Friday, October 14, 2011

Who Won the Fight? Bill O'Reilly Takes on the Tag Team of Cornel West and Tavis Smiley

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O'Reilly versus West and Smiley is fun to watch. Who wins?

I follow the logic of professional wrestling: whenever you have a handicap match the person who is outnumbered only has to hold his own to win the match because the audience expects two people to always be able to beat up one person. O'Reilly, on his own turf here, proves that rule to be true. In his fracas with Cornel and Tavis just finishing the race counts as a win.

Why did O'Reilly best them?

Cornel is too smart to be able to effectively confront stupidity and talking point demagoguery. Consequently, his punches don't hit because they are too subtle.

Tavis is playing the bad cop who does not get into the fight until Brother West throws the opening punches. Moreover, Tavis would have been more effective in the studio, one on one, and within an arms reach of O'Reilly--folks, never underestimate the importance of personal, physical distance as a variable in a debate. Trust me, it matters a great deal.

O'Reilly only has to be a bully and deflect because his arguments are basic, simple, direct, and lack any degree of nuance. This linguistic strategy is why the Tea Party GOP and other low information voters are so easily persuaded by the bloviators on Fox News and Right-wing talk radio. Conservatives are driven by an authoritarian impulse. They also like simple answers which reinforce their binary worldview. O'Reilly is the strong man and guiding light which they are instinctively attracted to; thus, it is very difficult if not impossible to win over his audience.

I have an open invite to go on Fox News. I have refused for fear of falling into the same trap that was sprung on West and Tavis. I still study and watch and prepare for the future as other's missteps are to my advantage. To this point I have learned that when you deal with Right-wing Conservatives you go hard; you also go all in.

There are no half-steps, feints, or teasing a move or opening gambit in their dojo.

Cornel and Tavis are infinitely smarter than me. I also know that they like their attention and getting some shine. But going on O'Reilly was an error on their part, as a person should never enter the devil's house unless fully prepared to take it to the limit, and to go to dark places they have never visited before.

Liberals, Progressives, and reasonable Conservatives still don't get that fact which is why they lose the messaging game.


Big Mark 243 said...

Yup... like the Legionaries who saluted Ceasar, you fight that fight to the death... if you die, you do so with honor and your name would reverberate throughout history (or the pundit-sphere). But to go into that steel-cage match, as you adroitly described, without the tools you need for victory is foolish...

Did you know that for an extra million dollars, Marvin Hagler allowed Sugar Ray Leonard to choose gloves that were a little heavier than the ones normally used for the middleweight class? In their case, the gloves deadened the impact of Hagler's blows and he was further handicapped by Ray's advantage in hand speed and style of fighting...

...jus' sayin'...

Plane Ideas said...


I thought T & W dominated the landscape even on O'Reilly's turf..

I also have no problem with them or YOU appearing on FOX ....It is critical for a number of reasons to confront your adversaries wherever/whenever/..

CD go for it and get off the sidelines YOU define the moment

fred c said...

No one should go on O'Reilly to make their points. That game is rigged. You need to go in with carefully prepared death blows. Talking-point-counter-punches, you know what he's going to say. You need to be serious as a heart attack. With a smile, of course.

fred c said...

Like Paul Krassner on the Joe Pyne Show, what was that, 1969? Joe started giving him shit and he smiled and said, so Joe, when you go home at night, do you take off your wooden leg before or after you make love to your wife?

Plane Ideas said...

Fred C,

lol,lol,lol..I remember Joe Pyne and I respectfully disagree..I think CD should go on FOX ASAP..

CD needs to make his public debut now ..As Tip said all news is good news....

One must define the moment and seize the day

Plane Ideas said...

Fred C

There was a great web site Undercover Brother(Deceased Now) who was the principle writer with David Simon for "The Wire"..

I would often argue with Undercover Brother ( David Mills) about how he would loan out his blackness for a white jewish writer to often and at our expense..I would call him "one drop" our course all of his site comrades hated our discourse but we loved it and it was fun..

One day in a Time's magazine article a photo was taken of David Mills and he looked like a white man!! This explained in part why he avoided to be photographed etc on his site..

I think CD is reluctant for this reason as well to go public IMHO of course none of that shit matters to me or the site but I think CD must come to grips with this issue of remaining on the side lines ...

Now of course CD can be as Black as,lol,lol

Anonymous said...

Of course, the game is rigged at Faux. I have often asked myself why any liberal or progressive would make an appearance on any of their shows. Even presented with facts and a persuasive argument, the hosts completely ignore it, deflect and toss out the talking point dujour. Perfect example, the trouble Tavis had trying to finish his answer. O'Reilly is a joke. He was so busy listening for a moment of outrage that he couldn't hear what was being said. I think even the most prepared would have trouble engaging in civil discourse on that network. Unless one is willing to raise their voice and come back at them, debunking talking point after talking (you know they spit them out like bullets), while getting their message through, then it is a waste of time, IMO. An exercise in futility. That is not even to say that if you are prepared and actually gain some ground, you might even wind upon the cutting room floor because they could never allow their audience a moment of clarity. Needless to say if you decide to go I will watch the clip when it is posted here.

chaunceydevega said...

@BigMark. I learned something today. That fight is one of the most violent in recent memory. Scary actually.

@Thrasher. They tried to tag team me back in February. My momma did raise no fool and I am not going to be the bride in their prison party if you get my drift. Now if the negro trickster in me is able to set them up for a fall I may do it if I get a chance. Timing is everything.

@Fred C. I am going to have to see if that video is online. Sounds priceless.

@Thrasher. Mills was cool. He was very kind to WARN. No, I am black as Miles, so black I glow.

@Sabrina. You have seen it but I love the part on the documentary Outfoxed where Michael Glick figures out how to punk O'Reilly and then he kicks him off the show.

Did you ever seen Camron punk old Bill? That was good too. But nothing tops the audio tapes of O'Reilly sexually harassing his staffer and talking about how the libidos of white people are worked up by tropical heat.

Anonymous said...

Did that 5400% since 1970 tak inflation into account? If it didn't are we supposed to believe O'Riely is that dumb?

Figures don't lie but LIARS figure?

fred c said...

Don't get me wrong, Greg, I'd love to see the Professor teach that numbskull a thing or two. But CD knows better than us about the effect that it might have on his real life, which I think he is right to protect.

Plane Ideas said...

fred c,

I understand some of this concern as well since I have been on the end of death threats etc and I am a nobody small time irrevelant activist..

Yet I am also of the belief one should live the life they want. I don't think CD wants to be a closet queen (oops!)