Monday, March 26, 2012

Fun with Hate Mail: "It Seems that 'Anger Problems' are Epidemic in the Black Race and Community. But I Forgot, its the White Man's Fault"

The Trayvon Martin situation just gets worst and worst. Apparently, a self-interested vigilante has concocted a self-serving story that his self-interested and corrupt allies in the police are more than interested in disseminating as truth. The conservative media and other colorblind racists conveniently lap it up like god's word from on high. This saga has all of the makings of an American saga. If Orson Welles were alive today he would have great material for a pathos rich and melodramatic tale about the murder of Trayvon Martin at the hands of George Zimmerman.

Shameless self-promotion. I was fortunate enough to have an Oped appear in the Sunday edition of the NY Daily News. It got a few online comments (a decent number by the News' standards) and was included in the print run as well.

The controversy over Trayvon Martin's murder, and what is really a cut and dry case of premeditated murder against an unarmed black person--an act assumed to be "just" and "appropriate" because our personhood is forever suspect and vulnerable relative to white authority--has brought out the mouth-breathing, white, racial reactionary crowd in droves.

The public sphere is so much fun. To point, I received a fun email that is rich with possibilities for armchair psychologizing and critical analysis.

Here is your opposition, the "polite" racists who are "legitimately" concerned for the health of the black community. These people are real: they are your relatives, neighbors, and friends.

What follows provides some insight into their cognitive processes. Be forewarned.


Mr DeVega, I read your piece on racism in America this morning in the Daily News. The story is once again the "saga of the black man who gets no respect." I do not have to remind you who leads the country in murders, rapes, and robberies. Maybe its the white mans fault. Maybe we whisper in their ears to commit these heinous crimes. Oh yes, these crimes are usually committed to their own people. Make sense of that. I am a death penalty advocate, but lets face it, we already have the death penalty in all states of America. Blacks killing blacks.

By the way, I am a Spirit-filled born-again Christian who was born in the Newark, New Jersey projects in the fifties, sixties, and seventies. I have never committed a crime, but have been a victim of a crime by guess who? I am in college for my MBA degree, so I am not some idiot who usually comments to newspaper controversial articles. My stepfather who was a wonderful black man, bought my family and I a house in Irvington in the seventies. I loved him very much. So this isn't a racist white man who is criticizing the black race.

This is a man who is tired of hearing and reading about black authors, and black advocates crying about injustice when they stand to be in today's society the most violent race in the country. How many illegitimate children are in our country without their birth fathers? I believe Bill Cosby toured the country wanting to know that question. I recently watched the Al Sharpton talk show which he had a black author who wrote the book, "Black man and their guns," or something similar to the title. He was debating with Sharpton and black female guest about why black youth today have guns, and why they use them in a violent manner. Al and the woman told the author that it was the white man's fault that the black youth had guns.

The author said that they did not have to purchase these guns and did not have to commit acts of violence with them. Al and his friend kept their heads in the sand throughout the program. I am still waiting for a newspaper article, and a protest by black speakers telling their people to put the guns down and stop killing and raping each other.

This problem has spilled over into the sports arena. You know when someone mentions that he or she lives in a bad area, what race comes up first? Oh thats right, they don't recieve the same education that the white youth receives. When I was going to school in Newark, blacks, hispanics and whites were receiving the same education. Unfortunately most of the black and hispanic students were concerned about who they could bully, steal money, and harass teachers.

If Martin Luther King was alive today, maybe he would be the black hope for all black youth and people. Because so far, all the black speakers continue to complain and whine about injustice. Maybe Mr. DeVega, the next article you write should be to advocate for the survival of the black race, because as I have previously stated, "they are killing each other." I just had a thought.

When I was a young boy, I found a kitten and brought it up to our apartment to take care of it. We kept the kitten overnight but it was ill, so my stepfather and mother let the kitten go (an ignorant and cruel act). I don't know why to this day they did not bring it to a shelter. Anyway, I found the kitten half buried in the ground out by the apartments, and a couple of black kids were laughing over its grave.

I also remember going to the park with my black friend and suddenly he started beating me up. After the beating, I asked him why he attacked me, he said, he did not know why. My wife and I were married by a two black pastors who were friends of my wife. One evening the black pastor (I forgot his name) said the one problem he continues to have in his life is anger problems. It seems to be an epidemic in the black race and community. But I forgot, its the white man's fault.


ish said...

