Friday, November 4, 2011

More Bucking, Shucking, and Jiving: Herman Cain is the Koch Brothers "Brother From Another Mother"

Watch this video and circulate it before the Koch Brothers copyright monster yanks it down.

This clip is going to be the basis for many a commercial in the next few months. In the Age of OWS, a gross and near criminal maldistribution of wealth, and a mass public who are awakening to how the kleptocrats and financiers brought upon the Great Recession, the last thing a wise candidate should do is announce that they are the pawns of the Koch Brothers.

What does this appearance gain Herman Cain at this juncture? He must kiss the ring, but this knee-bending bit of political fellatio just seems very ill-timed.

Question: what negro folkisms and bits of black vernacular English will Herman Cain shuck, buck, and duck with next?

He has used "shucky ducky" already. Now we have "brother from another mother." If Herman Cain continues at this rate, the burnt cork will be brought out very, very soon.


Anonymous said...

Herman Caion, Performance Artist?

Anonymous said...

That was a very good segment by Rachel. Cain's foolishness has got to be a prank on us. I'm surprised he hasn't begun singing Swing Lo yet.

fred c said...

Ripping off the sheep's clothing, in effect. But these days it's the wolves that get all of the respect.

chaunceydevega said...

@Anon. I saw that. In another time, he would an actor on the Chitlin circuit, or a walk on on Amon N Andy.

@Sabrina. This started as a prank, now it is deadly serious.

@Fred. The wolves always win. Fred you are wise enough to know that ;)

foreverdrone said...

he also tried singing an (Irish?) hymn, in response to some of the sexual harassment allegations.

maybe Uncle Herm could think of something a bit more folksy. like 'Zip a-Dee Doo Dah,' but my oh my that's too secular.