Monday, November 7, 2011

A Birth of a Herman Cain Nation Moment: Cornbread Can't Help His Love of the White Ladies

A black Republican is accused of sexually assaulting a white woman. Sound familiar?

With his race baiting antics for the gleeful delight of white populist conservatives, Herman Cain is indeed writing history with lightning.

Yes, Birth of a Nation is such an obvious allusion that it demands to be done, even if it is in many ways quite vulgar. In all, sometimes we just have to put in work, and state an obvious and ugly truth.

To point: I do not know if the continued support of Herman Cain by the Tea Party GOP brigands, despite his being accused of sexually assaulting a white woman, is a sign of progress.

On one hand, not too long ago, a white woman's screams and false cries of rape were enough to justify a one way trip to the lynching tree. Herman Cain is still with us, and his campaign moves forward, despite--and perhaps even emboldened--by these accusations.

This is quite a puzzle. Herman Cain appeals to a part of the American electorate that is racially resentful, possesses no small amount of anti-black affect, likes black folks who know how to shut up and know their place, and who parrot the fantasies that the White Soul possesses of African American humanity.

Herman Cain fulfills the worst stereotypes and fears of black male predatory sexuality: he is the myth of the black male rapist GOP candidate made quite literally real. Yet, they still have his back.

Again, quite a riddle and mystery is afoot. What do you all think will happen with Herb Cornbread Cain? Is the continued support of his Tea Party GOP base a sign of racial progress?

Or do white conservatives have special rules for "their blacks," folks who are every now and then allowed the sweet pleasures of a white woman's alabaster thighs and tasty honey mead yoni wine?

Could the pass they have issued to Herman Cain actually be an ironic triumph of the hard bigotry of low expectations? Where Herman Cain can't help but to have "slipped up" because what black could possibly resist any white woman? Anywhere? At any time?


Anonymous said...

How does he fulfill the stereotypes about black male sexuality?? And can you explain why you call yourself a pragmatist when are emotionally invested in hermain cain? Regardless of how you feel about his politics you don't know him personally; why are you trying to police his blackness? You make too many assumptions about him shucking and jiving; has it ever occured to you that he maybe comfortable with who he is?


Anonymous said...

For some reason I tend to believe that you don't find these allegations troubling so why would you expect anyone else too?

Anonymous said...

It certainly is irony. The good ole boys still believe in their supremacy. Anything they do will perpetuate that belief. If you think about the representatives of the minority, be it women or blacks, that they put forward as representatives the message is clear. To accent the perception that minorities are Ill-equipped to lead this country. There are, I am sure, very many Republicans of color and that are women, who are intelligent, well spoken, and quite capable of possibly even showing up the established party leaders. Yet, if you take a look at the promoted, they are crass, of average of lesser intelligence and quite willing to put on a performance. They know their base and I think it speaks volumes to the level of respect they have for them.

They know they have swathes of highly impressionable voters that they must cater to. They know that if they mention keywords such as Christian, freedom, flag, patriot, Communist, etc., they can slip anyone past their base. It has worked so well that they have been emboldened by it. Those that are the thinking among the base allow this because they know that no matter who among the circus is elected, they are not who will be deciding policy. Their network of influence is so entrenched that all a candidate has to do is show up, utter a few words and smile, such as was the case with Bush.

There are two different faction of the party responsible for Cain's popularity, the thinking faction and the reactionary base. The later,has been whipped up into such a frenzy by the former over the foreign black "communist" in the White House, that they have been blinded to evidence that he is anything but. The thinkers are using it to justify the idea that the mainstream media is predominantly leftist and are targeting Republicans, particularly in this case Herman Cain, despite the fact that they are corporate owned entities and often choose to not confront falsity with facts for fear of corporate backlash. They reactionaries view him as the anti- Obama and the thinkers use that because they are desperate to hack off a chunk of the black vote. They've spent so many years catering to the "Southern strategy" vote, they see this as the only way they can do so. The reactors are influenced by well organized and well funded propaganda machines, who operate relatively unchallenged 24 hours a day, spewing baseless talking points, feeding whatever irrational bias that could be thought of.

