Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The New Public Sphere: Making Videos While Sitting in Your Car and Then Posting Them to YouTube

Yesterday was a bit dark with all of the eliminationism talk. So, let's have a laugh today.

Damn air conditioning! Keeping me fat all these years.

The 21st century is typified by gross narcissism. Facebook, Youtube, blogging, the simultaneously unreal irreality of reality TV, and a 4th estate in which opinion has been elevated to the level of fact and "news," are signs of a sick, faux democratic society. As one more sign of the sickness of the age, folks are cutting promos while sitting in their cars, offering automobile inspired wisdom to the Earth bound masses. Oh once more to the joys and inspiration of the open road. The exodusters would indeed be proud and understanding.

Well, if you can't beat them...at least join them, and get in a chuckle or three along the way.

This brother (who is supposedly a "cleric") from Dubai is a public intellectual of the first order. He is a true intellectual in the Foucaultian sense--not a narrow technician who produces knowledge on a very narrow terrain. No, his reach is broad. His production deep. From musings on sweat and obesity, to using hot chiles and the hot firey sensation they produce in one's excreta as a barometer for wellness and alkaline balance in the body, Brother Cleric from Dubai is one to follow and believe in. He is indeed the new hope.

As further proof of Brother Cleric from Dubai's greatness, he has shed his 9 ugly tummies of toxic waste. Behold and kneel before Brother Cleric!

[Did I just write that? Even I must bow to the absurd every now and then. What the heck.]


Oh Crap said...

Foucault - my sources say he was a mean ol' bottom. lol

chaunceydevega said...

I bet he was a greedy hungry bottom...sorry I couldn't resist.

Anonymous said...

check out THIS example