, reading this guy's letter it is no wonder people seem to always be going after him.

Brotha Wolf said...

I wonder if his "black attacks" were true, or a way of trying to gain racial sympathy from the criminal black men who never existed. It happened before.

If this person was attacked, I would like to know what prompt the attack. I want to know how he treated them. I want to know what he told them.

And don't get me started with the "black people who agree with me" shit that white people love to use as support to maintain their stupid-ass ignorance and arrogance. It's the oldest trick in the book.

Am I the only one who noticed how, as with many white people, they left out historical elements while crying about how black-on-white crime is vast and underreported?

On the bright side, at least he didn't mention how we was not a racist, like saying that would make a damn difference. lol

Are these the signs of the fall of the American empire on an intellectual level? Maybe.

weird beard said...

I guess I hail from the school of thought that all whites are racist.
For those of you not hip to studying racism, you probably take this the wrong way thinking that I am accusing all whites of active and conscious hatred of all other races. That is not the case. I am refering to the system of racism that disproportianately benefits whites. People that benefit from this system and perpetuate this system and are racist.
That just seems like square one to me. It's more a point of where do we go from there, or what are ways to address this issue, and how does this issue manifest.
If folks are getting their proverbial panties in a wad over being considered racist, that means we haven't even reached square one to me. When I see public discourse proclaiming some 'post-racial' utopia has been reached, or individuals claiming they hold absolute purity and have no shreds of racism in their life, they might as well be holding up a sign saying, "I don't understand what racism is, or my part in it."
And all these little "testamonials" these folks seem to come up with describing how blacks are evil and bad, just remind me of watching late night informercials where the people are obviously selling some snake oil that cures everything under the sun, and you see testamonial after testamonial from people's individual perception that seem to speak to the products efficacy despite complete lack of evidence from the FDA on the issue.
I feel like, as a nation we have a lot of discussion to do on this issue. I guess according to all these testamonials people are cutting their teeth on the issue of racism by interrupting conversations in parks, by writing hate mail to newspapers, or by trolling the interweb. It would be nice to have more opportunity for civil dialog and reasonable discussion on this topic that sets a more productive tone than what seems like some folks have experienced.

Anonymous said...

Dan Boyd....smh great picture of a leader that killed millons of people that happen to look just like him. It's good to know where you stand even though you don't have the courage to say it.

Anonymous said...

Gotta luv the "respectfully" at the end.

Deranged but well-mannered.

sledge said...

sabrinabee you don't even know me and yet you refer to me as a liar and a racist. I guess that is what should be expected from the internet.

That's ok, you can think what you want. The fact is I'm not a man given to exaggeration. I'm also not a racist either as I love my black daughter in law very much.

I work in Citrus in a packinghouse located in a predominately (as in totally)black area. Most of the people I work with are either black or hispanic.

I don't have problems with people or of color or anyone else because I deal with everyone straight up. I don't do PC, smile at your face, talk behind your back kind of crap.

Some of the same people who called me racist for not agreeing with Obama's policies have also come to me for help with different issues numerous times. They know they can trust me and when the chips are down (as happens in everyone's life regardless of color)I'll still be there for them.

I call things as they are. Not as people try to color them. People can disagree with what I think. If you think I'm a liar and a racist because we disagree, so be it. I have to live in my own skin, not yours.

Ken S said...

I commend the mailers attempt at civility, but the tone breaks down in a few places. I facepalm at the overall content of the letter...

Dan B. said...

From Christopher Jackson's

"I read a book by an expatriate Rhodesian
who visited Zimbabwe not
too many years ago. Traveling with a
companion, she stopped at a store along
the highway. A black man materialized
next to her car window. “Job, boss, (I)
work good, boss,” he pleaded. “You
give job.”

“What happened to your old job?”
the expatriate white asked. The man replied in the straightforward
manner of his race: “We drove
out the whites. No more jobs. You give

At some level, my students understand
the same thing. One day I asked
the bored, Black faces staring back
at me. “What would happen if all the
white people in America disappeared

“We screwed,” a young, pitch-black
boy screamed back. The rest of the
blacks laughed.

I have had children tell me to my face
as they struggled with an assignment. “I
cain’t do dis,” Mr. Jackson. “I black.”

The point is that human beings are not
always rational. It is in the Black man’s
interest to have whites in Zimbabwe but
he drives them out and starves. Most
whites do not think Black Americans
could ever do anything so irrational.
They see Blacks on television smiling,
fighting evil whites, embodying
white values. But the real Black is not
on television, and you pull your purse
closer when you see him, and you lock
the car doors when he swaggers by
with his pants hanging down almost to
his knees."

sledge said...

I've known some black executives who would disagree with Christopher Jackson.

Truth is the individual, no matter what color, gets what they motivate themselves to expect. If that is Government handouts, that's what they get. If it's an executive office, that's what they get. The motivation of expectations causes people to act to achieve or not.

chaunceydevega said...

@Jon. He is loved and popular!

@Throcky. I loved the closing as well. Unintentionally ironic.

@Jay. Thanks.

@Sledge. Unintentionally proving my points every day. Is appreciated.

@Anon. Roshomon for bigots? Would the story always end up that the black guy did it?

@Dan. Comedy is failing you today. Sometimes you have gem, others times a fail. They can't all be winners I guess.

@Ken. You are kinder than I am ;)

Opal A. Lynch said...

Oh no.. Black people could never ever exist without white people! Not like we ever did before.

And of course, we will let a biased account of words from misguided children serve as the gospel on how all black children feel about their capabilities.

And of course you arent racist. You loooooove whatever black person you can find that is almost in your life.

The anonymity of the internet is an empowering thing isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Sure, blacks can exist without whites. That's why the continent of Africa, the very seat of human origin, a land occupied by humanity since the dawn of civilization is such a richly developed utopia. That's why almost all of the great scientific and technological breakthroughs come from Africa, the leader of the industrialized world. That's why Africa is the cultural, political, and philosophical leader of humanity, disseminating breakthrough concepts to the rest of our sad populace while giving world governments a gold standard on which to model their constitution and theories on human rights. Don't know what we would do without Africans coming to the US to make sure all our villages in the poor south have drinking water and teaching us proper sanitation so we don't die in our own filth. Africa, a word synonymous with hope. Oh, wait... Oh, that's...that's not true at all, is it?

So, um, without racist whites to ruin everything for blacks what the he'll happened to Africa? And don't blame Europeans, the most successful African countries were once British colonies. I'll tell you what, I know slavery is wrong and what was done to your black ancestors was terrible, but thank God you were born in America. You're still better off here than you would be over there. At least your families aren't being slaughtered by tribal warfare, and you don't have to watch your kids die of disease and starvation or be kidnapped by warlords and impressed into their armies. You have a lot to be grateful for.

Jane Laplain said...

The "Africa is a festering hellhole of poverty and despair, which proves Africans are prone to fail" meme is my favorite. White Supremacist Racists who break out this argument are hilarious. Yes, the modern day woes of Africa has NOTHING AT ALL to do with centuries of brutal European occupation. NOTHING to do with a centuries long-to-date history of aboriginal exploitation and the ongoing european and american funding of government regimes that suppress the will of indigenous Africans while directly benefitting the explicit policies of Global White Supremacy and Capitalism. NOOoOOoo not at all!!

Oh and the mandatory erasure of Africa's history of scientific, architectural and cultural mastery PRIOR to colonial occupation?? PRICELESS. It's a perfect example of seeing only the pieces you want to see and ignoring the overwhelming rest of the puzzle.