What will happen? Hard to tell, they seem to have found the perfect brew of crazy. But overall, the thinkers, knowing the "southern" vote has served them well and not willing to sacrifice that for a few black votes, will probably ask Cain to bow out, citing family blah, blah, blah. But only once they are sure they have confused his supporters (those that took a hard swing right in 2008) enough to where they could not possibly piece together that it was they, not the left, who unleashed the hounds in the first place

chaunceydevega said...

@Mb. Sure. He can be comfortable shucking and jiving. That is his right. It is our/your/my right to call him out for it. I like Cain, he is funny. Thus, I write about him as he is a walking puzzle.

My pragmatism will bring me to other topics too, as they always do.

@Anon. Where do you get that from? Dude was accused of sexually assaulting someone. What have ever said that would suggest that isn't out of pocket? Read more and harder.

Throckmorton Treebeeizle said...

I think the major reason why he hasn't lost support is because conservatives don't consider sexual harassment that big a deal. In their eyes it's just more liberal socialist feminazi restrictions on FREEDOM. Add this to the fact that white conservatives find him easier to empathize with than the other blacks they see on TV due to his class, politics, and rurality, perceive any criticism of him as oppression by the "liberal media" (who are the "real racists"), and desire to get back at the smug liberals and prove that they're "not racist," and Cain becomes quite palatable. These white women, meanwhile, sound like a bunch of man-hating feminists, making a big deal out of a joke. So, for perhaps the first time in American history, the white mass is siding with a black man over a white woman. Well, there was that one rape trial in Silsbee, Texas.

However, I wonder how this would have went down if white people could have seen Cain harassing these white women. I suspect their reaction would have been much different. There's a big visceral difference for aversive racists between hearing about a black man sexually harassing a white woman and seeing it.

This raises a good question: what would Cain need to do to lose white support? I'm thinking the quickest way would be to support policies that don't benefit white people (Affirmative Action etc), that is, to have black policies. As long as his politics benefit white people and he shows no sign of deviating from these policies, I think he'll be in the clear.

Oh Crap said...

Give it time. What we saw today was the rwnj version of bros before ho's.

Already, the rw is starting to slowly back away from him, and they'll keep doing it, too, until the next flavor of the month comes along.

As for their "support", they "support" Cain-the-blunt-object for 1000% self-interested, symbolic reasons. When their when the blunt object loses its potency, i.e. to crush Obama or fulfill their fantasies of race-redemption for their crimes, they'll give him the final dump, just like they did Palin.

Yeah, there will be some loyalists around. But for 2012 and 2016, he is toast.

Oh Crap said...

I should also add, HC has the bigot white right squarely over a barrel and a part of me thinks it's hilarious, these bigots whose fathers and grandfathers burnt down parts of town at even the suggestion of a Black man looking crosseyed at a white woman.

Today, Herman Cain has them not just defending the accused, but over-defending him, precisely because they have something to prove about this topic.

Imagine their reaction if Obama were caught sexually assaulting a white woman.

I just hope they don't turn the pitchforks on him if or as more of the women are revealed to be whites.

Plantsmantx said...

Give it time. What we saw today was the rwnj version of bros before ho's.

That's it, in a nutshell. I hope you don't mind me repeating that, because I am, LOL.

CNu said...

I don't always clumsily paw and sexually extort white women, but when I do, I prefer Dos Becky's..., (p.s., I think you can stick a fork in old Cornbread, he's bout done)

Throckmorton Treebeeizle said...

Chauncey have you seen this?

It goes over why Herman Cain is (was?) so popular with the Tea Party.

Anonymous said...

I actuallty don't know if the republican party wants to win this election. In fact I think it would be in there long term interests if they don't. Just think: Anybody who gets elected this cycle is most likely not going to 'fix the economy'. Even if the right measures are taken, resources are sticky and there is a great deal of lag in how they get dispensed. By the time 2016 comes along, the republican party will be in a position to bolster there reactionary politics to a T, and take all the credit for what the economy had coming anyway.

Imagine too Hermain Cain debating with Barack Obama. His stupidly silly Candor. If Obama takes him seriously, he looks bad. If he doesn't he looks bad. If Obama wins this election against 'cornbread', it will still be demoralizing for all those who watch... thoughts?