Friday, September 23, 2011

Some Friday Randomness: Keyword Follies Courtesy of StatCounter

I usually try to maintain the trust which exists between those who search these Internets and we who can see the stats on yee old wayward travelers. I will break that bargain today in the interest of a cheap laugh or two and because some of the more recent keyword searches that bring folks to WARN have been gems that demand a communal chuckle...and some group analysis.

The keywords are in green. My observations and comments follow underneath.

Is this research for a paper on intertextuality, gender, critical race theory and historicizing Lacanian psychoanalytic frameworks in B Movies?

I don't know either. Could it be the contrast of the skin, the melanin so dark and like chocolate that you want to eat it up?

At least 10 times a day someone asks this question. Is there some cultural movement afoot I am not privy to, some Kanye West meets Cee Lo black hipster douchebaggery that necessitates having a shag haircut?

You need to get the newest model. It gets at those kinks with great efficiency and enthusiasm.

I hate women who dates blacks

Me too!

Oh God, I was so very close this one time in 1993 and...

Why so serious?

Old girl does be looking good.

Palin the Negro

Airing on Grindhouse Cinema at midnight: Sarah Palin Versus the Wombshifter

Somewhere a guilt ridden young man sits looking at the computer screen, tissues in hand, searching for justification of his inevitable self-abusing onanistic endeavors...

Got to love the effects of globalization.

The very definition of intellectual dishonesty and a path to confirmation bias: searching for the answer to a question which you have already answered in your own mind.

About five dollars and 2 cents.

It's all Obama's fault!

A young scholar in training. Impressive, most impressive.

It could hurt. No really, it could.


John Kurman said...

One of the phrases for my site stats was "Why is my nutsack so wrinkled?"

I know the answer to that.

Temperature regulation.

Alliyah Gallows said...

Damn...none of mine are so interesting!!!!

ish said...

You can't make this stuff up.

I had a post on my blog about racist NY governor candidate (and bestiality fan) Carl Paladino called "I would rather have sex with a horse than vote for Carl Paladino" and now "sex with a horse" is a weekly staple of google searches coming my way.

Yours are scarier.

chaunceydevega said...

@John. Because it needs more attention...

@Ank. Because you are a reasonable and well rounded and principled soul. Not a purveyor of negro wickedness like me.

@Ish. Have you ever seen that movie on beastiality that was at Canne a few years back?