Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brother X-Squared, Black Militant Freedom Fighter, Predicts the 2012 Oscars

The We Are Respectable Negroes News Network (WARNNN) is proud to bring you the latest installment in our recurring series of interviews with Brother X-Squared, president of the North American Chapter of the Renewed Black Panther Party.

As long time followers of WARNNN already know, Brother X-Squared is a potent activist, black futurist, and visionary thinker. He is also a noted cultural critic in the greatest tradition of African American commentary and letters. It has been many months since our last interview, during which Brother X-Squared revealed his role in the Herman Cain saga, pontificated on the fall of Barack Obama, and made a set of presciently accurate predictions about the Tea Party GOP and the 2012 presidential elections.

In this interview, Brother X-Squared has returned to share his thoughts on this evening's Academy Awards, as well as his unique wisdom on all things political and social, with the readers of We Are Respectable Negroes.

WARNNN: Hello, it has been many months since our last chat. I have tried to phone you, email, and text you, but to no avail. Last time we had an awkward conversation about your role in the Herman Cain brouhaha, and your feelings about my progress as one of your disciples of a sort. Where have you been? Are things okay?

Brother X-Squared: I operate according to my own timetable and not yours. While it has been months to you--and I hear the yearning in your voice for more of my wisdom and knowledge--it has only been the equivalent of hours for me. You use the white man's clock, his calendar, what those evil Caesars and Popes call the "Julian Calendar"--which is actually a way of coordinating their wicked orgies and praying at the sick cult of European barbarism and pagan religion. I depart for a few moments and you have already had your mental mindstate weakened. You have always been mentally flaccid like all of these other lost negroes in America. But, after the instruction I gave you last time, I would have expected that you would show more steel in your thinking.

WARNNN: Pardon me. I greeted you with warmth and kindness. What have I done now? Please explain.

Brother X-Squared: Even in your words you recycle the white man's wickedness. You used the phrase "brouhaha." Break down the origins! Brewing and devil. He who laughs at black people's suffering! Brewing up evil in a cauldron like the natural witches they are!

"Okay." Another evil word used by the twisted forked tongue of the white man. That word is derived from his secret code language called Pig Latin! It was also the language of those filthy Eastern European immigrants who came to America and became "white" by putting their foot on the neck of the proud black man!

These are elementary errors you have committed Brother Chauncey. And while you may be my brother, even though you are confused and your melanin has become drained and weak by cavorting with the white man's civilization and women, I love you as I do all Nubians--even those confused and lost like you. But you are not my disciple. I grant that title. You have not earned it.

WARNNN: Okay then. Where have you been? Are you worried about the 2012 presidential election. The Republicans are in disarray and are showing the true depths of their nativism and xenophobia. In fact, Rick Santorum said that black people were parasites and...

Brother X-Squared: It is clear that you have taken five steps back in my absence. I have no worries. This is all as I have predicted. I was traveling this country. I went to hellish lost cities like Detroit and Flint, Michigan where I have been establishing new chapters of the Renewed Black Panther Party. I also went to Chicago in order to understand the type of weak negroes who would set up that halfrican Barack Obama, a man whose melanin is tainted and diluted by his white mother, as their anointed leader. Sick. Disgusting. I have never been so entertained as when those sad black women visited the White House and fell out of wheelchairs to touch the hem of Michelle Obama's dress as though it was magical.

Rick Santorum was right! The black man in America is a parasite. What has he built? What communities has he created? You sit there begging for scraps from the white man! You are angry because Santorum and Romney and those other foul beasts are telling you the truth about the sorry state of black manhood in America. It hurts doesn't it!

WARNNN: Do you really want to say that Santorum is right? That black people, the children of the Civil Rights Movement, are parasites? Come now, you are being provocative.

Brother X-Squared: My existence as a strong Nubian warrior whose mind state is strong and who asks the white man for nothing is provocative by virtue of its existence. You need to do more reading as the white man tells you the truth even when he lies. There is one devil called Nietzsche--a white fascist who hated black people--who wrote all about these topics and called it ontology. I respect Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. They tell the lost negro to his face what they think of him.

In fact, they are both white supremacists. In my journeys I have uncovered many truths about them. Santorum believes in the Curse of Ham. He thinks that you weak negroes are natural slaves. Mitt Romney is a member of the Illuminati and a Mormon. According to his religion, the black man is a slave in this life and in heaven. Newt Gingrich wants to put you in the fields to learn about the value of hard work by mopping floors and picking cotton! This is glorious!

WARNNN: Please elaborate. I am very confused.

Brother X-Squared: Confusion is a natural state for the black man in America. I am natural melanin reactor. My bronzed and shea butter covered skin amplifies light and converts it into energy which explains why I do not need to sleep and why you spend your time in slumber! Perpetual slaves to the approval of the white man. As I told you years ago, the white man would put a black man up as his pawn. This would be his opportunity to say that white supremacy is dead and also that the white man is oppressed. Elevated Nubians understand this. We call it a dualism or paradox. The paradox of white supremacy is that the white man remains always in charge even as he claims victimhood.