OMG Black people KILL KITTENS@!!!! Oh the barbarity!!L11!

Wait was it a black kitten or a white kitten?

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised this was written by a 'spirit-filled Christian'. Is it any wonder why not just the black community but this country is going down the tubes? Every segment of this society has problems with criminality. According to the FBI very similar number can be said of white killings.

Source -

freebones said...

"I do not have to remind you who leads the country in murders, rapes, and robberies."

I hear this a lot from people such as your concerned reader. I don't get what it is supposed to prove, even if it were true, which it isn't.

Throcky said...

"If Martin Luther King was alive today, maybe he would be the black hope for all black youth and people. Because so far, all the black speakers continue to complain and whine about injustice."

Yeah, Dr. King never complained about injustice like the race-card-playing black leaders do. He just told black people that if they weren't free in America, it was all their fault. According to King, black people could get to a racially equitable America by working on their anger issues, having fewer illegitimate children, and never accusing white people of causing any of their troubles.

weird beard said...

I wonder if this event in history will go down as the final nail in the coffin of the myth of a post-racial America. I know WARN never fell for that joke, but part of America did. I think the Henry Louis Gates Jr. thing struck a good blow to it, and the Tea Party roughed it up beyond all recognition. Then this republican campaign probably revealed the idea to most as the laughing stock that it is. But I think this event may have truly put it to rest beyond reasonable doubt for the rest of the country that wasn't hip from the begining. This has really knocked it out to the cheap seats. I get the feeling that this whole post-racial America myth really made a lot of White folks feel like they finally were off the hook for any accusals of the effects of racism. Barack Obama getting into office seems to have emboldened a lot of folks to say "ha, you see, racism is a myth". Trayvon Martin's shooting seems to really bring this all to light and you can almost feel the collective disappointment/ rage/ defensiveness/ temper tantrum of all those getting the reality check. The sad thing is, I don't really feel a lesson was learned for many in respect to the state of racism in America. I really just feel that this has fomented a ripe and rabid denial of racism and blaming of liberals for race chasing. I have heard that there has been a huge spike in hate-groups and white-supremecy folks during this conservative campaign season, and I feel like we are now getting a front row seat to how deep this rabbit hole goes. Not that I was under any delusion that these folks weren't around before, but I am a little taken aback by the force of showing. Is anyone else disturbed by this, or does this just feel like the same old same old?

LessSquire said...

I was one of those Negroes who was still supporting Hillary Clinton long past the time when such a thing was ok!! I said.. "hey this Barack Obama guy is impressive as HELL.. and his wife is even MORE impressive.. but no way are we gonna do this NOW!!! America is not going to stand by and watch a black man come in behind the MESS that Bush made and introduce some new post-racial, bi-partisan Camelot and walk away in 2017 like Jesus walking into heaven!!!"

I spent the spring and summer joking with my friends and family.. saying "we'd better get some of those wooden pallets together like the Mormons do.. with six months of supplies on it.. because if this brother gets elected things are not going to calm down until July or August at the earliest!"

Then Sarah Palin came along and saved the day... damned if this country didn't manage to elect a black man ... the streets were filled with cheering people. I was wrong.. maybe we WON'T have to duck on January 20.. that day came... it was like aliens arriving from another planet it was so unbelievable. And went to the supermarket the next day and there was no anger.. s*** was normal. And I thought... "we might make it through this.. guess the whites aren't going crazy!" Then Skip Gates.. followed quickly by the health care town halls. The bobsled run had begun and it hasn't stopped!!! keep your heads in the sled bruthas!!!

Listen.. the WHITE folks haven't gone FULL CRAZY yet... right now the "off-whites" .. Zimmerman, Bobby Jindahl, Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio, Andrea Tantaros, Michelle Malkin..they're the first dogs let off the leash to nip at the President's heels. And they've been doing a good enough job. Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Richard Carter, Armstrong Williams, John McWhorter, Tara Setmayer, Amy Holmes, and Pastor Manning .. the usual black suspects are getting their meager paychecks as well. they've executed the game plan but the white folks going plum crazy isn't going to happen until and unless Obama opens a wide lead or actually wins in 2012... get in the missile silos in North Dakota if THAT happens, kiddies!.

Dan B. said...

