Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas To You All: Enjoy Some Brother James Brown in Concert as Your Gift Giving, Gift Opening, Holiday Soundtrack

Happy holidays to you all.

No Black Peter this year, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bobby the Brain Heenan do Santa, or exposes on the hellish experiences of a Christmas Story's black actors.

Nah. Just some JB.

The permed one is no longer with us, having departed five years ago on this date...could the Church of James Brown be making a return? The bass is rumbling in the background, his unintelligable utterances echoing closer, so who knows?

As you get ready to go out, have folks over for some yard bird, to watch Star Wars or Indiana Jones, or perhaps play some video games as a new family tradition, enjoy this concert from 2005 and get your good foot on.

Have fun, be safe, and I wish you all well.


Comrade PhysioProf said...

Merry Whatthefuckever!! Happy Fuckeiolio!!

Peace to all!

chaunceydevega said...

Peace to you as well...with a little good ruckus thrown in.

DebC said...

cd....Though I've always loved the "mella fellas" best - James Brown was, is and will always be an important part of my Black life. Having been born (1956) and raised in SC ('til 1974) - I feel him being a part of my "2011 Is Ending..." ruminations post comin' in a few days!

Thanx for this! Merry Christmas and - Peace to you and yours - as the beat goes on...

annum natalem said...

Chauncey, I miss talking to ya. Hope the holidays are treating you well.


chaunceydevega said...

@Fictional. How kind. I hope you are well. Do email to chat!