Now, the Republicans can tell you what they really think without apology. And you sit back playing the con game of choose your poison by being in bed with that Obama, who right now is the biggest imperialist on Earth killing black and brown people all over the world and locking up his enemies in secret prisons! I smile and laugh as this country is becoming like that great comedy Mad Max with all of those befouled white people living in filth, or that other very funny movie Robocop.

That last movie is profound. There is a concept called neoliberalism that you should also learn about. A smart white man named David Harvey explained all this years and years ago. I study the white man's wisdom so that I can outmaneuver it. The fall is coming. If you thought those pathetic negroes during Hurricane Katrina were something, you are not at all prepared for what is coming very, very soon. I await it with open arms. From the ashes, Brother X-Squared and the North American Chapter of the Renewed Black Panther Party will rise to create order from chaos.

WARNNN: We missed you. Truly. Since you brought up the subject of movies. Are you ready for the Oscars? I know you are an enthusiastic movie goer. What are your predictions?

Brother X-Squared: There are levels and levels of evil in this year's Oscars. I have forbidden the members of the North American Chapter of the Renewed Black Panther Party to see many of these movies, and have decided that my children and wives will also not be permitted to watch the Oscars. The white man has marshaled such an assault on black people that this is the equivalent of the gatling gun being used on our honorable brave heroic Zulus by those sick British in Africa. The white man has made a time machine and is showing you all what the future holds for black people! The past is the present!

WARNNN: Do you mean that movie The Help, and how it mocks black people's history, while recuperating white people and Jim Crow?

Brother X-Squared: I see. Some of the scars I have left on your mental mindstate have flowered and produced a little bit of knowledge. As a child you comprehend only one part of the puzzle. But because you are a child you do not see the many dimensions of his wickedness. The Help is a sick white movie. White people love to be saviors in their movies.

Even films that look harmless like those hellish Lethal Weapon movies are all about humiliating and demeaning the strong black man. You lost negroes in America who have not found wisdom like Brother X-Squared even participate in your own debasement by acting in such white propaganda films. Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer are to be ashamed.

They are no models of righteous black womanhood. No true queen would ever appear in such a
film. Even some of your colleagues had the courage to call out that sick white fantasy movie The Help. This is the 1920s and 1940s all over again! In the 1940s, white Hollywood gave that old mammy Hattie McDaniel an Oscar for playing the loyal black pet to that white she devil Scarlett O'Hara in that horrible movie Gone with the Wind.

The 1920s gave you the most evil movie ever made, Birth of a Nation! The white man wrote history with lightning as that evil KKK member President Wilson famously said about that movie with its shucking and jiving black man-ape rapist characters..

WARNNN: I don't see the connection. I get the allusion to the perennial role of maids and servants for African-Americans which white Hollywood is deeply attached to. But Birth of a Nation? Really, I don't see it.

Brother X-Squared: You never will. The other movie the white cultural elites are in love with is called The Artist! It is a silent movie in black and white! The white man loves the past! He loves a time when weak negroes like you knew their place! I see his evil for what it is. The only thing "artistic" about these movies is how they are so good at assaulting the mindstate of lost Nubians. In the year 2012, you have mammy movies and black and white movies that harken back to Birth of a Nation.

There is other evil which is too subtle for simple travelers and journeyman Nubians to see and comprehend. Do not overlook that movie called Tree of Life! What is the tree for the white man? It is a lynching tree! He lynches you right in public. There is another time travel movie called Midnight in Paris by that sex deviant Woody Allen which is going to win too! The white man again shows you how he is going to bring you to the past and make it real in the present!

And the ultimate example of the white man's deviousness--and I so love him for it--is that movie called The Descendants. What is the white man a descendant of, and what are his descendants for now and all time? They are descendants of wickedness. And how did he mark the black man as a slave, by the one-drop rule! A descendance of blood and bondage!

WARNNN: What are your actual predictions? You have clearly thought much about this topic. Divine the white man's wisdom if you would.

Brother X-Squared: Don't mock me. There is nothing divine about the white man or his so-called wisdom. I have seen all of these films. I do not pay the white man money. One of my brothers lets me into the white man's indoctrination centers for free: there are allies to my cause everywhere. Some of my allies are even white! I also bring my own air popped popcorn that I season with sea salt, saffron oil, and peanut essence. I give the white man nothing. I take everything from him that I desire.

The Artist will win best picture. Although that Hugo movie about that pedophile white man and his sex robot are a close pick. The white man, this Oscar that you call him, is self-important. He will not let any chance to humiliate black people escape him. However, the white man cannot escape his own perverse predilections. Hugo will win for best director.

