Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Internacine Negro Warfare for White Spectatorship: Apparently Cornel West is the New KKK Because He Criticized Obama

Shameless self-promotion: I will be on The Ed Schultz radio show tomorrow (Thursday, May 19th at 2pm eastern time). The saga continues. Please send me some love so I bring it correct.

On the internecine negro dustup of the moment: See what happens when you black folks put your business out in the street? This Cornel vs. Obama mess is a spectacle akin to the battle royal in Ralph Ellison's The Invisible Man. The White gaze is real. Predictably, now we have professional pontificates abusing the language of "racism" and suggesting that Brother West is akin to the KKK--the largest domestic terrorist organization in American history. Why? Because he, a black man, dared to criticize another black man.

Cornel didn't hang any strange fruit. Nor, did he kill some thousands of African Americans across one hundred plus years. But the goal posts for white supremacy--with its ruthless enforcement of the Racial State's regime of dominative racism--have apparently shifted in the Age of Obama.

Sort of reminds me of how reactionary Conservatives discovered racism when I called out black garbage pail kid buckdancing shoe shine boy Tea Party GOP mascot Herman Cain. But, I digress.

The sharks smell blood. They love to see some crabs in a barrel fighting it out. Sadly, it seems that some black folks who ought to know better are willing to feed the 24/7 media monster until its belly is full and bursting at the seams.


Oh Crap said...

Oh brother. An Anschutz/Koch Industries predator comparing someone else to the KKK.

MSNBC has had white nationalist hitler-hugger Pat Buchanan as a commentator for how many years, now?

I don't think Fox Noobs will have the guts to try and pull that, though, because of the ridiculous, overblown CDV/Herman Cain flap.

It's been a couple days now and you can hear a pin drop at Hot Air or Big _______ or any of those leftwing of the far right sites that sent their mindless parrots to squawk at Alternet back in Feb.

So, we know the drill -- Black man on the left criticizes one of their handpicked favorites like Herman Cain, watch them point and cry racism.

Black man on the left criticizes Black President whom they HATE, they want to scream racism like Tapscott did, but don't have the 'nads. Especially since it's their politicians and constituents portraying him as apes, monkeys, waffle-eating, watermelon-growing, pimp with ho, etc.

chaunceydevega said...

@ohCrap. As I said crabs in a barrel. The enemy sits back while they jump all over each other. There is another angle to this who fracas that I am being quiet on. But it will come out eventually and hints have been made in that direction by others already.