Saturday, January 14, 2012

Football Theodicy? Tom Brady is to Tim Tebow as Stone Cold Steve Austin was to Jake the Snake Roberts

Oh Mr. Tebow, I know that the faithful Christian Nationalist evangelical Dominionists who believe that you are favored by Providence--and that God intervenes in football games--will valorize your suffering as it is both epic and prophetic.

But, I simply could not resist: Tom Brady and the Patriots just kicked your ass.

This begs a question: does Tebow's humiliation introduce a theodicy problem for his zealous faithful? How do they reconcile an all knowing, all loving, omniscient and omnipotent god with the existence of football evil in the form of the unholy trinity that is Brady-McDaniels-Belichick?


BG said...

that was a world-historical sonning. you called it. keep up the good work WARE.

Matthew Hubbard said...

Tebow lead the Broncos to six wins in a row, which is respectable, but all the rest of his season stats suck. Under 50% completions, as many INTs as TDs, 31st in the league in yardage.

He is the most over-rated flash in the pan in American professional sports since Mark "The Bird" Fidrych.

Big Mark 243 said...

...ooh now I am riled..!

I read what you had said earlier about Tim Tebow and I figured you would post about the subject. Your thoughts, which I cannot refute but am not in agreement with, are more cognetly addressed in my own blog.

I just want to know what Matty Boy has against Mark Fidrych? Being a child when 'the Bird Was The Word', I bristle at the insinuation that a cat who represented my hometown was merely a flash in the pan and not a victim of prehistoric pitching philosophy..!

chaunceydevega said...

@Bg. Epic sonning. I am happy how the Patriots' defense played. They are peaking at the right time. I still don't want them to play the Giants though. They are one fundamentally sound team.

@Matty. But god loves him!

@Big. I like your allusion to Liston in your essay. Good stuff.

Oh Crap said...

This begs a question: does Tebow's humiliation introduce a theodicy problem for his zealous faithful?


For them, Tebow's divinely-intervened performance is more of a theophany.

Well, when his team wins, anyway. When he loses, well, it's less a theodicy issue than God simply not willing the team to win, for whatever divine purpose. Someone's faith could be at issue or not; [U]ltimately, it's up to [H]im.

This is old sauce, really. Doesn't anyone remember God's Team (bottom right)?

Yes, I had all of these as a kid. Old crap, that poser Tebow is rehashing.