Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nouveau Blaxploitation: A Buckdancing Rogues Gallery of Black Conservatives Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of White Populist Tea Party America

Continuing with a theme as we get the week going.

I am rendered speechless by these clowns. I heard about the above meeting, but only recently has it become available on a consistent basis online.

Are these black supplicants deranged? Are they confused? Self-interested utility maximizing getting paid rational actors? Possessed of Whiteness and false consciousness?

I often mention it because the experience was so revealing, but the White supremacist I hung out with one evening several years back shared something with me that I have heard echoed by others who are more polite in their investment in whiteness--White folks, for the most part, don't respect Uncle Tom bootblacks. They use them, but they mock them in private.

Does the rogues gallery that is modern day Black Conservative slave drivers understand this reality as they get on their knees and offer political fellatio to the Great White Father?

In all, the pledge of allegiance by the black conservative rogues gallery to reactionary White Conservatism is so surreal that it belongs in the exploitation "classic" Goodbye Uncle Tom:


Christopher Robinson said...

I see that one of my favorite teabaggers, Lloyd Marcus, was at this press conference.

Among other things, he wrote the Tea Party Anthem.

And I can say, without exaggeration, that Marcus is one of the cooningest coons to ever come cooning down the pike. I have seen video of him make grown men turn off their computers. I actually saw video of him dancing a jig on stage. An actual jig. And yes, it was the jiggiest.

If you haven't seen the youtube video "show" that he did (The Lloyd Marcus Show"), let me know. There are so many things wrong with it that I sat there for about ten minutes after it was over, stunned like a baby seal.

CNu said...

uh.., whooda jiggabess with the lampshade rolled back on her head?

chaunceydevega said...

@Chris. A jig? Lordy. Is there a finishing school for these clowns? Is it like Devry?

@Cnu. She looks like they reanimated her from a black conservative version of Madame Tussaud's wax museum.

Christopher Robinson said...

Yeah, who IS the woman with the hat? And yes, a damn jig. He always introduces himself as "an unhypenated American!" The particular video I saw had him literally dance onto stage, arms akimbo, just a-shuffling and a-bucking...I watched it several times in utter amazement. Weeks later I tried to find it again, but in the sea of Teabagger videos, I could not.
He really is something. Comes from a family full of government workers--teachers, firefighters, etc., but hates the government. Says his father helped desegregate the Baltimore Fire Department (under court order) in the midst of serious racial resentment, but he resents the courts. And (if I recall correctly) his father was nearly lynched after leaving the military, but he thinks racism in America doesn't matter anymore. This after he swears that while in a restaurant in the 80's(?) with his white wife (he married her after dumping the black wife his pastor father introduced him to)a white man hit him in the face with a glass for sitting with a white woman. Apparently, like J.C. Watts before him, his whole family is shaking their collective head at him. He loves his father, an Obama man.

Chipper said...

Thanks for sharing this..I'm definitely giving this series some serious play on my blog...as part of my jihad on black conservatives :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure, but I think I saw Constructive Feedback in that clip.

Plantsmantx said...

Does the rogues gallery that is modern day Black Conservative slave drivers understand this reality as they get on their knees and offer political fellatio to the Great White Father?

You might be surprised by the number who do understand that, and believe that it's the way things are supposed to be.

RiPPa said...

Has they worn Dashikis they would have sold me on the idea that the Tea Party isn't racist. I'm disappointed that they didn't take it there to win me over.

Wait? Did that dude say the signs were photoshopped? Oh really? How do I know that he isn't really a white man pretending to be Black? Or, how do I know that this isn't a green screen production by Pixar?

chaunceydevega said...

@Anon. Constructive feedback was in waiting to sweep up after they got off the stage.

@Plantsmarx. They want to be patted on their heads and told they are good people. Sad but true. Plus it pays well.

@Rippa. Do they make American flag dashikis? That would work well for their habitus and ideology.

Ryan said...

This is absurd. There are files and jpegs galore of racist tea party signs and slogans. NONE of those racist signs contain Hitler, The Joker, or any other example discussed in the youtube project21 video.