Thursday, January 19, 2012

Racial Air Raid Sirens: Newt Gingrich vs. the Uppity Negro vs. Boardwalk Empire vs. Speaking Lies in the Black Church

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A Google search limited to the last seven days yields the following results:

282,000 returns for "Juan Williams" and "put in place."

23,400 returns for "Juan Williams" and "uppity."

The video of a Gingrich supporter applauding his reinforcement of the colorline, and the "natural order of things" through a "moment of instruction" for Juan Williams, is priceless. How can you deny the obvious that all this "lazy negro mop carrier uppity negro talk" is precisely about race, when one of your own white racist supporters signals just such a thing, and you, the candidate, smile in acknowledgement of what is a not so inside joke?

Ultimately, Newt Gingrich is a master of talking out of both sides of his mouth.

Several days before a debate during which he would demagogue the lazy coloreds on a national stage for the delights of white racially reactionary conservative populists, Newt Gingrich campaigned before a black church assembly. Ironic (or perhaps fitting?) then, that the Great White Father who wrote his dissertation on King Leopold's vicious white supremacist colonial enterprise in the Congo would yearn to play the Great White Father to African Americans:

I am unsure if Newt Gingrich is closer to the Batman character Two-Face or He-Man's Man-E-Faces, but his practiced lies-as-truth speech mongering does most certainly remind me of Nucky on Boardwalk Empire--but with less sincerity, generosity, or pragmatic spirit:


fred c said...

What gets to me, in a bad way, is that so many people who should know better will say, with a straight face, that we have moved beyond race here in America.

I posted something this week that was an expansion of a crack I made on a recent WARN post, and someone that I know gave me the old "get over it! you're living in the past!" This from a young man who is a minority, married to a woman of another minority.

My true feelings about Mr. Newt would get me branded a danger to myself and others by mental health professionals, so I will keep them to myself.

Anonymous said...

It's so blatant and so sad. These so-called successful men have to take gratuitous jabs at a race of people for a hand at the wheel before the car takes the cliff. Like Rome and the coliseums. Look over here while we sell your country right from under you. And the sheep look up.