Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It Only Took a Few Hours Folks: Herman Cain Buckdances, Apologizes to Rick Perry, and Performs Political Fellatio on His White Masters

Herman Cain is no Morehouse man. He never was. Rather, Herman Cain is all balls and no shaft...to quote the immortal cartoon the Boondocks.

Black garbage pail kid black conservative Herman Cain is a clown, an eager slave driver, and exactly what we knew him to always be.

There is no road to Damascus moment here for Cain; he is one who would find a way to explain away a lynching if it were to his political advantage.

Shame Cain. Shame on you. Shame on anyone like you. Shame on your supporters.

[Sorry to break kayfabe and go hard and personal there for a moment. But, that was real and from the heart. Herman Cain reminds me of the type of self-hating negro I was told to always be careful of; never turn your back on them, never, not ever. His ancestors likely sold other black folks down the river while gleefully smiling and counting his duckets for cashing in on Dred Scott.

There are some of us who are so damaged by white supremacy that we will do anything to comport with Whiteness. We talk about "cultural DNA" sometimes here on We Are Respectable Negroes. When I saw and listened to Cain's mouth utterances I heard my godmother in my ear, a black woman light enough to pass but who would never betray her heritage, or as she said it, "honor rapist's blood." That is the cloth I am cut from. I won't and can't apologize, for I am as much my parents' child, as those of other respectable negroes and others who were students of power, and my Irish adopted grandfather who schooled me on the dangers of white trash and their deceptive, trickster, bigoted ways. He also cautioned me that there are "colored folk" as he called them, who are to be watched as well, for to not do so was to put myself at risk of harm.

Just being real folks, as I do when I cut an occasional promo. I do thank you for the indulgence.]


Oh Crap said...

Well, he can dress up in a gray uniform and carry around a Confederate flag like one of those other 17 Black Republicans on the Apple-Polishing Circuit, but in my view, he's lost his supporters. (Who were no more supporters than he is a Morehouse man.) I seriously doubt he's getting them back.

Doesn't take much.

The Kappas need to kick his ridiculous butt.

nomad said...

And this is different from beer-summitting BarackO how?

Plane Ideas said...


I was wrong I thought Cain was not going to betray his "cultural dna' and his ancestors and not backdown or walk away from this issue...I thought there was a space in his black personhood that was sacred and principled and true to his being and soul...

Oh Crap you were right on the money as well..

Nomad Obama despite his shortcomings and his own " diverse cultural dna" he is not quite like Cain close but not his equal..

Foolish me ...I should have known the legacy, wounds and stains created by the pathology of white supremacy cannot be healed or avoided by all Black folks..WTF

YogiFish said...

Herman Cain did the right political thing... Dusted the issue off his shoulders and moved on. That's Rick Perry's problem to deal with, not his.

Racial politics is front and center in the Tea Party now.. finally the battle is on their home court. How will the Tea Party voters respond now?

Anonymous said...

The similarity to Uncle Ruckus is obvious to all but Cain. All that remains now is for Perry to call Cain a credit to his race.

YogiFish said...

You play the cards you're dealt.. and Herman cain seems to play political poker very well. He's not too bad at political chess either.

Ric Perry just folded, and was placed in check... next hand..next move :)

Anonymous said...

He could have offered to have a beer summit so he and Perry could discuss how black people need to stop complaining.....sigh.....


Plane Ideas said...

Herman Cain is history regardless of whatever last hand he was dealing..He was always a pawn on the board now he is going to be a spectator..

White Tea Party Cultists will not derail him.

Black voters will also continue to ignore him now that they have discovered he is a fraud when the rubber its the dirt..

The beat goes on...

YogiFish said...

It's about serving us the public. Without strong political opposition, neither party will ever do anything of value.

When they fight among themselves, they come to us the voters to buy our votes. Who ever speaks (and does something) for the poor, they have my vote.

Cain is better competition, the other Republicans would be too easy for Obama.

Black on Black isn't a crime.

That's American politics, the rest is just a fairytale.

merlallen said...

He never had a shot at the nomination so why is he groveling for people who hate him anyway?

Brotha Wolf said...

Herman Cain is a Kappa? Yea, they need to whoop his ass.

fred c said...

How much of Mr. Cain's lust for this do you think comes from the fact that he believes himself to be a better man before seven o'clock in the morning than President Obama was on the whole best day of his life?

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to waste my time and return to read the flames that follow, but this blog, especially the comments about Herman Cain, are some of the most racist and bigoted content I have ever read. It's disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself. Your highest value doesn't have anything to do with race, it's obviously the altar of liberalism. If a black man embraces conservative values, all the reason for you to hate him more. Why don't you quit calling names and making caricatures, and address the real issues? Oh, because you can't. Liberalism is a vapid tomb of dead ideas. Liberal politics "keeps the black man down" making him rely on his government instead of relying on himself. Conservative ideas free him to become whatever he wants to be or do. Your writing is bunk. Every time I see someone like you resort to name calling, I just smile because I realize you've already lost the argument. On second thought, keep it up. It just shows others the emptiness of your side's ideas.

Oh Crap said...

@Anonymous Coward

How can you type out pablum like "Your writing is bunk" when you claim,

Liberal politics "keeps the black man down" making him rely on his government instead of relying on himself. Conservative ideas free him to become whatever he wants to be or do.

We're not going back to your confederate states rights "ideas".

Why would you think anyone would?

fred c said...

I wonder if Anon October 6th gets paid to visit sites ID'd as "enemy" (by our enemies) so that he/she can leave generic negative comments like this one. Do you think?