Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Occupy Wall Street: White Brother and Elder God Noel Ignatiev Comes Down from the Mountaintop to Share Some Wisdom

These Intertubes are amazing. One day I watch people win at slot machines and get the tingles from head to toe; the next moment I watch honorary respectable negro and white elder god Noel Ignatiev generously offer his wisdom to the folks at Occupy Wall Street.

For those not in the know, Brother Ignatiev is a truth teller who has influenced many students of race, labor, class and the color line in these United States. I remember discovering his book in the stacks and was smitten: academic love is not too common in my experience, as I don't often track down every citation, for I am a cynical by nature. How the Irish Became White inspired such a moment for me.

Both videos are worth watching. He is so measured, calm, and gracious. Noel Ignatiev also deals quite politely and humbly with the white privilege entitled douche who interrupts him at minute 12:50.

Brother Ignatiev has forgotten more than his heckler knows on this subject; but Brother Ignatiev treats said interloper with respect. Folks like Noel Ignatiev are relaxed, can marshal their evidence, and do so effortlessly and with great efficiency: these are models that all "experts" should work towards.

I am old school. When those who made the original sword in the fires of Mount Doom come down from the mountaintop to offer instruction, I listen intently and with great respect. Some will get that standing decision rule, others will not.

I also can understand some of the anxiety about this type of radical participatory democracy where accomplished men like Noel Ignatiev have to risk a moment of disrespect; it comes with the territory.

Ultimately, this is great stuff. Do enjoy it.


Nebris said...

RE: racist dooshbags like Tom Tancredo, I'm old enough to remember when even Italians were not really 'white'.

I'm 59 and a Mick btw.

chaunceydevega said...

He is one for sure.

the past lingers on with how white ethics earned their "whiteness."