Sunday, February 19, 2012

How Would You Grade the Debut of Melissa Harris-Perry's New Show on MSNBC?

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Here is the big debut.

It is always nice to see new faces in the talking head TV revue. And it is doubly fun to see two folks on today's show that I know personally. As a host, Dr. Perry is still getting her feet under her, and I suggest that she needs to be more direct and forceful--especially as evidenced by the interview with her first Republican guest. Academic types can be a bit pedantic. In all, if I were her cornerman during the big fight, I would encourage her to knuckle up and deal out some real shots. This is especially true when her adversaries are throwing lazy overhand rights that invite a devastating counter-punch.

In total, I think she did well. How would you grade the first episode of Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC?

In addition to Professor Perry, there is another political scientist, really one of THE black political scientists, getting some shine this week as well. Last week, I linked to his work in The Boston Review. Today, Dr. Dawson will be appearing on We Act Radio. He also did a great interview/long form dialogue back in December of last year on Chicago's Another Perspective. For those interested in black politics it is an obligatory listen:


Shady_Grady said...

A few technical glitches, a tendency to talk over guests, and occasional searching for the camera. A good start with room for growth. And did I detect an ever so slight lisp?

CNu said...

ever tho thlight?!?!?!

nomad said...

We already have a "strong Republican" party. It's called the Democratic party, which is basically the policies of the GOP circa 1990. And the right wing of our current de facto one party system is far from weak. It controls the agenda. What we don't have is a strong liberal party. We got right on the one side and batshit crazy on the other.

Anonymous said...

She was good nothing to write home about yet but clearly a fresh face and voice..

She reminds me of CD a light skinned person who leverages that colorism reality to her advantage..

I know some people who know CD and they agreed with me..Kinda like Angela Davis a bit of over compensation for being a yellow gal..

Yeah she has a lisp but I find it very attractive... I think she is hot.

chaunceydevega said...

@Shady. I have not done TV. This is a serious question. Are you supposed to look at the camera or just do your thing and trust the producers?

@Cnu. You are in rare form these last few days. You need a podcast or Youtube show.

@Nomad. I agree. The terrain is so far right. We need more folks to talk about the reality that we have two conservative parties in this country. Funny thing is, the Tea Party GOP is great at message control and branding. They actually have the mouth breathers believing that Obama is a leftie socialist which is a joke.

@Anon. Me? Please. I am coal black, so dark and beautiful I glow. Where you be getting your misinformation?

Shady_Grady said...

I think you're supposed to just trust your producer but I don't work in the field so what do I know. I'll check with my blog partner, who does work in the field and find out.

Shady_Grady said...

It's probably the floor producer's fault, Chauncey.

nomad said...

" I am coal black, so dark and beautiful I glow."

I didn't know that there were any coal black African Americans in academia. How'd you get pass the filter?

(Please prove you're not a robot. What if I am a robot?)

Anonymous said...


My associates claim you are as light as your pappy was...BTW they live in Hartford but have family in New Haven..

Your writing does reflect a angela davis syndrome a over the top plea to the hood that despite your yellow you are still quite mellow..

I am not hating on you just placing your work in the context of Blackness here in America where all kinds of racial adaptation and posturing was part our Blackness under these circumstances being in the belly of the beast..

Beyond-The-Spectrum said...

She needs a bit more polish and practice