Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Three is His Lucky Number: Four Questions on Herman Cain's Angry Black Man Sex Scandal

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The men in white coats are coming to take him away. What a priceless image.

Pimp mack daddy Godfather Herman Cain is grumpy. I think he needs a nap.

An observation: President Barack Obama is not allowed to get angry lest he be called an "angry black man."

First question: will Herman Cain's momentary channeling of Sam Jackson be interpreted by his allies as proof that he is a "strong black man?"

Second question: There is a third woman accusing Cain of acting inappropriately. By the time this winds down how many accusers will there be in total? I say no less than five and no more than 7.

Third question: With each accusation of sexual harassment Herman Cain becomes more popular with his base. Is this a tipping model? Will Herman Cain's stock soar until it reaches a crescendo where his fly by night, thumbing of the nose at those liberals and feminists, becomes even too much for Conservatives to tolerate?

Fourth question: That which lingers but has not yet been broached...are these women white?


parvenu said...

Chauncey your fouth question is the only one that counts. If any one of these women happens to be white, then Cain will be finished, period. If this is the case the Hermanator will be a distant memory within two weeks. Every black person in America knows this is a fact based on the history of three centuries of race relations in America.

Southern Girl said...

Regarding #4: Thank you for going there....I've been waiting on you. These women are white. I read this morning that one of them lives in a Maryland suburb and is staying with relatives until this thing blows over. However, the media won't show the neighborhood, neighbors...nothing to give confirmation. If any of these women were sisters...we would have photos, addresses....everything. We would even have an interview with the chick that shampoos her hair at Thursdays at Chantell House of Beauty and Perms....Oh yeah, they're white. Another Anita Hill? I don't think so. The script to this episode was written decades before....and someone tell Herman it never went well for the black guy.

Anonymous said...

Sad, these Racialist attacks on Cain .. what?? .. all we know is that he compared the height of his wife to some woman at work .. huh? That's it ..??

Meanwhile we have stories on how hostile the Obama White House is towards women and the Media doesn't bother to follow up ..

Brotha Wolf said...


I liked how you went there with the fourth question, and I too believe those women were white. This may be the beginning of the end for Cain's campaign. At least, I sure hope so.

Anonymous said...

His supporters will try to float the " strong black man" meme but, it won't work. This is his party's doing so, the more his supporters defend him the more this will stay in the spotlight.

Considering that there is now a conservative radio station claiming their employees experienced some of the 'Cain experience' (lol) behavior, I see the numbers rising. Seven to ten is my guess. This is only the NRA, I am willing to bet there are some victims to be pulled from each of his ventures. Again, depending on whether he continues to kick and fight, and invoke Samuel Jackson on the media.

Initially, I said I'd be surprised if they were white because he seemed to be all too eager to remain in the good graces of whites. Now, given the allegations from the conservative radio station, it seems this man is out of control and is trying to hump anything that moves, no matter the color. I suppose he's reached the level where he sees himself as not black, but green. He will find soon enough that green is too often water based paint on blacks.