I liked that E-Mail! It highlights one simple truth: Other races aren't afraid of blacks because of their peaceful nature. Rather personal experiences to the contrary. Not one single person on this site has even tried to dispute the FACT that more whites are killed by blacks than vice-versa. When I mention this here I am called "slow" & "ignorant." When you examine every category of crime you'll find blacks leading the way. You can only blame white people so much for the world wide failures of blacks. Is it the white mans fault that not one black civilization developed a written language? Was it the evil whites that prevented blacks from ever being able to successfully govern themselves to the point of creating a first world nation? Even after handing over the control of prosperous Rhodesia? Robert Mugabe turned it back into a shithole. Listen to yourself as you rationalize all these things in your mind! Sound like bullshit? Throughout history and across the globe blacks have never been able to achieve anything close to what their racial counterparts have. Why is this? Now lets look at today. The best example you have to highlight the evils of white racism is some Spanish speaking neighborhood watchman who fired one bullet into a 6'3" 17 year old high school football player who was beating the shit out of him at 3:00 in the morning. Seems to me that if the "deadly fists of white racism" were so pervasive, you would only have to wait a few days for a better example to illustrate your doctrine. The truth is that whites bend over backwards for blacks in this country and they still can't get their shit together. Want proof? How about this, I say, "Black is beautiful!" Notice the applause from the audience. "White is beautiful!" Uht-Oh, I'm a bigot... A student says, "I'm proud to be black because of Martin Luther King!" A+ young man! "I'm proud to be white because of Buzz Aldrin!" Um, we are going to have to speak to your parents. Double standard? You bet! Whites have intentionally stripped ourselves of even the ability to be proud of all that we have achieved. We have laws that give jobs and college educations to black people at the expense of whites and yet people like you are still complaining about how unfair it is for you and your race? In this "white hegemony" your readers have proposed I live in, shouldn't I be able to at least proclaim that I'm proud to be white and not fear that I will loose my job if it becomes public? Someday after much exhaustion even the "good" white people on here that agree with you will wake up and recognize the failure of the black race in America for what it is. This isnt 1962, its 2012 and your not going to get blasted with fire hoses protesting your perceived lack of justice over Trayvons death. Today your employer will be scared to death to fire you because they fear the litigation you'll bring as you claim racist motivations for your pink slip. Pack that privilege in your knapsack mate!

Brotha Wolf said...


I don't know where to begin with this incoherent babbling and finger pointing. This has all the earmarks of whiteness right down to the "Born-again Christian" declaration as if that's supposed to be just as significant as the "dying kitten" story.

My head hurts from reading this letter.

Anonymous said...

@Brotha. Between the letter and Dan Boyd, who is so much fun, there is much work to be done. As brother Akbar said, you can't help these people. Just studying on them like deadly pathogens. Don't touch them though, whatever you do.

Weird Beard said...

Okay, I've tried to have some civil dialogue with you on multiple occasions, and you went way over the line days ago. Now you are pretty much screaming under a white hood at a rally. You are just saying that you think Black people suck, and you are tired of all the hardship white folk have to go through tippy toeing around sensitivity and giving away all your free stuff. Then when no one has any sympathy for your burdened white existence and racial hatred, you get to say "see they have no sympathy for me, so I have none for them and its all equal. I go on their site and spout a bunch of neo-nazi kkk crap and they call me a dumbass, but if I call them a dumbass, I am a racist. It's not fair, poor me"
All along I have critiqued that you lack a contextual and historic view of the racial dynamics in this country. And I think the dynamic applies here as well. You are seen now, and will be seen in the future as being on the wrong side of history on racial issues. You throw stones at people for criticising the system that benefits whites, like it is not a worthwhile endeavor, and beg that instead we focus on some made up black pathology, and yet here you go critisizing an imagined system that benefits blacks with a double standard, and ignore white pathology.
You really are gonna spend your life attacking black privilege?
What kind of a dork becomes a white supremecist anyway?

Ken S said...


To see the e-mailer's point you have to convert those statistics into crimes per capita. That table shows that the *total* number of crimes by black people is about the same as the *total* number of crimes by whites in America, but remember the ratio of white to black is about 6 to 1. So whites are about six times less prone to homicide.

