Thursday, October 27, 2011

Be Careful! Big Pimpin Herman Cain Will Put You On Pimp Arrest for Reckless Eyeballing

It is hard out there for a white pimp. Get your hustle on Mr. White Folks!

No deep analysis here. Just a chance to indulge in some pimping goodness...

1. Given Herman Cain's love of chromed-out Cadillacs, and now the newest information that Cornbread does not allow staffers to talk to him unless they are first spoken to, I deem him the Tea Party Pimp Godfather. But Herman Cain still needs a street name, any suggestions?

2. Of the "popular" pimps, I got nothing but love for Fillmore Slim--granted these folks are a bunch of clowns who exploit the weak and the vulnerable--but Mr. Fillmore has a certain "compelling" habitus:


CNu said...

the irony of this post is ever so rich given the revelations du jour of Cain recklessly eyeballin white wimmin during hammertime...,

chaunceydevega said...

@Cnu. Dude is the gift that keeps on giving. I simply can't ignore him. It is like freebasing. I am Pryor on the floor looking for a rock, but someone keeps coming in and dropping some for me to discover.