Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kick in the Door: Republicans Should "Ask Osama bin Laden" if Obama's Foreign Policy is Based on "Appeasement"

These are the moments when I wish that there was a thought bubble above President Obama's head so that we can read his mind. God knows, there must be quite a bit of self-censoring going on...

A little bit of swaggering, phallocentric militarism, is okay every once in a while.

[Especially on a day when the Iranians pull your punk card, and display one of the bloated war machine's favorite toys before selling it to the Chinese. The irony here is that the loss of the Sentinel drone will just be used as an excuse to develop a new generation of weapons to counter the reverse engineered stealth armaments which the Chinese are going to deploy against the U.S. Navy when it cuts off their access to oil.]

And as I have not said as of late, this is the President I voted for. He is cool, calculating, a lethal opponent, and has just enough of a cool pose to let you know precisely from where his cultural roots flow.

Forgive me the indulgence in stereotypes of black masculinity, but sometimes you need a soundtrack for such a flat statement of killing prowess:


_ said...

and it gets better

Constructive Feedback said...

My dear friend Chauncey DeVega:

What is your militant friend's name? The movie critic.

Is it "Brother X"?

What is his take on Obama using the US Military and 4 African colonists to execute an international coup upon the sovereign nation of Libya?

Does it seem perverted for you and others to extend "Black masculinity" through the channels of American Imperialist power?

Do you imagine that when the European colonizers of the past showed that they have military superiority over the Africa that they too might have held the same seniments as you do with Obama?

Surely there is some "penis envy" involved in this matter.

nomad said...

I agree with you, Feedback. This is not the president I voted for. Which is why I'm mad as hell at this blatant betrayal of my trust. This is an extrajudicial assassinating war-monger. And if he wasn't black, a lot more of us would be mad as hell.

Oh Crap said...

I disagree with nomad and of course, Faceplant. This is the president I voted for, a flawed, centrist Dem politician full of slogans and promises, not some idealized fantasy of negro nobility.

I would much rather have this president than the alternative of McCain/Palin, which was, of course, another reasont to cast my vote the way I did. I do not regret my vote in any way.

nomad said...

"I do not regret my vote in any way."

Spoken like a true believer.

Constructive Feedback said...

Oh Crap:

Do you mind if I appraise your post?

1) My dear friend Chauncey DeVega attempted to cross reference "Obama's Manhood" with the US Imperialist Military Power as seen with Osama Bin Laden -

2) I added by extension the NATO International Coup into Libya with 4 African Colonists

3) YOU did what you and other Progressive-Fundamentalists do best - KEEP YOUR ENEMY ON TRIAL SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO INDICT YOUR FRIEND.

Oh Crap - Can you detail for me how my MATERIAL observation that the US Military Machine did an International Coup in Libya that was sold as a "Humanitarian Mission" is REFUTED by your reference to the hypoethetical "President McCain"?

I am sure that it would be no surprise that IF a "Commander In Chief McCain" was to partner with 4 European Colonists to invade a sovereign African nation YOU would be on the protest lines.

The increase in American CIA drones in Africa should also be added in.

I am not worried about WHO CAN GET YOUR VOTE.
I am far more concerned about the conscious state that you possess where you can be made to refuse to itemize the RETURN ON INVESTMENTS to the Black Community that has been received after you and millions of other Negroes have agreed to fuse your BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CONSCIOUSNESS into POLITICS.

You clearly have lost yourself.