@Chauncy and Weird Beard,

I know this is an election year and all, but I really do wish the smearing of these "polite" conservatives like the e-mailer and Dan would stop. If not only for the sake of civil discourse but also for strategic considerations. Demonizing the viewpoint of these folks as 'hateful' or 'racist' may fool many people now, but I suspect, contrary to Weird's premonitions about the future's history, this is a terrible long-term strategy. Of course I don't mean to imply my chicken bones are getting any better of a reading than his are. :)

I'd also like to respond to something said to CNu on the last post, and add something myself. First of all, if our justice system if working properly it is going to sully and angelize both parties at the same time, and I personally don't mind if as much is out in the open as possible on this event. Yes, of course we should be wary of all the parties' claims.

Finally, to CNu's article I might add, it appears Martin may have had a twitter account named @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA. I suppose there is an alternative tale those conservatives will come up with based on this (what with their vivid racial imaginations and religion-addled brains), a story where Martin did indeed find at least one limit in life. I don't think for a second that most of them ever wanted to see their story play out in reality, though.

Anonymous said...

It is critical to confront propanda and myths about us especially with regard to crime.
1. Whites lead the FBI Index in treason, sedition,domestic abuse ,incest,sex crimes,white collar crimes ,fraud,securities violations,arm sales,espionage ,assassination attempts on public officials,kidnappings,drug offenses,tax evasion ,Medicare fraud, crimes against humanity (war crimes)

fred c said...

Regarding the version of events now being pushed by Mr. Zimmerman and his apologists, here's a capsule description of how the law frequently works:

Finding himself with neither the facts nor the law on his side, the enterprising lawyer will read up on all of the applicable statutes and precedents and make note of anything and everything that would, if it existed in his case, turn his case around. Then it becomes a matter of alleging that those things actually exist in his case. Hopefully he can find some facts or evidence that can be spun in favor of his version of events. Otherwise the naked allegations will have to do.

So if I were Zimmerman's lawyer, I might be tempted to break his nose myself and smash his head into the nearest patch of cement a few times, take some pictures, and send him to the hospital. I wouldn't do it myself, of course, that would be unethical.

(Unethical, a concept that is frequently stretched to the breaking point in the law. The greatest shock of my legal career was the realization that telling the truth would, in many situations, be unethical. "Ethical behavior" in the legal setting is anything that benefits your client.)

So, what if the kid jumped Zimmerman and roughed him up? Yeah! That's the ticket!

Too bad the local cops didn't see fit to run a real investigation. Ethics are in short supply everywhere I suppose.

(And oh, the Dan thing? Not.Going.There.)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fred,

You post like a lawyer allow me to augment your legal thoughts with the following:

Zimmerman's gun was not taken by police
Zimmerman's injuries were not documented not photos, no hospital admissions
Witnesses statements were not under oath
Zimmerman was not a part of any organization

I am sure once the investigation is completed all of these questions wil be addressed.

I am troubled by the protrait emerging of Trayvon and the greed f his parents( trademarking quotes etc) yet I do understand the when justice is in play sometimes the vessels which are conduits for justice are stained and troubled but so is life often in the real world..

I read an article by a blogger who posted here often called " Interactive Negrophobia"...Please google it I found it on point and timely..

Please post more often I have just returned to this site and it is still poppin and informative.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ken S.

The chart i posted above was in response to the claim that more blacks kill blacks. I wanted to show that in the same vein more whites kill whites. And if we really wanted to get particular, white women should be more fearful of white men than black men.

Those same FBI stats show that whites are arrested in every area of crime MORE than blacks. It really depends on what tables you are looking at. The particular chart they are referring to are for city/urban stats but if you look at municipalities and rural stats the results would be that more whites commit not only murder but rapes, burglaries, assaults and arsons. The places where blacks come closest to white are murder and robberies. And whee they exceed is in gambling, go figure... Of course, city stats are going to be higher because that is where blacks are concentrated. This chart is for the number of total arrests but If you click on person arrested tab it will take you ro race charts by city, municipalities, and rural areas.

But i also think that there are other sociological factors that play into the disparity. Young white males who are likely to kill, have an easier time of applying and being admitted into the armed services, or being able to purchase firearms and take up the sport of hunting so when they have a desire to release hostility they can do so, easily. Most young blacks being more likely to be criminalized before they reach the age of 18 don't have the same opportunities to channel their bloodlust except at each other. Of course it is not as simple as that but it is a factor.

Plantsmantx said...

My stepfather who was a wonderful black man, bought my family and I a house in Irvington in the seventies.

I can almost swear I've read that before, on some other internet forum.