The critics are all over that Jean Dujardin in that Artist movie. They say he is charming. That is how the white man deceives you, though charm and guile. But, they also love that George Clooney. I could care less. The white man is habitual in his evil, he will continue to follow through with The Artist. Likewise for that man who plays all of the Nazi characters. That homosexual acting Christopher Plummer will also win best supporting actor.

WARNNN: Okay, what about the categories which The Help is nominated for, best actress and supporting actress. Are Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer guaranteed to win?

Brother X-Squared: Does a cockroach sit up on its back legs and play a fiddle while the overseer counts heads the night before Christmas on the plantation?


Brother X-Squared: You still have not studied your own African folk tales and wisdom. As that white anthropologist Herskovits proved, our Africanisms live eternal, and you can't even harness their power. Pathetic. The answer is yes! An emphatic yes! And those two handkerchief heads will give some tear filled speech that will wash away all centuries of white bigotry, rape, violence, and hostility towards proud Nubian warriors and queens in this country. Please! What an absurdity! But, the fiction will continue. You will see!

WARNNN: Are there any other nominees of note that you would like to comment upon? And have you seen any movies that you would like to recommend?

Brother X-Squared: Midnight in Paris by that sick white man who married his own Asian daughter will of course win. It is written by a race-mixing incestuous pedophile and features a white man traveling around Paris through the use of some type of magic. Typical white tricknology. I wish the white men in that movie had gone to Algeria during that time. Maybe they would not have come back! Now that would be a great movie! That Planet of the Apes will win for its computer generated monkey foolishness. They took a profound movie about powerful black men making the white man into slaves and ruined it.

Now, that technology will be used to uplift the white man by allowing him to project his sexual insecurities onto the screen all over the world. There will be more sick zoophilia movies from Hollywood. Between that sick white fantasy Avatar movie, and the white man's Planet of the Apes, my mental calluses will have to be strengthened so that I can stand strong against the onslaught--weak negroes like yourself do not have the power and will be seduced into debauchery.

WARNNN: Lord. You pour a gallon's worth of knowledge into a cup Brother X-Squared. I am overwhelmed. No current favorites?

Brother X-Squared: Yes, see the movie Rampart. It is about those corrupt white cops in Los Angeles and stars that white man Woody Harrelson. He is one of my favorites. As he had gotten older he has chosen roles which show the true evil of the white man and his culture. The movie is very funny. There are levels upon levels of white thievery, corruption, and wickedness on display. It even features a depraved toe sucking scene, where the Woody Harrelson character sucks on a black woman's feet! Priceless. Rampart also has all types of white sex deviance on display. It is an accomplishment of the first order.

WARNNN: Thank you as always. Will we be hearing from you again? Perhaps more frequently than as of late?

Brother X-Squared: I come and go as I please. If the people request me I shall return. I have much work to do as I prepare for the inevitable fall of this weakened two legged stool of an empire you call America. Be safe Brother Chauncey. My teachings can protect you.


Comrade Physioprof said...

I also bring my own air popped popcorn that I season with sea salt, saffron oil, and peanut essence. I give the white man nothing. I take everything from him that I desire.

Dude, this whole piece is brilliant. But I love this little bit the best.

chaunceydevega said...

@Comrade. Brother X-Squared says. Did you see the tricknology on display! An Iron Lady, the embodiment of the wicked slave traders the British won over a household mammy. I underestimated the white man's wickedness! So devious he is. Apparently, you are the only one with the courage and mental callous necessary to engage with me. Sad. I thought there would be stronger folks here.

Jay said...

Again, Brother X-Squared proves his prophetic genius. I am always lifted up and challenged by his words.

chaunceydevega said...

@Jay. Oh fellow warrior. The bear is a charmed warrior. Our first world nations who are allies in the struggle against the evils of the White European know his power very well! Spread my word as a disciple and I will ensure your safety when the time of revolution comes!

annum natalem said...

Brother X Squared is like standing in a blast from a hellishly hot oven. And what's cooking? It smells like Knowledge. It smells like science has truly been dropped, and those who apprehend will have to pick it up with tongs that are meant for uranium.

annum natalem said...

also whups on posting previous comment to wrong post.

Anonymous said...

I like Brother X-Squared!

chaunceydevega said...

@Jay. I see you are uplifted. The natural Nubian always flies high in the stratosphere. Are you already flying with me or do you need to earn your wings?

@Fictional. I am a melanin self-sustaining reactor! An oven? You insult me. A king needs his seeds, I am always available to reach out to my queens for counseling. Come to Brother X-Squared as this is our most basic weapon against the onslaught of the evil white man!

@Anon. Like? How? Clarify your words! Brother X-Squared is always suspicious of the white man's tricknology! You could be a robot, an evil white Bender robot who is trying to confuse me!

Anonymous said...

This brother speaks the truth, he is the righteous black that enlightens all lost black people whether you are black African/American or Australian Abroiginese. We all suffered on the hands of the whiteman and still struggle till this day for our freedom, equallity and dignity.
Bless you Brother X. Power to all black people.