Saturday, August 27, 2011

On the Foreshadowing of Evil: The Iceman Richard Kuklinski and the Future of Michael Vick

Our convo on Vick is cool. Being a "free black man" can be empowering. More important, I like the trust and exchange we have developed together. Looking at the views on the post I know there are lots of folks who are lurking. Talk my friends. Share. We are all family here.

I love this interview series from HBO. Mastery of craft impresses me. Dr. Park Dietz is that dude when it comes to serial killers. He can talk to them, relax them, and get to their heart of darkness. Whatever your trade may be, a true expert is beautiful to behold.

Thus, some more follow up from my post on Michael Vick and the soft bigotry of low expectations. I assert that Kuklinski did nothing less than what Vick did to animals. In fact, Vick may have done worst.

Please help me resolve how Vick's debased ways could not possibly be related to the same wickedness committed by the Iceman against other people, he being one of America's most legendary of serial killers.

Why is the Iceman a true monster, but some excuse away the evil potential signaled to by Vick's barbarism? Is that because Vick can run around with a football?

I will listen and learn. This is no Sphinx; please have at it.


Plane Ideas said...


I observe you are still in the forecasting business this morning linking Vick to a serial killer REALLY?

My law professor often noted the question and how it is framed is more important than the answer..Your twisted question meets that standard.."Please help me resolve how Vick's debased ways could not possibly be related... " I reject your question and I refused to be steered into the corner your question seeks..

BTW no one here is excusing away Vick's deeds of course there is power in being the author of one's,lol

Demonizing Vick is a collection of a number of easy factors from the dark hue of his skin, envy ,and the always present state of "negrophobia/white supremacy' a topic you are well versed of course here on WARN..

Enjoy the day

Anonymous said...

My brorher is a well know professional football player, has played with and knows Michael Vick. I have been Vick fan since his days at VA Tech and gave him the benefit of the doubt until he addressed the crimes he committed. I will admit; I haven't been able to look at him the same after HE described the way HE murdered those animals. However, I know he is not a souless cold blooded killer and he has remorse for what he did. As a matter of fact, he is disgusted by his actions.
He paid his debt to society and he has every right to be given a chance to make a living. I do believe the continued fascination with Vick is because he is black but I do not believe he was indicted because he was black; he got what he deeserved.

There are so many NFL players who rape and physically abuse women and they go completely unnotiiced.

chaunceydevega said...

@Thrasher. Vick is debased. Explain how we can view his deeds any other way. Sorry, a man who throws puppies to be eaten by other dogs is debased by virtue of his deeds. And not I am not saying he is going to be a serial killer. The allusion was insightful, no?

BTW I also predicted last week's earthquake. My powers are great!

@Anon. He paid his "debt" to society. But, that means nothing about his character. Let's see where we are on this in a few years when he commits another crime.

Plane Ideas said...


I am really at a lost with your obession and over the top views about MV from being a degenerate to allusions of him being a serial killer... There is something amiss with this spin of yours..

How MV does not fall within the bandwidth of your narratives on the scope and damage of white supremacy even with the cavet that evil has no racial favorities does leave to ponder..Why not?

Your eager velocity in throwing MV to the dogs( excuse the pun) I will admit has me wondering but such is life again for the universe Of Free Black Men we have no templates...

BTW earthquakes are a piece of cake for my grannie she is slam dunks on predicting snow,lo,lol..Something about them old bones she would,lol

chaunceydevega said...

@Thrasher. Granny got gifts. No I am pretty old school. This has nothing to do with white supremacy. To link Vick to such an issue weakens any claims to justice.

I am old school like Marcus Aurelius. One adopts the qualities of his deeds. Vick was barbaric. Thus, he is degenerate.

Plane Ideas said...


Marcus Aurelius WTF..You invoke him..Shit I was going to offer up something by Willie the Pimp or,lol,lol

When one invokes white supremacy quite often it has nothing to do with issues of justice but let's continue more importantly as I have noted it was you that tag this post with a racial component" The soft bigotry...." To now retreat from an exploration of racism and the MV saga is rather hollow and lacks standing..

As I have consistently posted along with others on WARN we share and agree with the merits of your talking point that evil spares no one, race, group, ethnicity etc..

Even your equation A=B B=A I have no quarrel except we are talking about a human being and not a forecast or outcome which you have without apology written for MV..

Anonymous said...

"Why is the Iceman a true monster, but some excuse away the evil potential signaled to by Vick's barbarism? Is that because Vick can run around with a football?"

A few scattered thoughts...

There's necessarily a difference between how we treat actualized evil and potential. In no way does that excuse away anything. Vick was severely penalized for what he did precisely because animal cruelty is viewed as a gateway drug to human cruelty--but it's still not the same thing.

Also, a child torturing and killing animals is a different kind of warning sign than an adult doing it related to dogfighting. This too serves to clarify not to excuse. It's not OK, it's never OK, it also doesn't make you the Iceman.

What this has to do with him being able to run with a football, I think, is that when someone has a career that's viewed as trusted or privileged then the public wants an extra pound of flesh when you fall from grace.

The higher up the crime scale you get towards capital crimes or the more heavy lifting there is to be done establishing guilt or innocence, the more that money and celebrity can work in your favor to beat the system.

As you move down the scale towards small crimes and misdemeanors or cases where guilt is admitted and the punishments are well-defined cookie cutter sentences money and celebrity work against you. Public perception says you got off easy because people are largely ignorant of what the going rate is for most crimes.

CNu said...

CD, speaking of crimes and scale - peep your musashi mail and give me a shout backchannel.

Anonymous said...

6 years 100 million........

Anonymous said...

Stalking a wounded deer with a carbon fiber arrow head inching towards its heart or blasting pheasants out of the sky isn't my cup of tea but are these "sportsmen" one step away from murdering hobos in alleyways for fun? Is an upstanding public servant whose actions result in the indiscriminate deaths of random civilians living in the wrong map grid 14000 miles away a degenerate like Vick? Worse?