Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Fun: Pastor Manning Channels God and Curses Herman Cain and His Daughters

Hat tip to Cnu of Subrealism for sending this link to me.

I was going to post something troubling, depressing, provocative and a testimony of man's inhumanity to man, but I would rather laugh at Brother Manning.

What is the angle here? Pastor Manning hates Obama, and one would think that he would be down for Herman Cain. But, Manning has a habit of allying with the Tea Party White populist of the day (Glenn Beck, Palin, and others) and then turning on them. Is it that Pastor Manning has to be the negro of the moment, he who gets all of the shine, and thus cannot share Massa's stoop?

Regardless of his motives, Manning sons Herman Cain, calls out his sexual perversions, predicts that Providence will visit suffering on Cain's daughters, and paints a picture of the Koch brothers as whore masters for their Tea Party mouth-breathers--and that Herman Cain is their human puppet.

Cursing Cain's daughters aside, and with all that god hoodoo mumbo jumbo discounted, I am gonna have to cosign Pastor Manning's warning to Herb Cornbread Bojangles Cain. He must repent and have hands laid on him so that the purifying waters of righteousness can flow down and over him.

Fate is a trickster. Perhaps, he/she/it could arrange for an old school church tent revival in Harlem, in which Herman Cain publicly confesses his sins, lays prostrate before Pastor Manning, and is naked before the Lord.

We can only dream...


rikyrah said...

Herb Cornbread Bojangles Cain

best name for him EVAH

Anonymous said...

Okay, I cut out at the "son of Satan". I cannot abide all of that Gawd stuff. Any who, Cain just had a Secret Service security detail assigned to him. This came a day or two after the tea party faction that endorsed him, rescinded that endorsement and asked him to step down. Now, if I were a betting woman, I'd conclude that the death threats, which were found to be credible, came from members of his own party. That being so, I'd like his take on racism in America now. It was simp,y a matter of time before Stormfront members (excellent piece, BTW) went after him.